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Thursday, May 3, 2012

120503 In less than two weeks

I decided to force myself to have a break from blogging/posting online for 2 weeks but I have only lasted 10 days. I have been extremely busy so I thought posting was the obvious thing to drop out..but I was still you can see!
A few thoughts
- I have proved to myself that I am not totally addicted to posting or to receiving comments. I love doing both but I happily lived without it.(turning my computer off totally for 2 weeks would be another thing totally!!!)
- I sketch whether I post or I do not sketch to blog about it. I sketch for myself.
- the problem with not blogging is the catch up... Of course I don’t need to post everything I do (and I don’t) but I do really use my flickr account as a catalogue of my life and sketches.
- in these 10 quiet days exciting things happened (or more exactly exciting things arrived in the mail for me) that I just have to share!!!

But the big thing .....

- What I did really miss is recording the story behind my sketches. SO many things go through my head or happen to me when I sketch that can’t be recorded in my sketchbook. When I blog regularly these extras are recorded in my rambling notes. It is important aspect of Liz the Recorder (if you missed the significance of this check out this link )
Whilst I am doing it publicly and there are people that read it... It is primarily most important to me. Last night I went through all the sketches that I did during Kate Johnsons watercolour pencil class in 2009. I was surprised how much I wrote about each sketch, the process, what worked, what didn’t. I found this amazingly helpful to go back to read.(link below) I think I should do this more often...more helpful for others and for me too!

Ok.. That is enough from me for tonight. I will post these pages separately over the next few days... And as you can see I AM doing Every Day in May again...

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  1. Great reflection on sketching and posting, wich is of no lesser importance than the act of sketching itself.
    Cheers Liz!