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Saturday, June 30, 2012

101_03 Pre trip visit to T2

Like I normally do - the last Saturday before I go on a overseas trip (or the first day of a at home vacation) I try to fit in a visit to T2. Have been visiting mainly with friends lately so haven’t been as focused on sketching lately (this is a good thing!)... And today I was a little rushed. They have new cups but I haven’t had a chance to do them justice.

I realised that I have never got any of the staff to sign my book (like I do in most tearooms that I visit!) and that they hardly ever see the finished product. So today I did both. Was sketching in one of the comfy but DARK spots... So always a little fun to see what the colours are like when you come out back in the light

As my text says there are so many things that I love about this place... But the thing that is the most special is DEFINITELY the wonderful wonderful staff... So for any of the staff that see this... Thank you for always making each visit special!

BTW, if any of you have missed it (how?) I am going soon to the Dominican Republic for the 3rd Urban Sketchers Symposium

101_02 The Full Kit

101_02 The Full Kit by borromini bear
101_02 The Full Kit, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

Hmm... certainly looks like I carry a lot of stuff doesn't it....
I like the 2 bag approach as the blue bag can be put on the ground to relieve the weight when sketching standing up.
I made an investment of a Walkstool Comfort stool - it is not the lightest (but the SAME weight as my old one which I am used to carrying everywhere) however I decided that the most important thing is to get a good seat for my back (my old one is a killer for my lower back) This one is AMAZING! (NOT cheap but my back needs special treatment... can effect my neck and that in turn effects if my lower back goes I am in big trouble!)
I normally carry all of this stuff on a big sketching day around Sydney except for
- don't normally carry a camera
- don't take insect repellant with me
- only sometimes take A4 pad of watercolour.

Sorry about all the posts today... sometimes it is easier to do one post per sketch/photo!

Friday, June 29, 2012

101_01 Art Supplies 1

101_01 Art Supplies 1 by borromini bear
101_01 Art Supplies 1, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

Having a night 'off' and actually doing a sketch (feel like I haven't sketched for ages!) of my art supplies and using this as a way to get them together...
next I want to sketch the bag, the extra supplies (ink etc)...the full art packing list!

This year I have started my sketchbook with two sections - 1. Research 2. Getting ready. I am not going to do the stupid thing I did last year by sketching the last 5 days before I left as if I was on holiday... but rather just doing a few pages if I have (or make) time

More copies of my new book soon to be released

This is the 3rd edition I have done of this new blurb book(from my week sketching in Venice in 2010) .... This version I added some photos as bb was totally missing from the book (I really need to start drawing him more).

I thought that it would be ready to make public however this printing is quite a lot darker than the previous versions and there are a few very minor tweaks I want to do.(it is fine but I am having a perfectionist moment!)

However I will have a few copies with me if anyone wants to buy one - personally signed of course!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tonight's activity is NYC research

Over the past few months I have been randomly tagging interesting things in a number of books and websites. Tonight I am translating those tags into consolidated maps. I have gone through the guide to contemporary architecture and marked up all the gehry nouvel tschumi etc etc. now I am going through my tags from the 1001 best things to do in NYC. (just flicking through this was the best background reading I have done)
The AIA guide is a joke - brilliant info but how could anyone carry that weight so it is reference material when I get home.
The 500 buildings book I am going to go through and flag the most sketchable (over the top architecture!!)

Standard tourists things are easy!!!

Btw the first thing I listed on my maps was ..... Yes you guessed it.... My list of interesting sounding tearooms.

Of course I WANTED to draw my maps like I did for Sanyo Domingo but... Impossible ... So google to the rescue!!!

