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Saturday, May 28, 2011

110528 A busy busy day....

110528 Busy Busy Day- raw pages
Had a very busy day out today and wasn't feeling 100% - had a background headache so didn't have the usual drive to sketch madly all day. I got home at 7.30pm and this is the state of my pages. In many ways today was a perfect example of many of my days when I am on a trip - tired, background HA, rushing from A-B without time to finish the sketch at the time, walking lots (14000 steps today!), catching up with friends...just generally trying to do too much in one day!
So crucial for me is to get back to my room at a reasonable hour (after an early dinner like tonight) and sit down with a cuppa tea and finish off my pages that were started during the day.
Stay tuned for what these pages end up as. I plan to keep an eye on the time that it takes to complete these for future reference.This is all part of necessary training for a full travel journal!!!!

ok, here are my pages from today after 1 hours work in the evening (including downloading pictures of some of the artwork I saw today and sticking in journal)
Might have been nicer to spend a little more time adding paint and notes but somehow the speedy completion of the pages is in mood with the day.
110528 Busy Busy Day 01 Map and Wynne Winner
BTW the vertical motorbike is a winning landscape work
110528 Busy Busy Day 02 Archibald
I loved the winning Archibald painting - wonderful!!!
110528 Busy Busy Day 03 Tara
110528 Busy Busy Day 04 Early Dinner
It was quite a fun thing to do to sketch MOVING food!!! We had a hot meal but were sitting next to the sushi train!

110528 A new colour- Cobalt Blue Deep W&N

A new colour 'thanks' to Robyn!!!

110527 More Cobalt Blue Deep
Handprint site says about this
"PB 74 Winsor & Newton cobalt blue deep is the most saturated of the paints listed here; it keeps its deep warm hue even when applied full strength; it also has a lovely gentle flocculation that appears in all mixed greens, blues and violets made with it. I sometimes prefer PB73/74 to ultramarine: it is just as lightfast but is less transparent, shows very little color shift as it dries, and creates a wonderful downy granulation in mixtures. It mixes perfectly with other cobalt pigments, providing a complete range of blue and green shades with the same textural and handling attributes. The only drawback: like ultramarine, cobalt blue deep will fade if exposed to mild acids (fresh lemon juice or vinegar may be strong enough)."
W&N Cobalt Blue Deep
Early days of testing...but I AM liking what I am seeing with this new colour. A few mixes on the left and then trying to use it in normal Liz sketching style.

I have successfully weaned myself off my addiction to W&N Burnt Sienna. I have found a number of more saturated paints in Daniel Smith (some too strong!) and am currently enjoying MaimeriBlu's Transparent Mars Brown (PR101 - the same pigment as W&N. Most other 'burnt siennas' are PBr7 are opaque) I also perhaps should try MMB Transparent Mars Red (also PR101) as well. Don't worry I plan to do a page of my Burnt Sienna explorations soon as I am not sure which paint i am going to take with me on my trip

Thursday, May 26, 2011

110525 Thinking about paint (and other things)

Trip Prep 11_01 Palette Planning
Ok... I made a mistake to say no sketching this week. I was so tired tonight that I had to have a break from Blurb-book making and do one of the most relaxing type of sketches.
The heading of this image(in flickr) refes to trip prep... yes TRIP PREP time again!!! For those who read the fine print one the destinations is mentioned above. Only a short trip this year and a lot less destination.... Even the most liberal of allowance means only 3 sketchbooks I think (instead of 8 last year)
BTW - clue was here on my flickr
110329 A Definition of A Crazy Urban Sketcher
and here
World Map
this is the cover for my trip prep book which I started back in March (though haven't done much since then!

Trip Prep 02_To do Lists
Last year I had a ‘sketchbook’ for trip prep pages and a scribble notebook for all the details of bookings etc as I was planning it all. This year I am combining the two – recording all my planning in the ‘trip prep sketchbook’ and trying to develop simple and quick ways of making a ‘page’ out of a working page. Here are two attempts...
Details blanked out as I am not ready to reveal to everyone where I am going and what I am doing...yet (if at all!- how is that for being mysterious!?!)
I often think at work when I am doing a quick sketch to work out a design problem that if I took a little longer, didn’t scribble notes without thought, that the drawing could be used as is to send to a client – a similar concept here... Just a few seconds in planning, a little extra time to strive after neat writing and a quick wee sketch is all that is needed to make a page.
Trip Prep 03_Thoughts from last year
Some thoughts that I jotted down today at work (on architects’ butter paper)...all about last years trip. I scribbled over the spread while sitting in traffic on the way home (in the dark) to create a background. ‘Achievements’ isn’t quite the right heading for the list on the left. I had planned to do a big review after last year’s trip but never got around to it. Now is the time to reflect and plan for the ‘next time’.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memories of Rome- Borromini's San Carlino

Borromini's San Carlo Ext
Not much sketching for me the last few days or for the rest of the week. Been a lot on my of which has been working hard to get a new blurb book ready.

