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Monday, April 23, 2012

120423 Some colour mixes

A few colour studies that I did on Saturday evening – from a wonderful little book by Wilcox that I have had for years.
These are VERY rough thumbnails trying his mixes

I find that continual on-location sketching is great for developing eye-hand coordination, composition, ability to sketch more complex views and linework. I have found that my sketching has improved dramatically simply by the sheer amount of sketching I have done over the years. However, I think that with my paint I need to do more work at home in the studio... I feel like it is easy to get into a rut with the colours I use. So I am really determined to do more experimentation.

BTW, this post will most probably be it from me for a wee while (not anything to do with the paragraph above... But other reasons totally!) See you around...

BTW2 – May is coming very soon and like last year Wendy Shortland has organised to go through some EDM challenges for Every Day in May. More on the FB Group
the Flickr group (ignore the 2011 in the url)

I will be back in May sometime!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sketchcrawl 35 - Cockatoo Island and a 'certain' tearoom

Great sketchcrawl today with approx 30 sketchers at Cockatoo Island. I tried to take it easier (after last week!) so little sketching in the morning and then I had 2 hours at my favourite tearoom on the way home to finish my pages. Home before 5pm with no homework except scanning....
120421 Sketchcrawl35_05 Cockatoo Island Map

BTW sketched this from the guide - sketched while waiting for the ferry (so on location!!!) and colour added in T2

120421 Sketchcrawl35_01 Morning
120421 Sketchcrawl35_02 Ferry Ride
120421 Sketchcrawl35_03 Convict Grain Silos
120421 Sketchcrawl35_04 ANother Crane(s)
120421 Sketchcrawl35_06 Lunch to T2
120421 Sketchcrawl35_07 Afternoon Tea round 1
120421 Sketchcrawl35_08 Afternoon Tea round 2

Friday, April 20, 2012

120420 Me sketching vs Work Sketching

I finished this week at work on a high note (great way to start a weekend!) with the realisation that I am finally developing a technique of sketching for work.
Obviously I have developed a Liz-way of sketching in my sketchbook, and although this was built on the foundation of my architectural working sketching (in developing a design) my ink and splashy washes do not transfer directly to the demands of work. It seems strange that what I am just so comfortable with in my sketchbook just don’t work at work!

What is the difference?
Me sketching – is quick spontaneous, not necessarily needing to be accurate and most importantly does NOT need to change. Once done, it is done.

Work sketching – there are two types that I am finding myself doing. 1. Quick design working sketches that I add colour to and are loose, rough but presentable to the client for concepts and ideas. Wet washes are not suitable for this as I am sketching non stop and would make a mess- I am also sketching on butter paper or yellowtrace.
2. More polished sketches, often based on computer 3D setups that need to be accurate, often are adjusted during the sketch as I am doing it for others in the office (and I don’t understand their design well enough!) or a week later after client feedback, often with various options and with people, cars trees etc (that I like to layer on can be removed if someone doesn’t like it... I got a comment on the girl that I put in a sketch this week)

... I will get to the explanation of this image eventually....

I do a lot of tracing, photocopying, layering and adjustments in photoshop and have therefore found that watercolour pencil are a great medium to use. The colouring part, is loose and rapid and with a very little water (on bond paper!) can become watery and even looser.
So... Finally.... here is a comparison of what I use for ME sketching and what I am currently using for WORK sketching. I am using watercolour sparingly on the bond paper- using spare pans and a waterbrush (I had using a waterbrush normally but at work it is perfect!) but mainly WC pencils and I am finally getting a specific collection that work well for my architecture work. Copic markers... I would love to use more of (and am really looking forward to Eduardo’s workshop in Santo Domingo in July)

Anyway....I have more to say but I won’t tonight.....stay tuned for some examples of my work sketches (the ones I did this week are still too hot off the press to be published here)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

120417 A keen tea drinker?

Via Flickr:
A long tiring day- down and back to Melbourne for work. Flights both ways were delayed. The highlight of the day was the following comment for an air hostess that was serving tea. After being offer coffee twice, I smiled at her as said expectantly “Tea?!?” Now why on earth would she have said the following
“ You look like a keen tea drinker if ever I saw one”
Just for the record Qantas tea is not something that I am keen about...but anything to help me wake up after getting up at 4.45am

As for the sketch - I did it quickly while waiting for the plane to take off - really was half asleep... so decidedly out of whack!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A big day at Cockatoo Island

120414 My Sketching at Cockatoo Island today
Did way too much sketching today! Here is the day in full (including the sketch I dislike very much!) But apart from that one - I am very happy with what I managed to do today. I had all kinds of plans of what I was going to sketch but someone ... when I am on location I just sketch what I feel compelled to sketch!
120414_01 Waiting for the ferry
I took my dad to Cockatoo Island today (his first visit) He loves taking photos so had a great time. (Aside: I would love to go there with my camera and no sketchbook one day...somehow I don't think that that is possible!)

