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Friday, February 10, 2012

How not to bake my cakes (of watercolor)

Last month I learnt a great tip of setting tube paint in pans. 1 hour on low (50C) in the oven. It worked really well - set the paint without drying it out.
However last night I wasn't concentrating (trying to do too much!!!) and had my oven at 100C. The paint is still fine but those pans!!!
The second row is my second attempt which worked beautifully.


  1. LOL! But they have risen beautifully! :)

  2. That is a great tip!!!! Thanks! And I'll be concentrate while doing it!;P

  3. Thanks for giving me a great chuckle at the start of my day Liz.

  4. Too funny and also shows Im not the only one making a mess in the kitchen....

    But what a great idea for the watercolours (when cooked right), will have to give that a try.

  5. Thanks for the great tip! I'll be sure to always check the oven is on the right setting before baking. ;)

  6. Great tip Liz!
    I wonder if it also works for the tubes that have dry paint inside. I will try to solve it and I will tell you.

  7. To me look like funny colors cakes !!. Very good idea!!

  8. C'mon, what artist wants perfectly squared watercolor anyhow? :D

    That bottom row is unique and one of a kind!

  9. For the records, I kept a tube of prussian blue watercolor in the oven for over one hour at 80o.C and it was not enough to soften its content. I will try at 100o.C .


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