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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tonight's activity is NYC research

Over the past few months I have been randomly tagging interesting things in a number of books and websites. Tonight I am translating those tags into consolidated maps. I have gone through the guide to contemporary architecture and marked up all the gehry nouvel tschumi etc etc. now I am going through my tags from the 1001 best things to do in NYC. (just flicking through this was the best background reading I have done)
The AIA guide is a joke - brilliant info but how could anyone carry that weight so it is reference material when I get home.
The 500 buildings book I am going to go through and flag the most sketchable (over the top architecture!!)

Standard tourists things are easy!!!

Btw the first thing I listed on my maps was ..... Yes you guessed it.... My list of interesting sounding tearooms.

Of course I WANTED to draw my maps like I did for Sanyo Domingo but... Impossible ... So google to the rescue!!!

Ah!! Travelling is hard work to get the most out of it. But lots of fun!!!!


  1. One of my favorite spots in NYC is a strange one...the temple of Dendur which is inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    It is such a calm beautiful setting which is a nice break from the frenetic NYC vibe.

  2. Tea rooms? Good luck with that - I nearly had tea withdrawal while I was there . . . . one of the nicest place I did find tea was in the cloisters. Lovely place, horrid tea.

    (p.s. The Pen Hospital was great for pen-geeks )