Anyway, I was free to sketch and sketch and sketch on my own. Here is a collection of photos that he took of me today.
Cockatoo Island is my favourite place in Sydney - there is SO much there to see, explore and sketch that it is a bit overwhelming. This is the second time there this week!!!
Those that have seen the wonderful sketches of Alissa and Wendy and Annie in the last week might recognise a few of these views

Also, I must mention that next Saturday – 21st April is another International Sketchcrawl day and we are heading back to Cockatoo Island – we would love to have you join us if you can!!!

Warning this is going to be a LONG post!
120414_01 Waiting for the ferry
120414_01 Cockatoo Is Ferry Waiting

Waiting for the ferry - ferry travel in Sydney is hard to beat!!!
Back at cockatoo island.
120414_02 Cockatoo Is Drawing Office Front

I spent most of my time around the drawing off ice today- this was a warmup sketch
120414_02 Drawing Office Front
This is me sketching that sketch

120414_03 Cockatoo Is_Drawing Office Details
Details of the Drawing Office

120414_04 Cockatoo Is_Drawing Office Rear up
The rear of the drawing office - looking up and distorting the view. Drawing with multiple lines
120414_03 Drawing Office Back

And photos of me doing that....
120414_04 Drawing Office Back(what to do next?)

120414_05 Cockatoo Is_Drawing Office Rear
Another view of the rear of the drawing office - with minimum lines- open corners if I could. And simple colour...but you can read that in the my notes!

120414_05 Lunch
Sketching at lunch of course!

120414_06 Industrial Precinct 1
Industrial precinct....
120414_09 Cockatoo Is_Tool Room
120414_08 Cockatoo Is_One of the big cranes
120414_07 Industrial Precinct 2
This is where we were on Monday
120414_10 Cockatoo Is_Wee Infill Building

Ok... thats enough. Time to chill for the rest of the evening!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

120412 Another hot cross bun and some architectural experimenting

another daily page. I am getting my food delivered at the moment so it is not my decision to have hot cross buns this week as well. This was a lite bun but enjoyed very much by me.

Also on the left having fun thinking about what I am doing... I was using partial continuous lines in order to relieve the stress of getting those columns perfect on the main facade, and only hinting at details on the side facade to relieve the stress of getting it right in perspective. (hope that all makes sense!)

Does anyone know what the building is?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

120411 Wednesday collage

Just another one of my daily pages... Recording the trivia or excitement of the day. Today lovely surprise gifts – one soft, one hard...both inspirational! The soft was a 90 page document on the design principles of the Sydney Opera House and I did learn some new stuff.
And the cup... A decidedly ODD cup from my Nanna’s collection that no one wanted...I wonder why? My sketch hasn’t really done it justice.... As per my usual practice, I carefully warmed the cup up and then drunk my tea out of it while sketching. It is special to think that my nanna and pa, and other family members, would have drunk out of this cup many times.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

120410 Trying again and other stuff

Trying again(after yesterday's mess) and other stuff (sewing and PJs...) just a random collection from my day.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter sketching....

oops- haven't posted to my blog all easter. So here is what I got up to.

Friday- family day at home
120406 Hot Cross Bun
120406 Family BBQ
The fact that I even attempted this sketch is an acheivement for me!

A quiet/family day (the family part was definitely NOT quiet!!!)...lots of fun and a few very quick sketches!

