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Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer 1112 Day 15 - Day with Nick..budding Urban Sketcher at age 6!

A really great day with my best friend and her 6 year old son
Summer! J06FR_04 NMM1 Chopper
This is the chopper that we sketched together in the Maritime museum... for the full set of Nick's work check out my set here

NIck and Liz sketching in Maritime Museum1

NIck and Liz sketching in Maritime Museum2

The rest of the the day...

Summer! J06FR_01 Harrington Lane cup and Rosy Grey tea

Summer! J06FR_03 Yum Chai

Summer! J06FR_05 NMM2 Sketching with Nick

Summer! J06FR_06 NMM2 Periscope and Steam Engine

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