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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tea tasting at Dragonwell Teahouse Pyrmont

Such an amazing time did Alissa and I have at the wonderful DragonWell chinese teahouse in Pyrmont. Ever since I heard of this place I have been longing to go there.
 I am starting to get to know my green and oolong teas and therefore could really really appreciate the quality of this tea in this place.

Lisa the owner is so special - really explains that tea and makes sure we taste the tea before making any purchase. Really really lots of fun and of course sketching made the experience so much richer.

By the way, I realised how much I miss my watercolour today when I did my second sketch.

Earlier in the day we had a much needed catch up over brunch... it was more of a talking catch up than a sketching one and markers seem to be really suited for the talking/eating/ sketching type of situation.

Friday, September 28, 2012

120928 This week

120928 THis week by borromini bear
120928 THis week, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

this weeks collection - a few rough ones (one work doodle) and sketches over two sketchbooks.

BTW my markering in sketchbooks is only temporary... I am starting to want to get back to watercolour

120922 Sketchbook 55 Title

Via Flickr:
I would never have thought that I would do a title page like this.... markers in a moleskine cahier. BTW 1 please don't take this palette of markers as a guide, I have already made 2 changes and the pink is NOT right...not sure about the two lightest blues either.
BTW2 I have a new exciting sketching project coming up very soon (out of the blue) that I think I have to go back to watercolours for...but not sure which sketchbook to use.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trying to mix Australian greens

> Ok. I am allowing myself mid week mobile posting as well!
> After the initial buzz with markers the challenge has now started to get more realistic colours without buying more colours. Not 100% happy with this one but loving the learning process. Also this paper is not as good for markers as I hoped.
> Btw shocking changes this week.... I have taken my watercolour kit out of my bag (still have them with me in the car) and I am using a a4 size sketchbook with even thinner paper than the Canson universal book. This is in fact a moleskine cahier ( the thin paper) but a special version- it has a sketch of Paul wang's on the cover.
> Ok time for work

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nannas 1942 copy of Streams in the Desert

I am breaking my new rule and posting mid week.... It is a sketch I did back in Dec 2010, just after my Nanna past into glory. This book of hers (given to her from her mother in 1942 when she was 27) was given to me. It is a daily devotional book and on the weekend I saw in on my shelves and thought I should start reading it so imagine how nice it was to see that Adebanji Adeola Alade (an amazing artist in London) posted a quote from it today on facebook,
‎"He was better to me than all my hopes;
He was better than all my fears;
He made a bridge of my broken works,
And a rainbow of my tears."- Streams in The Desert

Please also check out this- a sketch of my first bible that I was given from my Nanna and Pa and that I drew in memory of her the day after she died.
101124 A gift from Nanna (and Pa)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sometimes you just have to lie on your back and look up!!!

My view at lunchtime. We are having the most beautiful weather this September in Sydney... Ah! I love spring and the anticipation of summer.

Friday, September 21, 2012

120921 This week

120921 This week by borromini bear
120921 This week, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

Just checking in to show what I have done this week (otherwise too much to catch up on when I get back to my regular posting – of course a good question to ask is why do I need to catch up at all?... But I do like to have an online record of my sketches for my own reference...maybe a weekly post like this is a good compromise)
BTW I suddenly realised this week that I have been shamefully biased towards western architecture and need to draw some eastern architecture!
BTW2 I have been good giving up black tea and coffee... But some how wheat and sugar slipped through yesterday...but I was in need of a little treat. Need is probably too strong a word...but it sure hit the spot!
Ok.. I am supposed to be having a break from posting... Just now is the first time I put my computer on all week.. So must be time to switch it off again.
Have a good weekend....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Interviewed by Art by Wiley

Interview_Art by Wiley

I feel very honoured to be interviewed by Jodi Wiley - a designer from Melbourne Australia. She has a lovely blog Art by Wiley
with lots of interesting posts and interviews with other creative people. It is really nice to connect with another blogger in Australia!

She asked me questions about my sketching and motivation... And as you can imagine, I couldn’t give short answers. So if you have some time...please pop over and check it out here. It is a good summary of the things about sketching that are important to me.

BTW just in case some of you worry if I stop posting for a few days (a rare occurrence, I know) I going off line for a week or so - just need to take it easy and cut a few things out. So posting and trying to keep up with everyone else is number one on my list of things to let go for a while. Of course I will still be sketching but need to reduce computer time and try to chill (a word that currently is not in my vocabulary!)

See you around....

Friday, September 14, 2012

120914 Semi detached

120914 Semi detached by borromini bear
120914 Semi detached, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

Sketch from this morning- which was a great exercise in mixing some colours – as per my notes. I haven’t go the right blue but the intensity is fairly accurate to what the sky was this morning!

