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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

At the beach

Sketching at the beach in the morning... Ah! Best time to go to the beach (well late afternoon is pretty special too)

BTW I am having an extended break this summer - here having a vacation at the beach for a little while with the imperative to RELAX - something I never do.

It would be unnatural for me not to sketch and paint but I am going to force myself to slow down.

Hope the blue skies sunshine and water brightens up the day for those in snowy and cold conditions. If you can't bear it come back in a week or so!!!

I must say that I was very excited by what the watercolour seemed to do of its own accord on the page this morning.

And then after my morning exercise - I did .... Guess what? Morning tea ...
I love china collections and my nearby tearoom (from the beach) has a HUGE one. Very excited to be able to have a number of repeat visits here ... Today just relaxing. Beach and tearooms - what more could a girl want?
The tall glass flower is over 200 years old made in Scotland.
I love the way that the owners bring stuff out for me to look at and draw.


  1. I'm SO jealous your time on the beach... and a tea room with such beautiful things to draw.... sounds like a great place for breakfast. Have you quit your job? You seem to not be working much lately.

  2. Extended break .... But yes. No Job at the moment. A long story and I will share my plans once I have formulated them.

  3. Looks a lovely break. Great paintings in your sketchbook, makes me want tea too :)

  4. That's a WOW of a watercolour of the beach, Liz. I'm green too. Your tea room sounds delightful.

  5. Love the juicy paint in the beach painting - watercolour used like this is simply delicious!