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Monday, June 11, 2012

More catching up - Fridays A4 sketches....

120608_A4 The Garrison Church
Some of my A4 size sketches from Friday... (see also post with Opera House sketches here)

Above- The Garrison Church

 I am getting used to sketching outside my sketchbook but find that I give up on a page easier...(when in my book I have to try to make it work) Also I really miss not being able to write and record my thoughts/adventures

As you can see I started the day with a usual Liz-sketch but am trying to do different things... 120608_A4 Half Heartened Sketch
A half hearted sketch... The sun would soon be gone so I headed to the most exposed spot in Sydney - Observatory hill to make the most of hte last hour of sunlight.... 120608_A4 Sydney Observatory_last sun 120608_A4 Sydney Observatory 120608_A4 S Observatory Hill View

A great day but I was so exhausted by the end of it... why do I do push myself so much!!!


  1. These are lovely.....full of energy, quite a bit of information, excellent scale and perspective, and so nice to look at.

  2. thank you Balaji - I was really pumping at the time (energy!) but not really 100% happy with them at the time. THey look a lot better to me now. It was a glorious winters afternoon and the colours were crisp!

  3. I too love the energy. the loose lines hold so much character.