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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

120229 Plane sketches

120229_01 Work Day trip to Melbourne
Been too busy and just a wee bit too stressed lately to be sketching much... so two sketches on the flight back from a VERY long day in Melbourne today (site visit and meetings)
A boring plane sketch! Need to try something different!
I am a little bored with my plane sketches... maybe it is because I just survived a huge day at work down and back to Melbourne in a day and all day in meetings on a construction site. Here is todays tired attempt on the way home. Actually I was rather excited that I had 2 red jackets, a blue and yellow cap AND leopard print today in my fellow passengers- now that is exciting!
120229_02 Filling on time in the plane (from a photo)

....and I just so happened to have a print out of a Baroque building from Venice amongst my papers today (now how did that happen?)

BTW, this was done with a waterbrush just as we were coming in to land. I hate using a waterbrush as the colours are always so flat and it is so hard to get the lovely interaction of pigments on the page which you can do with a real brush... does anyone have any tips...


  1. I use the Pentel Aquash (large) and not the Niji. The Niji never seems to have enough water coming out - too slow for how I work. The large Pentel works - at least for me - more like a real brush.

    Love the drawings as usual!!

  2. I'm amazed that you did all this on the plane, especially the watercolors :D