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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 in sketches

My 2011 in sketches by borromini bear
My 2011 in sketches, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

11pm New Years Eve

A quiet one at home (for a change) reviewing (rapid flick!) the year that is coming to an end as recorded in my sketchbooks – all 20 of them!!! What a special way to see the year end!

I feel a bit like Cinderella...out of principle I want to be in bed and asleep by midnight! (tomorrow is a normal Sunday, a day of worship for me so the priority is to get enough sleep for the day) One year I want to get up to see the sun rise on a new year – somehow that seems slightly more interesting to me than watching a clock tick!

Anyway... Happy New Year to you all!!! Thanks for friendship, support, encouragement, comments, visits... Every visit means something to me.
I have a few comments after reviewing these books in one sitting (one being too many tea cup sketches!) but I will leave them to next year.

Must go before I turn into a pumpkin!

11.05 now.....

Summer 1112 Day 7,8 & 9 - A big Bash match and other bits

Big Bash Combo

Last night I went to a cricket match - the first in many years. We had front row seats and I started sketching 15 minutes before the game started.

Summer! 30FR_03 Big Bash

A T20 (20-20 match) is very quick and often starts with a lot of excitement (both innings started with numerous boundaries) so you don't have any quality slow time as can do in other forms of the game. So I ended up rushing this and painting it between overs.This is a domestic competition so more relaxed and not packed. Great evening.

it was REALLY strange not to have my camera with me at the cricket - I used to spend all my time trying to take photos... last night I was there with a photographer- he watched the game through the view finder... it is better to be able to watch things these days.

Summer! 30FR_04 Chris Gayle and late night trains

I attempted to sketch the players - the star is west indiian Chris Gayle - a real treat to see him in good form. But really to far away for my poor eyes.
Attempted night time sketching also while waiting for the train home - we had to catch 3 trains to get there.

Pages from a few quieter days (in terms of sketching output...still need to work out how to totally relax!)
Summer! 29TH_01 High Mt Oolong and Magnolia Cup
Summer! 29TH_02 Leaving Leura
Summer! 29TH_03 Back Home
Summer! 29TH_04 Architectural Research
Summer! 30FR_01 Earl Grey Cream and English Chintz Cup
Summer! 31SA_01 Taylers Earl Grey and new gold cup
Summer! 31SA_02 Fun with the boys

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Summer 1112 Day 6 - A day in the Blue Mountains

Summer! 28WE_07 Grose Valley view from Pulpit Rock

A grey bleak morning (so roaming shops) cleared to a warm sunny afternoon visiting a new lookout and going back to my favourite place(pulpit rock)...this is the view from it.

Summer! 28WE_01 Flori di Zagari Tea and Turkish Green Cup
Crazy me took my tea and tea CUPS with me...

Summer! 28WE_02 Greens of Leura B&B Breakfast
Wonderful breakfast - yes, the B&B that I stay in serves it in Royal Albert (how is that for a Liz-style place!)

Summer! 28WE_03 Morning in Leura
food and tea sketch to record a morning of shop-hopping.

Summer! 28WE_04 Lunch Mountain Harvest Cafe
Then I had lunch. Ok so far today I have only sketched food! Time to change that!

Summer! 28WE_05 Shipleys Plateau lookout
New lookout(for me) at Shipley's plateau - on the left side you looking into the blue mountains range, on the right to the plains beyond. Dirt track drive to get here... not that happy driving on dirt tracks on my own...but no choice.

Summer! 28WE_06 Pulpit Rock overview
AH! love this place. Pulpit rock. Had it all to myself for at least 15 minutes.

Summer! 28WE_08 Pulpit Rock-the scary part!
The scary part... I have sketched from down there before.

Summer! 28WE_09 Pulpit Rock from Govets Leap
Pulpit Rock from Govets Leap

Summer! 28WE_10 Blackheath looking for dinner
Blackheath looking for dinner

Summer! 28WE_11 Dinner and Bits
Dinner and bits...

Summer! 28WE_12 My B&B room (way too tired for this!)
My room - way too tired to attempt this... but still I did!!!!

BTW, my sketchbook is now finished (in 6 days!) That is a record for not being in an European city!

Summer 1112 Day 5 - Heading to the Blue Mountains

Summer! 27TU_07 The three Sisters

First day of my wee trip to the Blue Mountains - 100km west of the centre of Sydney.
A visit to Katoomba to see the Three Sisters would be in my top ten things to see when visiting Sydney... this is the top spot... The Three Sisters as seen from Echo Point. Sadly normally too many tourists here...but my 5pm visit was great!

Ok... the rest of my day

Summer! 27TU_01 China Rose Tea and Polka Rose Cup
China Rose Tea and Polka Rose Cup
Summer! 27TU_02 Mt Tomah Gardens Morning Tea
Mt Tomah Gardens Morning Tea
Summer! 27TU_03 Mt Tomah Bog Garden
Mt Tomah Bog Garden
Summer! 27TU_04 Mt Tomah Rock Garden
Mt Tomah Rock Garden
Summer! 27TU_05 Mt Victoria Lunch
Mt Victoria Lunch
Summer! 27TU_06 Mt Victoria Buildings
Mt Victoria Buildings
Summer! 27TU_08 Boars Head
Boars Head
Summer! 27TU_09 Plant studies
Plant Studies
Summer! 27TU_10 Dinner at Pins

Summer 1112 Day 3 & 4 ...'Christmas'

Summer! 26MO_04 Our Marble Run
2 low-sketching day... usual Sunday (day of rest) and then family day on Monday, Two hyperactive boys made it very hard to have any quality time to sketch....
The highlight of our family day for me was opening my present to my two nephews... Aunty Liz certainly loved the marble run....

Back to pages in order
Summer! 25LD_01 French Earl Grey Spring Meadow
Summer! 26MO_01 Fortum and Mason EGT Duchess

Summer! 26MO_02 Plan and packing
Plan for the day...and packing for my trip to the Blue mountains

Summer! 26MO_03 Trying to sketch!
A bit of a crazy day....

Summer! 26MO_05 Out of COmfort zone!
This one was very hard.. my wee niece was moving constantly....but although out of my comfort zone I am happy that I tried!

Summer! 24SA_13 All importnat Schedule
BTW... I am really enjoying my tea and cup review. This is the schedule I am working to

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Down there? No way!!! (great arvo at pulpit rock)

And we did go down there. Bb is such a chicken! Got my favourite light condition. Rock in sun but valley below in shade. Great spot tho my sketches didn't match it today.

Painting on the edge. Pulpit rock

Are we going down? Pulpit rock

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Summer 1112 Day 2 - A museum day

Summer! 24SA_07 Hyde Park Barracks Exterior
I don't have time to type anything...but it is all included on my pages... btw I have half filled my sketchbook in the first two days. Looking forward to my normal rest day tomorrow and then family day on Monday.
Summer! 24SA_01 Lapsang Regency Blue
Summer! 24SA_02 Map, Book and Galah
Summer! 24SA_03 Back to Martin Place
Summer! 24SA_04 Morning Tea HPB Cafe
Summer! 24SA_05 Hyde Park Barracks 1
Summer! 24SA_06 Hyde Park Barracks 2
Summer! 24SA_08 Art Gallery Lunch etc
Summer! 24SA_09 AGNSW Indigenous Art
Summer! 24SA_10 Picasso Headache Heads
I am not a fan of picasso but he does perfectly capture how I feel when I have a headache. Had fun drawing all these during the exhibition. BTW the best time to go is the last timed ticket on Christmas
Summer! 24SA_11 Picasso The Bathers
Summer! 24SA_12 Picasso Chair and Art Gallery Exterior