Ah!! Travelling is hard work to get the most out of it. But lots of fun!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

120627 Trip Prep SDQ Zona Colonial Map

Ok... Here is something current....
Serious trip Prep
The first page I have started in my first sketchbook for my trip... Drawing a map of the Zona Colonial – this is the venue for the symposium and I have used this map to locate the various workshops and major places of interest (there is a fold out legend which I haven’t bothered to scan. This took my quite a while to do as I was combining a few versions (some maps label in English, some in Spanish so I am a little inconsistent... But you can’t notice that as it is on the legend!) I am arriving in Santo Domingo early (before everyone else?) so that I can explore and sketch in a relaxed manner (a what?) before the excitement of too many USkers in the one place begins.
Anyway...this has been the most useful exercise as I has given me a feel for the place -despite being riddled with mistakes!. I will continue to add to this if anything comes up now or in research I do on the plane. And add a little colour (warm grey to the blocks) etc
BTW, isn’t that quote great?

Monday, June 25, 2012

T2 (half hearted)

A quick post of a quick sketch drawn and painted somewhat half heartedly(wasn’t really focusing on it, or caring much whether I sketched or not) in the dark (couldn’t really see the colours properly) comfy spot at T2 tearoom while having a great time catching up with a friend.... Has tearoom sketching become reflex action by now?
BTW – it IS nice not to have text on every page isn’t it?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Travelling in style!!!!

Ok a few queries about BB answered with this photo.

Borromini is finally satisfied with the travelling arrangements I have proposed for him. A dedicated pocket with nice smooth silky lining, front view (not on the side) AND deep enough that he can stretch out when sleeping.
Also he is near the paint tin(he has a liking for it) BUT most importantly as far away as possible from the location of water bottles (my paint water bottle and my drinking water bottle) He still has nightmares about a disaster I caused on the way to church in Cardiff last year. He was forced to sit in the sun during dinner to dry out.

I will most likely sketch this bag soon.....

And of course this year he has a very special hat thanks to Ea!!!!!

Clean palette all ready for the trip

Plus a few spare....
Although I normally fill up my pans with tube paint when I travel I try to use proper pans as they last longer. BB is now getting excited!!!

120622 Trip Prep - Carry on stuff

A thinking page.... Trying to work out what I need to have with my for the long haul flight (30 odd hours) and how to organise liquids vs what I have with me in the seat... I always seem to forget something. The V next to items are comments made when I showed it to a friend.
I have become so reliant on visual images these days that I find drawing better than lists.....
You all think I am very organised...but I just dislike packing so much that it certainly makes it more fun if I sketch it first!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

120621 Unexpected sketching opportunity

Another, unexpected waiting room sketch (I added the drippy colour from my waterbrush later) ...I know some (most!) of you will read my notes... No need to go into the details (little accident is all that it was) but some days I can not help being overwhelmed by the amazing way things work out – Psalm 32.16 says it all for me today!

1: as a page, it might have looked better without the psalm quote... But of course the text is the most important thing about this page. (a RECORD of the event... Yes, once again proof that I am a recorder more than an imager maker)
2: do love my indian orange ink
3:(looks like I am doing more than 2 comments)... Just for the record, I didn’t use grid lines for my text for this page
4: I am an architect, and therefore writing in CAPS does not equal shouting... However if CAPS represent signing loudly then it is appropriate
5: For any that are interested the quote is from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter which is what we sing from at church ..and I LOVE it
6: Watercolour pencils are perfect for waiting room sketches as they are dry and you can stop, close your book and appear ready at the drop of the hat... AND can still use water later
7: My new pen/pencil holder worked a treat...
8: Too many comments I know...I AM going... But I would like to point out how much stuff is associated with a simple 5 minute sketch like this one and how great it is to record it in a sketchbook/journal... OK!!! That its I AM REALLY going now!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

First cut... the page some of you have been waiting for!

Well, here it is... My packing list for my clothes. You know, I really have not bought any clothes much in the last few years...but I am always making dresses. Just finished 2 new dresses for this years trip. (you will notice no pants/trousers/slacks(whatever you call them) and no shorts) I need to raid my wardrobe to see if there are any alternatives.... .much prefer to wear a dress any day in summer or if not a skirt) I need to raid my wardrobe to see if there are any alternatives to these....

