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Monday, June 11, 2012

Trip prep - new pen/pencil holder

Just completed a new holder which was sadly overdue(see original temp model that lasted me 4 years!!!) The key features being the fact that it contains pockets that are wide enough for one or two objects to be easily placed AND my latest brainwave (well I thought so at the time) a front tier that is shorter for pencils when they are well used and too short for normal pockets.
(I should add that I was too lazy to change the thread in the overlocker to black and that I perhaps should have removed the tailers chalk marks before taking this photo...)

Now I just have to decide what pens etc I am going to take....and of course test this out to see how it performs....


  1. Good idea. How about adding an elastic loop, like the one on Moleskine books, to keep the pencils corraled.

  2. thanks Jo - not sure I need any elastic.The pencils seem rather secure as is. I will post soon how I use it - normally the holder stays in my bag pocket and dont have any need to take it out.