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Saturday, October 20, 2012

121020 Watercolour is back

Just to let you all know that watercolour is back!

For those that have been enjoying my markering (which I really have been myself) my markers will still be used but I need to make my daily bag as light as I possibly can so only one medium! I started markering to develop a technique for work sketches (and sadly for the whole period haven't had a chance to a single sketch at work!) and they suited my need to limit my sketches to 10-15 minute max. Now it is all about weight ... so I pick up from my abortive start of a moleskine watercolour book (a month or so ago)

The challenges ahead for me are
- work out how to do satisfactory 10-15min sketches in my morning skethc and walk using watercolour (any ideas are welcome!... I have a few myself...stay tuned)
- how to develop my watercolour to have more of the freshness of my marker work (I have a few ideas here too and want to find a book in my library on Cezanne's watercolours...might not be what I remember it to be...but that is where I am going to start)

I have a vague vision of where I want my watercolour work to go... but unsure at the moment how to get there!

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  1. Just curious, but I was absolutely astonished when I first had read about your fifteen minute sketches. Generally itll take me about an hour or two to get a watercolor done. How long does it generally take you for your watercolor spreads? Also any tips to help me speed myself up?

    Thank you for your time,
    Benjamin j.