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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

111130 Sydney Red Brick House 1

Struggling to find sketching time/opportunities in my busy life... So tonight I drove around a few blocks from home to sketch a house... Should do this more often!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catching up again

Not sure why my blogging is fading at the moment... all the action is still happening over at my flickr.
So to catch up....
111125 Three little friends
Friday night: Three little friends
been raining all week and I am starting to go stir crazy... I want to get out to sketch!
111126 Quick sketch while spending a day with a friend
Saturday: Quick sketch while spending a day with a friend
Extremely quick sketch while spending quality time with a 'best' friend. Lots of things encoded into this sketch which makes it special even though the sketch in itself is nothing special.
111128 Sketchers diet starting again!
Monday: Sketchers diet starting again!
I want to try and lose a few kilos before Xmas (and then put them back on again... I know!) so time to lose it the best way I know how!... yes... back to my old food diary - sketch everything before/as you eat it.
I find it incredibly therapeutic to sketch and eat at the same time. My diet might be pretty dull (protein shakes and lots of plain steamed veg) but it is so colourful.
I won't bore you all with every page but I plan to sketch everything I eat this week so that I get strict about the food (this weeks food also includes a high tea on Saturday so I will have to work extra hard!!!)
111128 Communist architecture and music
Monday night: Communist architecture and music
Like last year I am starting to really get into the ABC Classic countdown - this year it is 20th century works.

This afternoon post 4pm(when the live countdown for the day finished - Mahler 9!) I started catching up on the sessions that I have missed out on and was listening to Shostakovich Symphony 10 (which I don't know... I do like some of his other symphonies) so tonight while trying to re-listen to it online I sketched a great communist building (of a different era but still a connection)

111129 Same old stuff!

Today Tuesday: Same old stuff!
I draw the SAME things ALL the time... I know! Boring for you but for me I get so much enjoyment from drawing and splashing paint around that I do not really care too much. Everytime it is different.

This week I am obsessed about follwong ABC radio's Classic 100 of the 20th Century. Each day I will record one piece in my sketchbook

If you are interested check out the following links
For the list
To listen

Friday, November 25, 2011

111125 No escaping my 'liz-ness'

During a trip to the UK a few years ago a number of people commented that my work was a bit like Matthew Rice’s. I eventually got one of his books and while looking through it thought that is was a little like a ‘neat Liz’ sketch. A little while ago I tried to copy one of his sketches
100225 A comparison
It was then that I realised that I did have a distinctive style.

I tried again tonight...I wasn’t trying to do an exact copy... If I really tried I could do a neater and more more uniform version...but not on a Friday night when I am totally exhausted after a draining week. Quite a fun exercise and strangely relaxing for me. You can see that I am not too concerned to get the proportions right... But there is no way that I can escape my own personal style is there!

111125 This weeks sketches

Sorry, I have been a bit slack posting to my blog this week.

111121 A bit too hard for a Monday morning
A bit hard for Monday morning
A little unexpected adventure on the way home from church yesterday morning meant that I had a visit to a tyre place on the agenda this morning.
My brain was really struggling to divide the circles into 5...sometimes your sketching brain needs some warming up first....

BTW, I am continuing to enjoy my S&B Alpha book. I will do some real tests soon...

111122 A toy
Tuesday: A TOY
A very rushed sketch tonight... want to get back to sketching the Spanish weekly challenges

111123 For Simonetti

Wednesday morning: For Simonetti
last night a photo of these treats was posted on my facebook page by Luis (Simonetti)- the sketcher who is soon going to leave the land of the pasteis de nata for a world sketching - - suppose he has to get a full dose before he leaves?

Of course I had to draw it this morning over breakfast. An important subject to test in my new Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook

Thursday: Hot and Cold
111124 Hot and Cold
A page celebrating the fun weather we have been having lately. Last year I recorded similar changes in early Nov but this year is it late November!

111124 The world of sewing blogs
a few dress patterns I have come across in recent days... if any one has some good blogs for me to start following let me know. I DO need to start sewing some of those fabrics I bought in the last few years
The world of sewing blogs

Monday, November 21, 2011

111121 Quiet weekend but busy Monday morning

Didn't end up doing most to the things I had planned/ scheduled in during the weekend for various reasons...
Actually I will start with Friday lunchtime - a quick but expensive sketch
111118 A quick but expensive sketch!
went into the $2 shop and saw a cute notepad with Australian notes...of course I had to stick one on my page and try to draw over it... bit of a crazy thing to do (I think the $10 note would have been better since it is lighter and more uniform in tone) Of course there is no mistaking this for the real thing as our money is plastic!!!!
111118 Going through my sketchbooks too quickly
Going through my sketchbooks too quickly...It is a bit of a worry...but I need to start sketchbook No. 45 tonight. #44 only lasted me 3 weeks and one day...and I don’t feel like I have been doing THAT much sketching...but obviously I am. Last year the 120 page sketchbook lasted me minimum of 5 weeks.
This page (doing the same old thing over and over again) is the first in a Stillman and Birn Alpha Sketchbook. I am quite excited at giving this a go- the Gamma book which we were given at the Symposium, with the cream paper just didn’t feel right for me but I can tell that this bright white paper is going to be nice. Stay tuned for my explorations with this paper – I know that there are some limitations with watercolour (like there are with my normal sketchbook paper) but it is SOOOO lovely to draw and write on!!!!!