Just a wee 40 page book filled with over 100 sketches that I did last year.

It will include some highlights of my big trip. It is SO hard to choose! A lot of the time, it is the place or the feeling that I had while I was sketching than makes a sketch special for me, rather than the finished sketch.
OK... this one is special because I was just so exhausted, sketched standing up on a narrow pavement.... but it is of my favourite building in Rome. This has to be the hardest building to see, sketch, photograph properly. It is on the most crazy intersection and there is no pavement in places!

Ah! Rome!

I have posted this before... but it looks quite different without all my text and quotes from George H Sullivan

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A surprise postcard!

A surprise postcard

Due to my Postcard exchange with the Sketchercise group, Marni, a flickr contact, asked if she could send me a postcard. Well yesterday I received it in the mail at work! It certainly made my day- THANK YOU Marni is it beautiful!
There just might be a teacup heading your way sometime in the next few weeks....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching Up....

Two sketches from Thursday night which I didn't have time to finish at the time.. a cakeless visit to T2

110512 Cakeless T2 visit 02

110512 Cakeless T2 visit 01
110513 Back at St Thomas Rest Park
A quick escape and wee sketch on a crazy busy day

110514 A crazy plan for the day and reality....

After a quiet morning I had a fairly productive late afternoon- evening!
110514 01 Crazy plan vs reality
110514 02 Back at the gardens!
110514 03 Back at the gardens!
110514 04 Back at Sparrow!
110514 05 Homemade Portuguese tarts!

EDiM 13 and then EDiM Crisis!

EDiM13 A fence

Sketch done on Saturday afternoon - paper finished off today- on the right day.
Challenging myself with a really green scene!

EDiM Crisis 14-31

Just when I thought I was cruising and not finding this daily challenge a chore I have suddenly decided that I have to be focusing my energies on other things. I have no trouble sketching every day - but there are more important things in my life right now.

So I did this page to 'finish' the challenge off. I will probably end up sketching some things on the appropriate day but this page removes the obligation.

I would love to have been able to continue it like last year... but sadly it is not possible this year

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

110511 Catching up on EDiM 09-12

done over the last three busy days....

EDiM 09 A clock

MONDAY: EDiM 09 A Clock
extremely tired tonight- so very quick sketch. Planning ahead for tomorrow night (if I make it home from work at a reasonable hour)
BTW - I am extremely excited that this sketch (which I was unhappy with somewhere in the middle of it...) made it onto the flickr EXPLORE on Monday - wow!

EDiM11 A bowl (of gelato)
TUESDAY: EDiM 11 a bowl
At work till late but sneaked out at 4.45 to have a break - some gelato and a rushed sketch which was yummy but I made a total a mess with my watercolour.(I dont think that sentence makes sense- oh well!)
I had intended to do my EDiM 10 on the right hand page but as I didn't get home till after 10.30pm, this page ended up quite differently from what I intended.
Just for the record - the gelato at Sparrow, Crows Nest is amazing and esp. the tiramisu!! I am hanging out to try their pistachio which only appears on special occasions!
EDiM10-12 Two more bowls, a flame, something fresh
lunchtime... EDiM 11 (again) a bowl EDiM 12 something fresh
I thought I could do two in one!
this evening... I still wanted to sketch the bowl I originally thought of I did... and then finally caught up on EDiM 10 something with a flame - both of these wee 21st presents.... WAY BAACK then!
Splashing the paint around big time - so tired again!!!

And how exciting I am ahead... and even more so because I drew a fence on Saturday- so 2 days off for me! I think that I sketch a scene - I am getting sick of sketching objects but nearly half way through the month.

Not sure why so many .....'s tonight!?