BTW, one of the differences between alcohol markers(Copic, Pantone, Promarker, Chartpak) and other ones like Tombow or Pitt is the consistent wash you can get. I was trying to achieve a perfect wash with the sky today (on the right hand side – three layers applied slowly, very moist. The left side was quick and light touch) Can you layer multiple colours with these other markers? – with my Copic I am sometimes applying more than 5 layers and never goes murky.

BTW2 this is the 19th day that I have gone for my 30 min sketch and walk before work – ie. In 4 weeks I missed one day (due to a (bad-ish) just getting to the office was the achievement of the day!) A few occasions, when running late, I have just done a 10-15min s&w but it has still achieved my aim. I picked the most perfect time of the year to start this new regime... I have had sparkling fresh mornings and only 2 or 3 with clouds (and no rain) I am intending to keep this up as a regular part of my life.
Crows Nest, Sydney Australia

Thursday, September 13, 2012

120913 Three things from today

Via Flickr:
Random collection from Today...FINALLY I get to show you in sketch form(a little rushed tonight) the wonderful gift that was inside that parcel with Keith on the back. Yes a blue and brown bag from my dear friend France Belleville (Wagonised) We now not only have matching necklaces but bags as well! Thank you France I am loving it!
NYD3_02 Highline sketching with France

BTW I really think my favourite pages are the ones that and pieces from my day. I love the compositional challenge of layout and colour and text as well.
BTW2 If you haven’t noticed I am hooked on my Copic markers. I feel a little guilty for neglecting my watercolour...only a little!
BTW3 Though I don’t really like sacrificing every second spread for the bleed throughs OR having to always make sure I have a folded piece of paper directly under to sketch to prevent multiple bleed throughs

Monday, September 10, 2012

Someone has his hands on the new amazing stillman and birn sketchbooks

I can't wait to try them out... But have to achieve a few things in my experimental phase before I go back to good paper for watercolour.

120910 MeganNielson Patterns and St Leonards from the gutter again

Getting things in the mail all the time... more sewing patterns(really will have to start sewing now!!!)... and here is today's morning sketch.
I must say that in many ways I prefer pages with a collection of things... really captures a day in my life (or part of it anyway...remember that you only see the things I choose to sketch or show with you!?...hmm, haven't drawn a cup of tea for a few days... )

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday marker sketches - morning and afternoon and printing time doodle

Friday morning: markering from the gutter

120907 St Leonards again

So here is a more adventurous sketch from this morning. This is all a little too much and too bright for me...although everything looks wonderfully crisp this morning. The sky is probably a big factor in the whole sketch...Eduardo suggested I could do the sky in watercolour... ah! mix the two, doesn't that sound fun!!!! The orange dots are how I am coping with the bleed throughs - they hold the inbetween spreads yes, going through this sketchbook a little too quickly!!!)

120907 Marker tests

Big deadline today but I had to wait for a drawing to plot before I could do anything else, so I explored adding a layer of little warm grey to some colours to tone it down. 120907 Curves Crows Nest

A building that is a big part of my life but I have never sketched it (actually, you know I have never sketched my home from the front, or my church on location.. hmm, another reminder that blogging is a partial glimpse of someone's life)... where was I... oh! the gym! I am trying to be very focused on exercise and food at the moment. SO it is great to be able to start the weekend with a Friday night gym visit.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watercolour vs Markers

120906 Watercolour vs Marker CBC Bank 120906 Watercolour vs Marker St Leonards Here are two comparisons with sketches I did this week with markers and ones I did in the same time frame 1-2 weeks ago. Please note that both are done on 96gsm paper not designed for watercolour... so the watercolour is at a little disadvantage. I am not really interested in choosing which are better (though both marker sketches I was happier at the time) but more in comparing brushstrokes with marker strokes.

120906 FULL colour markering

Here is the scan from this mornings sketch... whoa!! a little too bright and colourful!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

120905 St Leonards Naremburn

Here is the scan from this mornings effort. The Burnt Sienna marker is a little I have now replaced it with one that I got from the set we got at the symposium.

Summary so far (I am comparing with ink and watercolour)... I am rushing tonight so not sure if all of these will make sense...