There is only one reason why it is really nice not to be going to the UK this year during July... I don’t have to pack my winter gear as well (ok... Cheap shot I know, I know!) Actually I am very upset not to make it to Scotland, and not to make it back to Cardiff and Newcastle this year....

If you haven’t already realised this I am a creature of habit... And do the same things (and wear the same things) and go the same places over and going to Dominican Republic is a whole new adventure!

Stay tuned for exciting bag developments....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trip Prep- How Many sketchbooks

Ok... I do this every year. I know that I need to slow down and relax more on my holidays but it seems that with the passing of years, I am recording more of my adventures, wanting more white space on my pages, allowing for collage, want to draw more maps and write more notes AND sketching I think that I need to allow for more pages. My current sketchbook is not available in the states and I do like all my sketchbooks for a particular trip to be the same so that they are a set. So... I looks like 4 sketchbooks to be safe....

Monday, June 11, 2012

More catching up - Fridays A4 sketches....

120608_A4 The Garrison Church
Some of my A4 size sketches from Friday... (see also post with Opera House sketches here)

Above- The Garrison Church

 I am getting used to sketching outside my sketchbook but find that I give up on a page easier...(when in my book I have to try to make it work) Also I really miss not being able to write and record my thoughts/adventures

As you can see I started the day with a usual Liz-sketch but am trying to do different things... 120608_A4 Half Heartened Sketch
A half hearted sketch... The sun would soon be gone so I headed to the most exposed spot in Sydney - Observatory hill to make the most of hte last hour of sunlight.... 120608_A4 Sydney Observatory_last sun 120608_A4 Sydney Observatory 120608_A4 S Observatory Hill View

A great day but I was so exhausted by the end of it... why do I do push myself so much!!!

Catching Up on Friday's solo sketchcrawl - sketchbook pages

Here are my pages from my sketchbook....(as opposed to A4 sketches on loose paper) I was a little out of control... too much sketching!

120608_01 Train 120608_02 The Garrison Church- no lines 120608_03 Lunch 120608_04 Tea Cosy afternoon Tea 120608_05 Vivid Great to have a quick look at this years Vivid Light and Sound Festival - it was a bit too crowded and I was exhausted after my afternoon sketching... so a quick look, a few sketches and then caught the train home. 120608_06  Giving up on Vivid Rather than waiting in Wynard underground station, I caught the first train to Milsons Point and waited (and sketched) there...

Trip prep - new pen/pencil holder

Just completed a new holder which was sadly overdue(see original temp model that lasted me 4 years!!!) The key features being the fact that it contains pockets that are wide enough for one or two objects to be easily placed AND my latest brainwave (well I thought so at the time) a front tier that is shorter for pencils when they are well used and too short for normal pockets.
(I should add that I was too lazy to change the thread in the overlocker to black and that I perhaps should have removed the tailers chalk marks before taking this photo...)

Now I just have to decide what pens etc I am going to take....and of course test this out to see how it performs....

Friday, June 8, 2012

Done a little sketching this afternoon

I am at observatory hill sketching till the sun disappears. Not sure if I nailed any of these today. (there are another 2 food sketch spreads in my sketchbook.

120604 This week (so far!)

I have had a very busy 4 days... And no real time to sketch (4 medical appointments with minimal waiting time, trying to catch up my lost hours in the office working through lunch, early mronings...and bad traffic!)
HOWEVER, these are the pages I have managed to squeeze out of small opportunities. A few thoughts
-this smaller than normal sketchbook as been great for my loose and reckless use and experimentation (WCP and watercolour in the dark while stopped in traffic in the evenings)
-waiting room sketches are fun because you never know if you will have a short period of time or a long time.... Good practice for travel sketching
-I am enjoying more and more sketching without ink lines – I might make a bit of a mess but am sure having fun!!!!!
-Trip Prep – visiting a travel doctor is not the most exciting of the required things I plan to do before my trip in July and a tetanus shot is giving me a sore arm (groan groan!!! At least my sketching arm is feeling good!) BTW the travel doctor was VERY impressed that I am booked to go to the Dominican Republic – not a standard destination and it made her look up her book to check something.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

