Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Current ink pen collection

Due to popular demand... Here is my collection of current fountain pens. Last nights photo (of felt pens) was fairly boring to me – I would be happy to give all those pens away but this collection ...no way! These are my babies! I am not a fountain pen junkie – ie. I am not rushing out trying EVERY brand.... a lamy junkie would be more accurate. I do love lamy pens!!
But most importantly I would ALWAYS choose to draw and write in ink if I could. I love the flow of ink across the page and I love the way that it makes my handwriting look neater!

Ok... From L to R

My new and my old Lamy Joy (old style) pen with EF nib (Noodlers black ink) This old style is not longer available in Australia so I was very excited in July 2011 to find an old style pen for sale in Newcastle upon Tyne in UK. The reason I bought a NEW (old style) pen was because I had worn the old pen out and the lid would not stay on. I have since fixed this (in true Liz-hack-style) by- putting a little bit of superglue around the insde of the lid – just enough to create adequate friction.

-Yellow Lamy safari containing my noodlers polar brown ink (hmm... They don’t do a brown safari!)

-Red Lamy Safari with Noodlers Widow Maker ink (this was a moment of weakness at Xmas time... I didn’t need this but wanted at souvenir from a wonderful stationery shop in Leura)

-Lamy Vista (clear safari) with Noodlers Polar Blue ink (love this!)

-New style Lamy joy pen with a GOLD ef nib. The new style joy is a fraction heavier than the old style... I prefer the old black and red to have in my hand. This nib is lovely but I am afraid to take it out on location (the nib cost 2 x the price of the pen)

-Pilot Parallel Pen in 1.8mm (I also have the 3,5mm size!) Thanks to Josu for this extravagent purchase (It was cheap though!)

-Noodlers Flex Pen with Lexington Grey ink... Never really warmed to this and it leaked on the plane once.

-Rotring Art Pen – I use this at work. It is even lighter than the Lamy Joy (old style) but for some reason I don’t like writing with it...

-Fancy Lamy pen that I bought in the early days to hold my gold nib... But it is too heavy so has a calligraphy nib now.

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  1. It's always so fascinating to see someone else's collection of pens. Seeing those Rapidographs is like going back in time to my days as a graphic design student (pre computers, of course!). I will have to try a Lamy pen one of these days.


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