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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sketchcrawl 34 - Plan A and Plan B!

Great sketchcrawl day... nice breakfast, 2 sketches at Plan A before rain hit and we went to Plan B, finished the day with special treatment at T2.
We had a great group of sketchers... maybe around 30 people, great to see the usual suspects and meet some new people. Lots of great work and lovely, although we were scattered to keep bumping into sketchers all day!
120121 Sketchcrawl 34_01 Breakfast
120121 Sketchcrawl 34_02 Anzac Memorial Warmup
120121 Sketchcrawl 34_03 Plan A_Anzac Memorial Wash out
120121 Sketchcrawl 34_04 Plan B_Australian Museum
120121 Sketchcrawl 34_05 Museum Bones
120121 Sketchcrawl 34_06 Museum Search and Discover
And a few photos
Sketchcrawl 34 - Hyde Park when the rain started coming down
Sketchcrawl 34 - Hyde Park ...too wet!
Hyde Park when the rain started coming down
Sketchcrawl 34 - in the museum
Sketching bones
Sketchcrawl 34 - not all the dinosaurs are bones
A sketcher being attacked by a walking dinosaur!

1 comment:

  1. Great drawings Liz,
    Despite the low temperature here in MOscow, 7 people got together at a cafe. The results can be seen at the USK Moscow blog.

    PS: Jan 21st was my birthday, what a great coincidence!