120605 Trip Prep- The palette plan

I don’t think that I will be changing any paints for my trip to DR – so 4 weeks before I leave, I am reviewing my stock to see if I need to get anything in the next 2 weeks. I plan to get a clean new palette ready 2 weeks before I leave.
Got to decide on my other supplies (pens and pencils) Notice the orange ink here –rather excited about this. I have my eye on a noodlers variety but this was a French Indian Orange cartridge I found on Saturday. (it is not waterproof but that is fine as I do not intend to use with watercolour (more for notes or line drawings) VERY handy for travelling that it is a cartridge.

Monday, June 4, 2012

120604 More MOO cards

120604 More MOO cards by borromini bear
120604 More MOO cards, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

I love getting boxes from Moo – not only do they make my sketches look good but everything about the box and packaging is perfect.

I have just about used up the last batch that I got this time last year, and I need to get ready for the symposium and the serious card swap. This order I got some mini cards which I love. As most of my cards are given to people on the streets (complete strangers who I don’t really want to give my mobile number to) these minicards will be perfect.(BTW- I have hacked the number on the above please don’t call it!!!) I also like to fun of finding sketches to fit the format.

Didn’t really do anything inventive with the big cards so mainly previous images (running out of time a little to get the order in) - next order I will try some more new images.... And I really need to start drawing Borromini Bear more so he appears on them!

Anyway... I have plenty for anyone at Sto Dgo who wants one!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

120602 A wet Saturday in town

1200602_01 Being distracted
Sorry... I just can’t help myself can I??? Big day planned but I was getting distracted this morning. As I recently found a brand new new ochre watercolour pencil on my desk I decided that I wanted to use for the outlines. Was very much fun.
On the left – trip prep idea... To take notes on loose sheets of paper beforehand and then collage these in when on location. Will post more on this idea soon.

1200602_02 Rushing down Macquarie St
I always see things to draw when I am rushing to somewhere else... When I have time, I seem to lack inspiration! Quick sketch of Sydney hospital on the way to morning tea... Once again under 5 min sketch with my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Sadly, all my plans for sketch today (the first day out I have had in weeks and weeks) did not happen as it rained and rained. Did a little bit of shopping instead.

1200602_03 Tea Cosy Catch up
Morning at the Tea Cosy with Alissa, Wendy and Annie. Obviously trying my recent inkless adventures on location and with friends (quite a different thing than in the comfort of my own home ‘studio’ environment)

1200602_04 Tea Cosy view
We sat upstairs and on the balcony today... Perfect to try a vertical format. This is the first time that I have done this and considering I was talking / involved in a conversation at the time, I found it a little hard to get things in the right place. I do not that an invisible view finder in my brain for this orientation (does that make any sense?)

Friday, June 1, 2012

A new blurb book coming soon

Sorry about the blurry photo... (I didn't look at the iphone photo carefully before sending it straight here!)

Just to let you know that I am about to release a new blurb book. This time is it simply a copy of one of my sketchbooks from my big 11 week trip in 2010.

A week in Venice with my best sketching buddy (and very special friend too!) Eza. A few people have or about to receive a first edition (and in fact there are one or two people that got a copy of the trial run as well which didn’t have this fancy cover- but contents was the same). See here for a copy of my book in Spain.

This book is using the new-ish Blurb coloured trade paper. It is perfect for me as the size is very similar to my sketchbook ... So this book is very much like flicking through the original... It includes EVERY page of my sketchbook so it includes the ones I am not so crazy about and all my silly comments (some of which do not make sense...)

Anyway- stay tuned and I will send you the link when it hits my blurb bookstore officially.