120407 Sketching in Town
Had a lovely morning in the city sketching today with Alissa. Lots of great thoughts about sketching architecture were bounced around after we have had our morning tea and scones. Sadly my actual sketching didn't turn out quite as I hoped. Here are my 4 non-tearoom sketches from today...they don't look as bad when they are so small. (I will not bother uploading the tea, scones, tea cosy sketch!) I enjoy talking about architecture sketching but am increasingly finding sketching buildings in Sydney a little boring (no Baroque buildings, no Italian piazzas) just lots of Victorian Architecture... big & blocky with little variation in wall planes facing busy streets... and very little exciting public spaces.
120407_06 Faces faces faces as fast as I can
Some practicing faces, faces faces as fast as I can

Today, Monday:
120409_02 Cockatoo 1
Cockatoo Island
An absolutely AMAZING blue skied sunny crisp autumn day (as good as we had in summer)- so lovely to be sketching on Cockatoo Island with friends and sitting in the sun.

120409_03 Cockatoo 2

The bright intense Australian sun certainly seemed to affect my painting... Subtle is definitely out of my reach today(even more than normal... Subtle Liz I don’t think ever exists!!!) and I was too heavy handed with the pigment. It does seem to happen a lot to me when I sit in the sun– I am getting increasingly frustrated with not being able to mix the amazing warm light I am seeing in the dark shadows from our bright sun.

120409_04 Cockatoo 3

It would be good to have another go at these views....

120409_05 Cockatoo 4

Back to work tomorrow....

Friday, April 6, 2012

120405 Mixing Homework

120405 Mixing Homework by borromini bear
120405 Mixing Homework, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

I don’t like separate sketchbooks as a rule...but I LOVE having a special colour sketchbook to record my colour explorations. It has been really helpful to be easily able to find previous experiments and also having not pressure to make it into a beautiful page (which of course I kina have in my daily sketchbook – ok..I admit it!)
Anyway, here are my follow up mixes from my failure in T2 last night to mix a nice red. In the end I realised that my lemon yellow was wrong... That with a different yellow Py3 I am able to mix a red with W&N Permanent Rose PV19. (BTW, if you don’t know DS refers to Daniel Smith). To get an orange New Gamboge PY158 seems to be working ok – or with the same PY3 and PV19 mix with more yellow.
In the end I might have to split one of my full pans to two half pans if this mixing proves too hard to achieve consistently...but I am SURE loving the full pans and the challenge of working with less colours.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

120405 Start of holiday visit to T2

It is a bit of a tradition with me to visit T2 on the way home when I am on holidays. So a quick cup of tea (no scones or cake)
A very very random composition which I didn't really know what to do with.... it is rare that I am unable to instinctively think of a way to finish the page... but this one has got me stumped.
Also, I really don't know (yet) how to mix a vibrant orage red in my new palette. The lovely table i was sitting at today was very dimly lit and I don't know my current paints well enough (ie. without my daniel smith pyrrole red) to know if the mix would turned out more orange than red. The other colours that I mixed I knew would turn out ok even though I couldn't see them properly at the time (a sign that I do know my paints very well)

A lovely time with the wonderful staff again today- love this place!

120405 Easter Bilbies

120405 Easter Bilbies by borromini bear
120405 Easter Bilbies, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

Here is this years collection of chocolate bilbies- the closest native Australian animal we have to a rabbit - more like a long eared rat but a marsupial... very cute. More about them here

And sketches of a live bilby a few years ago...

Hope everyone has a safe easter.
(BTW, I do not observe Easter. I celebrate and commemorate the reserrection of the Lord Jesus Christ every single week, by a day of rest and worship... the Lords Day)

Monday, April 2, 2012

120326 Full Pan Palette

Just realised that I forgot to post this here.... sorry blog followers!

Due to popular demand – here is the listing of the colours I put in my new set of full pans.

It is hard to believe ... But the last time I listed my full set (20 colours half pans) was just before I went to Lisbon
It is interesting that this set has not changed an awful lot since then (just one colour swap)

I am really looking forward to doing more mixing – particularly my greens. I do love DS Serpentine Green- the best straight out of the tube green and wonderful Australian green, and I will miss Perylene Green which gives me wonderful dark greens so easily – but mixed greens ARE nicer and I LOVE what quin gold does to blue pigment!
I am a little unsure about mixing reds and orange. Orange is ok but to get a good vivid primary or orange red is going to take a little bit of experimentation.

This page LOOKS wrong without green in there!

Apart from my alternative burnt sienna and raw sienna colur my most unusual selection is potters pink (thanks to Robyn – I can’t do with out it...and it is not JUST because it makes the most wonderful cream colour (ie. As in double clotted cream and jam and scones!)

So what colour am I missing? I know I am exposing myself to be sorely tempted by suggestions ... But I think I am strong enough!