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Saturday, May 26, 2012

120526 Too much of a good thing... sketchbook vs loose pages

Had two visits in two days to my favourite Tearoom. The first visit was quality time with myself (thinking and sketching time) and today with a friend. 120526 Too much of a good thing?

Here are sketchbook pages from the 2 visits.

I have been doing a lot more sketching on loose paper lately... And I find it a challenge! Sketching on loose paper should in theory be less stressful than in a book...but for me it is harder. In my sketchbook is for me (as I never cut a page out) it is only ever for me. If I am not happy with the sketch I can add text, grids, collage, other elements to make it into a pleasing spread....or if a disaster I can cover it(but so I can still see it later) or temporarily tape pages together. Because it is in my book I am more likely to keep going with a sketch to make it ok.

When sketching on loose paper it is normally for a project or someone else and therefore there is pressure for it to be a ‘good’ one. If it doesn’t work (I often give up on a sketch too easily!), sure I could throw the page away but I want to keep and record every sketch I do as part of the journey, each is part of my life. I am thinking of getting a large A4 sketchbook to stick these ‘not good enough’ sketches in as a record and somewhere that I can write those all important notes to myself!

Lately, I have just been drawing on loose paper for the sake of it... And seeing what happens. I must say that I am REALLY enjoying working on A4 size! (I would love to use a A4 size sketchbook but the weight would be too much for me to carry daily!) I am finding that my sketchbook pages lately have been more sketchy as a result – they are more note taking sketches, while the A4 pages are more considered sketches

Anyway... Rambling away- hope making some sense....

Here are the A4 sketches done at T2.... 
 120526 T2 counter view 120525 T2 view

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  1. I absolutely agree with ya there. I recently lost my old blog so I had to start new. While posting some old images I couldn't help but notice my sketches are so rough but when I do something seperate it's so defined.

    That said I'd say don't carry the a4 but make sure to sit out once or twice a week and go back and refine the sketch. I don't know just a thought, I'll have to try myself.

    Great work regardless, loved the read