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Thursday, August 23, 2012

120823 fun with markers at work

This is a work sketch I did today (brought the sketch home to do a decent scan) This is colour with markers over a VERY basic Liz-hack style computer model.
Really really excited by using these markers and am so thankful for the great workshop I took by Eduardo Bajzek at SD

It is amazing how much you can layer colour and it never seems to get murky.
A little pencil over the top

120821 fun with markers
I am using mainly Copic markers with the 12 promarkers I got at SD...

And this was an experiment inside my work notebook eariler in the week. I kept layering and layering to test out the colours - each layer was only seconds while I was waiting for a drawing to print... and then next print 20 minutes later I would add another layer.


  1. The markers look great Liz. What paper are you using that doesn't bleed? When I use my markers they always bleed. Maybe it is the markers and not the paper in my case...

  2. no, it is not you or the paper... the markers bleed through every paper I use... which of course is not a problem at work whne drawing on bond paper.