111119 Testing out my Alpha Sketchbook
111119 Testing out my Alpha Sketchbook - A new sketchbook paper is a great excuse to do a standard Liz-sketch... (I did a cup of tea sketch last night as well but I will refrain from posting that)
Nothing at all wrong with this paper on this sketch. LOVE the tooth of the paper ti write and sketch on!!!!

111119 Visiting my new niece
Visiting my new niece - Very quick sketches in between a nurse of my new niece (two weeks old today!) Of course she is gorgeous and it is so nice to have a baby girl around (so many boys born in my circles in recent years) Didn't get a chance to sketch her today...but I will some day!

111119 Time to put my books back on the shelves
Time to put my books back on the shelves -cricket on the radio and cicada’s starting their evening chorus after a hot day is the perfect background for a long overdue tidy up... (I have so many books that putting my books away can become a big shuffle depending on what I want to have in easy access)

111121 A bit too hard for a Monday morning
A little unexpected adventure on the way home from church yesterday morning meant that I had a visit to a tyre place on the agenda this morning.
My brain was really struggling to divide the circles into 5...sometimes your sketching brain needs some warming up first....

A few old sketches

2000 Ely West Front
Ely Cathedral
2000 St Stephens Walbrook
St Stephens Walbrook

A few sketches from the archive.... sketches that were done from the comfort of my own studio from photos - post trip to the UK in 2000

Blogged here

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back to Cockatoo Island

111117 SkClass Cockatoo Is 05_Fire Hose Reel
Wet and freezing cold... but I had a really wonderful day hanging out with Manly artist, Erin Hill and her sketching class at Cockatoo Island.
111117 SkClass Cockatoo Is 02_accommodation options
111117 SkClass Cockatoo Is 03_filling in time
111117 SkClass Cockatoo Is 04_Heavy Machine Shop Door
111117 SkClass Cockatoo Is 06_Gantry Crane
111117 SkClass Cockatoo Is 07_Detour on way home

And then a detour on the way home
111117 SkClass Cockatoo Is 07_Detour on way home

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new sketchbook started

After toying with some crazy and expensive options for my 2 week break over summer (Xmas-New year shutdown period here in Australia) I have decided to do something TOTALLY RADICAL...
I am going to stay at home!!!!

I feel that I haven’t done my best work here in Sydney - my best work, when I get in the groove, seems always to be when I am away on a big trip – so I am going to make staying home into a big trip!

I am a little afraid that I will just veg-out at home watching the cricket and not doing much so I have started a dedicated trip prep in order to plan lots of exciting adventures! So stay tuned...

(BTW the graphic on the title page is a map of Sydney Harbour)

Monday, November 14, 2011

111112 Rome to Tasmania

Dreaming of past trips and planning future ones...... I was all keen on Tasmania on Saturday (impulsive Liz) but practical Liz who did a budget this evening has other ideas. Perhaps I should save my pennies for next years symposium....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A vitrual model of Ancient Rome

look what I just discovered!!!

More about the project here

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No lines!!!!

111109 A cup with no lines

A shockingly different cup of tea sketch as a result of a radical work doodle today
111109 Radical Work Doodle
I always keep a sheet of recycled paper under my keyboard for writing notes, taking phone messages and doodling. Today while waiting for something to print I picked up my waterbrush and somehow without thinking too much ended up with this wee tea cup on the page. I include the whole page for context and a close up in the top right corner,

I have been planning to do a tea cup sketch without any lines for a while now... looks like I did it today!

My sketch from last year- the first time ever I painted without lines....

100427 HELP! Where have the lines gone!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

111108 I got my USK Singapore Book!!!!!

Here it is... I got my copy of Urban Sketchers Singapore's new book in the mail today. It is truly amazing and me and BB are about to make a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy it. Lots of inspiring sketching and interesting info to read. Here BB points out to me photos of friends he has met - Paul Wang and Tia Boon Sim but there are other friends work in there- Don Low,Parka and more.... what an amazing and inspiring group of sketchers- the sheer quantity of sketching done in a short period of time is staggering. And of course we all know about the quality! Got to have a try at that splashing!!!!

Venice Breakfast

Venice Breakfast by borromini bear
Venice Breakfast, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

going through some photos today and came across this photo of me taken by Eza last Spetember...breakfast in Venice.

...ah! Eza miss you and sketching with you so much!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

111104 Prep for a challenging but self imposed sketching assignment

Via Flickr:
You can read all the silly notes if you want... But I am going to a cousin’s wedding tomorrow and really want to do some sketching.

Trying to work out which will be the best dressy bag to use – I think I will go for the red bag. I am not sure how much sketching I will do but doing this page and posting it is a way of making me commit to TRYING to sketch. Planning to get to the church early to sketch outside and then inside. The rest of the time I will probably end up being socialable. I am a little scared about even the thought of sketching at a wedding....

Was nice to sketch my bags again... And this is the FIRST bag swap since I bought my new bag back in June!