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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trip Prep- How Many sketchbooks

Ok... I do this every year. I know that I need to slow down and relax more on my holidays but it seems that with the passing of years, I am recording more of my adventures, wanting more white space on my pages, allowing for collage, want to draw more maps and write more notes AND sketching I think that I need to allow for more pages. My current sketchbook is not available in the states and I do like all my sketchbooks for a particular trip to be the same so that they are a set. So... I looks like 4 sketchbooks to be safe....


  1. lol planning and preparation and practice sketch, talk about killing two birds with one stone lol. Id love to hear more about how you plan out how many books to use and what not. Drop by my blog or send me an email. Id love to hear about your planning and scheduling process.

  2. This is total sketching insanity. And I love it!