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Friday, July 29, 2011

Relaxing visit to deli rouge (opposite the church)

Home away from home

This week I have been at a wonderful bible conference here at tabernacle Cardiff. I have listened to many wonderful sermons, met lots of wonderful people and have felt a deep deep joy in my heart that I can't describe - those in Lisbon might find this hard to believe but I have been rather quiet this week!?!?
There is a great deli across the road from the church where I come for lunch and try once again to do a sketch of the church that I am happy with.
I am trying to fade into the background this week but lots of people here have heard of Liz steel the sketcher (one of my sketches is used from time to time on the handouts from the church)

Saturday lunch - my sketch (heading by Joao)

Saturday lunch - with Agnes and Miguel

Saturday lunch - supervising Joao

Inma's sketch of bb and me (notice the blah blah blah!!!)

Saturday lunch - inma checking out the sketching on our table

Saturday lunch - with Luis

Love the expression of the man on the next table!!!!

Saturday lunch - with Josu and his great placemat sketch

Quick sketch of entrance to Cardiff castle

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cardiff city hall

Posting while waiting for the paint to dry. I am using the free afternoon for a solo walk into the city and a few sketches- great way to think through the many things in my head. Have heard some amazing sermons in the last few days.

With Ea and Marina

I keep discovering photos on my iPhone to post. This is from the last morning. Breakfast at 800 in the hotel but I had already rushed up the road to have a real coffee and custard tart and done a 10 min architectural sketch so was buzzing!!
It was really special to hang out with Ea from Denmark and marina from Israel during my time in lisbon. I have loved their work for ages - now I love the artists themselves!

Freekhands sketch of BB (I still have lots of Lisbon photos to post)

Cardiff bay - quick sketch and 2 lovely conversations with folk passing by

Lunch at herb and ellies Cardiff bay

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shock horror!!! A quiet afternoon

Hard to believe but I had a quiet afternoon - wee nap and then sitting in my friends garden listening the most wonderful conversations and sketching their garden.

In Cardiff at a church conferece - still sketching food

I an now at a week long church conference - first day was amazing. Sketching has now taken a secondary place ... But I am still looking for opportunities to include sketches in between my notes

Great lynch at dell rouge with a group of ministers and their wives.

Flying from Lisbon to Bristol

More food and plane sketches ... Had a lovely flight talking to two lads who were interested in sketching ....
Btw I am having a lot of fun with collage now. I find it better to put the collage paper on the page before I sketch. (sometimes not possible)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Breakfast counter sketching - off to Belem to taste real Portuguese tart today!!!

With freeKhand (Miguel herranz)

So many photos - with Tia. Marina. Nina.

BB and Norberto

With my very special friend Cathy Gatland!!!!

There must be a for hydrant around here somewhere!!!!!

Pete sculler in action. Isobel capturing the moment!!!

Omar and the bear again....

With Tia .....

So many people were looking over out shoulders....

Luis Anca bear and sketch

Luis anca's great sketch of the amazing sketchcrawl - sketchers EVERYWHERE

Marina and BB

With Jim Richards - he gave a great talk. Sadly missed opportunity to sketch side by side

Richard Canada and a great street of lisboa

Saturday night dinner - Peter Paul and Marina!!

Special friends - Ea and Reza(Ea's other half)

Have hung out with them during my stay in Lisbon - I feel like I have known Ea for years and years and Reza has been amazing in organizing us, looking after us, getting tables, recommendations from the menu and finally taking photos!!
Ea found a tearoom and has visited it more than I have. Sadly it does not look like that we will be able to drink tea together - this trip.