What I love
- so easy to get clean fresh colours (no messy, dirty mixes)
- very little drying time (I can sketch more as can almost instantly turn the page and start sketch no. 2 or 3 or 4!) Also nice not to have to walk the streets holding my book open and checking to make sure I have not unexpected runs of wet watercolour paint
- it is the same action as when I am drawing – ie. I am using a pen. it is the hand/ head dialogue that gives me great joy in exploring an object. I don’t quite get the same experience when I painting- I love splashing pigment and water around, but it is the drawing side (as an architect) that is my foundation
- solid block colour rather than linear/stroke based colour of a wc pencil... Easy to colour a large area quickly and can produce a perfect solid uniform wash
- overlaying of colours is very exciting ... No murky mixes!
- blending opportunities to explore
- I am loving using these markers in a loose way (rather than the traditional polished manner) and seeing how my personal watercolour style is translated to a different medium
- I am really want to explore the massing of colours that Eduardo does – so amazing his work – and using markers I think will be a great way to explore more painterly work which I can then translate back to watercolour

What is not so good
- They are expensive and you need a lot of them as there is a limit to how much you can layer.
- The colours are so nice... That I want MORE... I have bought more than I need already and still need to go to my art store to get a rose/magenta colour... Will I come away with only one ...or more?
- Good to have wet and old dried out pens for some effects – =more markers...
- They bleed through the paper... Almost any paper
- Not as convenient to hold many colours when on site (vs my little watercolour kit that I can create unlimited colours from) and you MUST put the lid back on immediately after use. Of course I am working fast (very fast) and constantly changing pens (sketching like a mad woman even more than usual!). This adds a little to the adrenalin rush that I get from sketching (so this is a positive, I suppose... I come into work pumping as a result!!!)
- Need a range of light.mid and dark colour... = More markers....and be careful with the dark ones... Once on the page you are stuck with it!
- Fumes? Not an issue outside but could be an issue inside (the old yoken pens were far worse)

Ok.. That's all that I can think of after a few days of using them ( only 5 days worth...seems longer than that!) I am NOT trying to convert everyone to rush out and buy a heap... I am not sure that they would work for many of you....but I just can't help sharing my excitement with you all!

Wednesday morning architecture

I don't think I have the right colours. This took a little longer this morning. 10-15 mins - so still working at mad scribbling pace. Off to work now for a busy day

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

St Thomas Rest Park with markers (5 mins there, 2 mins later)

This mornings sketch with about 2 minutes worth of extra layers/touch up ... Continuing my experimentation (I scanned the version as it was this morning before I did these extra layers - I am not sure that I totally nailed those dark layers!)

Ok – I have now done a straight to colours on location sketch!
Although I am loving using my markers...I might start missing my watercolours in a day or two.
Tuesday morning: only 5min to sketch (panic?) so straight to colours
And here is this mornings sketch as it was... only had 5 mins this morning.... rush rush rush!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Markers out on location (and a new friend for Borromini)

120903 Old CBC bank

This was a 10 minute sketch this morning - part of my new regime- walk and sketch. I turn up to work 30 minutes early and go for a 20 minute walk, stopping for a 10 minute sketch along the way. The walk gets the blood moving (we are just coming out of winter and I feel the cold) and the sketch gets my creative juices pumping... what a great way to start the day. I have sketched this building before - a brutalist landmark in Crows Nest, Sydney.

I still can't control what the colour will be like (you can't do anything if you put on darker colour) but you can layer and layer to your hearts content...(pity I only had 10 minutes so a limit on my layers) AND... a great great thing about them is that you don't have to wait for them to dry (actually they are a little wet... but not like watercolour)

Markers in sketchbooks have limitations!!!!!

I am very happily living with the bleed through on the other side of the page in this sketchbook as I am in an experimentation mood...and anything goes!

120903  Markering at Sparrow

And then I marker-ed at lunch....I tried my markers in an extreme reflex type situation- chatting and looking at my friends great sketchbook from a trip to Spain Portugal in June.

I am having a ball... and this is just the beginning of the journey!!!

I need a good name for BB's new friend

Last year when I was in Lisbon, I was in such a rush that I didn’t get BB a friend (this is very shocking!). Jenn, the organiser of our Sydney Sketch Club was in Portugal/Spain in June and very very kindly agreed to get a friend for BB to make up for my neglect. It was a very big commission - so thankful that she agreed to do it.He was bought at Belem (which is where I should have bought one myself)so I am looking for a good Portuguese name for him – Belem would do fine...but it there another usual name that any of my Portuguese friends could suggest?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Markering at T2

1200901 Markering at T2_2

Had heaps of fun marker-ing at T2 today!!! A little hard to achieve some colours in my current collection...

1200901 Markering at T2_1

I am getting hooked on this medium...but of course there is no way it will supersede watercolour.

1200901 Markering at T2_3

I felt a little like a kid with my coloured 'textas' colouring in at a cafe! My friend had fun trying out my markers as well!

I feel like I am trying too many things at the moment and my brain is exploding with stuff and ideas... I am trying to make my blog/flickr/fb more interesting by explaining (in my rambling, typo riddled way) some of these explorations and I just want to thank everyone that have left comments in the last week or so... it is really very stimulating and motivational to get the feedback like thatand I am trying to respond when I can to create a little more interaction.