This is part of a daily drawing challenge for the month of May. The idea is to draw something everyday. Last year,a group of us decided to draw a specific thing each day – it was so much fun that we decided to do it again...,
We are going to be working through the everyday matters list No. 101-131. More information here (thanks to Wendy Shortland)

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

110507 Sydney's Best Portuguese Tart? Sweet Belem

110507 Sydney's Best Portuguese Tart

Scones are out and Portuguese tarts are in... I wonder why?
After some research, this afternoon I visited the cafe with the reputation of the best P-Tart in Sydney.. at Sweet Belem Petersham. It was AMAZING!!!! The pastry was crisp, flaky and nicely burnt, the custard was still warm! Cinnamon on top lovely. I am no expert but enjoyed it tremendously. Would love to hear from some experts about what to look out for... need to get in training for July!
Got takeaway and then sketched in my car - view on my lap and view out the window.

The diet starts on Monday - truly it does!!!

EDiM07 & 08 News and Bulb

Done this morning - having a lazy morning and I think it shows in my sketch. BOth of these are revisited- see below!
EDiM07 &08 News and Bulb

Last years Edim 02
100501 EDM in EDiM 02 Draw a Lamp

Way back in 2008 - EDM 168 my daily newspaper
080424 EDM168 News

This is part of a daily drawing challenge for the month of week done and it has been an amazing success and lots of activity and wonderful sketches in the group pool - see below. It is not too late to join... just start from today!
The idea is to draw something everyday. Last year,a group of us decided to draw a specific thing each day – it was so much fun that we decided to do it again...,
We are going to be working through the everyday matters list No. 101-131. More information here (thanks to Wendy Shortland)

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Friday, May 6, 2011

EDIM 06 and 05

EDiM06 Something tart or sour
EDiM06 something tart or sour... you would expect this from me would you. The price of my sketching!!! Just when I was finishing it I thought of something which would have been fun to draw- sour lollies (or sweets or candy...depending on what you call them!)
Oh well, lemon tart it is!

EDiM05 Some scissors

EDiM 05 Some Scissors
Ultra-quick sketch....and rough collage this morning before I went to work!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

110505 T2 high tea with Eza

Didn't get a chance to do my EdiM today...but did have high tea this evening!!!
110505 T2 Hightea with Eza1
110505 T2 Hightea with Eza2
We took the cake plate off the cake stand and sat in on the sofa between us to sketch. ...ate the turkish but brought the rest home!

110505 High Tea T2 style
Sorry about the Blurry photo - we got the best seat for two tonight!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

EDiM 04 Salt and Pepper shakers

EDiM04 Salt and Pepper shakers
Jacqueline, the lovely owner of this cafe, might understand my love of Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey tea(see here), but not sure she quite sure about our desire to draw the best looking salt and pepper shaker during lunch!

Naturally, the best tea in Crows Nest needs to be sketched!

This is part of a daily drawing challenge for the month of May. The idea is to draw something everyday. Last year,a group of us decided to draw a specific thing each day – it was so much fun that we decided to do it again...,
We are going to be working through the everyday matters list No. 101-131. More information here (thanks to Wendy Shortland)

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

EDiM 03 Exercise?

EDiM03 exercise?

Firstly, there is no good reason for the sudden appearance of a tea cup sketch on today's spread except that I am feeling a bit frazzled and somehow cup sketches are soothing.

Secondly, I am approaching this years challenge in a completely different way to last year. Last year I started the month stressing a little at the thought of 'having' to sketch each night and rushed a few in order to get it done quickly and out of the way. I then regretted it because I saw all the beautiful work of others who had put the effort in. This year, post long service leave trip, I sketch a lot more normally and am able to sketch I am not putting any pressure on myself but see this month's challenge as an opportunity for some sketch therapy at the end of a day...with hopefully some variety in subjects (but you know me...) and often trying to tie the challenge in with the days/weeks events.

Thirdly, as I thrive on spontaneous sketching, I have found already that what I plan and what is the end result is quite different... this random page just evolved as I was working on it. (Lots on my mind tonight!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

110502 Work Day Trip to Melbourne

a long and tiring trip to Melbourne to measure up some buildings... good opportunity to sketch on the plane....
110502 Work Day Trip to Melbourne- Down
110502 Work Day Trip to Melbourne- Back

EDiM 02 Draw a power plug what has tea got to do with a power plug?
EDiM02 Draw a power plug
How many of this month's challenges can I twist to relate to tea? I wonder?

Please join us for a month of drawing daily.....
We are going to be working through the everyday matters list No. 101-131. More information here (thanks to Wendy Shortland)

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