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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Current reading pile

Current reading pile by borromini bear
Current reading pile, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

Just to let you know that my trip prep is going to start soon... most of your know the reason for the top book on the pile... but the other ones?????


  1. Have you been to New York before? I'm there currently on a residency, and it is quite a culture shock from Glasgow - don't know how it'll be from where you are!

  2. I am going to both places, too! But I'm going to NY a month before DR :)

  3. Jane - yes been to NYC before and loved it! (was a little anxious about going on my own and how overwhleming it would be...but LOVED it!) Having said that I adore Glasgow too!
    Hey Elizabeth...what a pity we will not be there at the same time but I hope to hear all about your sketching adventures in DR - will be great to see you again. I want to have my sketching visit to NYC armed with post symposium buzz!!! (scary thought!)