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Saturday, February 18, 2012

120218 Crazy Roof Extension

Even when I have a Saturday at home, I always feel the desire to pop out to do a wee sketch. Today it was incorporated with filling up with petrol (gas).

I like to drive around suburban blocks looking for houses that catch my eye. Many hideously overscaled new this one stood out this afternoon.

It also fits in with the USK AUS monthly theme of Roofscapes. Yes.... we have decided to have our own monthly theme...for more details visit our flickr or facebook.

Eastwood, Sydney, Australia


  1. Sorry to see that ugly monster homes are also in Australia. Who really needs all that interior space? And those homes are rarely furnished or landscaped well. I guess all the money goes into the mortgage!

  2. Houses with character are so interesting and more attractive. I agree with Candice's remarks.

  3. Oh, I hate those ugly houses. For a while there was a trend where the front of the house was a garage door and a giant roof slant, no windows, no doors, no personality. . . . But, I'm glad you found this one to draw. Must have been quite a perspective challenge!!!