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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Everyday in May

Please join us for a month of drawing daily.....

Everyday in May

We are going to be working through the everyday matters list No. 101-131. More information here (thanks to Wendy Shortland)

Please join the flickr group

(Sunday is my rest day from sketching and as next week is looking like a crazy week I did my first sketch on Saturday night)

110429 Hawksmoor's Towers...

of Westminster Abbey.
110429 Hawksmoors Towers

Believe it or not I had started to read a book of Hawksmoor (one of my favourite British architects) a few weeks ago and was planning to sketch this.
The fact that there was a fairly significant wedding in the building last night gave it some relevance....

I was SO tired but wanted to sketch... so it is fun to see what it looks like in the light of day,
Earlier in the evening (well not much earlier!)...
110429 Journal 39 Title Page
Managed to fill up the moleskine in 3 weeks according to plan and now back to my old favourite journals... just another one of my palette pages... trying to be origianl and random here!

BTW I have gone 3 days without doing a real sketch... having a GREAT time with Eza but starting to miss the catching up with myself time that I get with sketching.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Paginated Garden Exhibition

Photos from tonights opening of the Paginated Garden - 16 invited book artists, 4 sketch artists (us) and 30 sketches from the sketchabout. It was a fabulous evening!

The gang!
The Gang - Wendy, me, Annie, Alissa
Liz, a little Bear and a big sketch
Liz, a little Bear and a big sketch

It is very hard to take photos at an event like this - trying to keep people out of photos, dark lighting etc. Thanks to Eza for these photos!
Our Books

Our books - Wendy's book on the window sill, my sketchbook, Alissa's sketchbook and Annies scroll.

I will be minding the exhibition on Saturday morning so if you are in Sydney please do pop in and have a look at some fabulous art. The quality and range of the sketchabout sketches is outstanding and the book art is very special!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

110426 Easter Tuesday

Due to ANZAC falling on Easter Monday we had a Easter Tuesday holiday this year.
110426 Cockatoo Island with Eza 1
110426 Cockatoo Island with Eza 2
Took Eza to two of my favourite sketching destinations - Cockatoo Island and T2 today! Great day!!!
110426 T2 with Eza

110426 Ezas Cockatoo ISland sketch
Here is Eza's great sketch from today at Cockatoo Island.
110426 T2 with guess who

have I ever posted a photo of T2? Well here it is - quite different from my sketches as it is very dark and black. Who spotted BB?

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Sketchabout Sketchbook in full

So here it is - a sketchbook full of garden sketches! Quite a different range of subjects from my usual - though I did manage to fit in one sketch of a cup of tea in there.

Sketchabout Combo

A new collective blog about sketchbooks

a new collective blog about sketchbooks
If you haven't come across this yet- please check out Enrique Flores's great new blog

It is mainly in Spanish so I don't understand a word of it... but who cares...lots of wonderful sketches. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Now I wonder who the owner of the top sketchbook is?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

110423 Tea Cosies coming out my ears!

Sorry about the repetitive nature of my sketches today... but you are all used to my obssession with sketching tea and tea related subjects.
110423 Tara again!
Today was the first Saturday for 7 weeks that I didn't need to go into the city (downtown) and therefore no visit to Tara Tearoom (and I told the owner and all the lovely waitresses that last week)...well... I wanted to catch up with Alissa and where else could we go on a very wet and cold morning that would be convenient for her. Needless to say we (including Lola, A's mum- the dedicated sketcher standing up in the umbrella last week!) had a delightful morning!!!
110423 Tara cosies
Leroy has been sold but we met Theo this week instead.
110423 Wild about cosies
All the talk about tea cosies and knitting them made me feel guilty that I haven't knitted for ages... so I got Loani's wonderful books out and did some more sketching... how could anyone NOT love these wonderful creations!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

110422 Easter at Home!!

Hard to believe but I am not going away or trying to do lots of crazy things this Easter... I am actually going to TRY to relax.
110422 Easter at Home!!
So what better way than a sleep in and SLOW teacup sketch to start my day. My Royal Albert 100 year teaset was completed last night with the arrival of the plate set for the 1950s-1990 half of the naturally I had to sketch one of them. Strangely the plate set is a dessert plate - larger plate than a normal smaller plate (bread and butter?) that fits with the saucer. Obviously designed for a sit down high tea where you can load your plate with goodies! Drinking Earl Grey and Lavender Tea with this Lilac pattern (this is the 1990s pattern). Not sure I am making sense this morning- I sign that I need to take it easy..... BTW it is NICE to have real watercolour paper!

Hope everyone has a good Easter - safe travels for those that are going away.

Like Christmas I do not observe Easter. I celebrate the indescribably wonderful gift of eternal life given to me by Christ through His death and resurrection EVERY week on Sunday, resting from normal activities (including sketching!) and enjoying a wonderful day of worship - what I refer to as the Lord's Day.

John 3.16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

110421 New friends at T2

110421 New friends at T2

Another special visit to T2 - the waiter who kindly got some Grand Yunnan just for me last week suggested a new tea and gave me some new cups. Then I met a new waiter (who mistakenly thought I would want my table cleared!?!) and then because of this conversation two girls came up when they left to ask to look - little did they know that I had been sketching them!!! So exciting to get to know some serious regulars... we have not quite reached Le Select status yet...but working on it!

For my new 'friends' - the full set of T2 Teahouse sketches are here
And if you go to the Blurb book tab you can see the T2 book I made to give as gifts to my friends and family.

By the way - today was a case where I didn't plan the composition at all - I like these random pages. Also you will notice the reference to Portuguese Tarts - sadly T2 don't have them. I want to do a survey of the best that Sydney can offer ... now I wonder why? (is this an example of a Quirky Trip Prep? or is it just that I need a break from scones....)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

110418 Monday's sketches

110418 Airport Waiting
Guess whose bestest sketching friend from Scotland has arrived in Australia for a holiday and guess who sketched people at the airport while others were watching her.
And guess who is excited about both?

BTW the horizontal format of this moleskine is great for a collection of scribbles like these!

110418 Leftovers from a 21st Party
Leftovers from a 21st...

Of course, you all understand that I do prefer a scone to a cupcake...but I have to admit that cupcakes are prettier and absolutely MUST be sketched before eating!!!

I sketched the cake at work and then brought it home and ate it while having a Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey Tea in my Royal Albert 1920s Spring Meadow order to do it justice.

Fairly random composition of the page... but one never knows what will happen on the rest of the spread!

110416 Photos from Saturday's Sketchcrawl

Sketchcrawl 31 Liz sketching 1
Thanks to Jennifer for these photos.
I always seem to be surrounded by lovely thing - plants in the Tropical Centre or tea cosies at Tara Tearoom!

Sketchcrawl 31 Liz sketching 2
Thanks to Jennifer and Mike for these photos.
I was actually talking to sketchers in the first photo and packing up in the second photo. I need a bigger umbrella!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sketchcrawl 31 AND Sketchabout 6 (final)

A great but extremely wet sketchcrawl today - here are the first installment in the morning. Done in my moleskine.
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_01 Home Map
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_02 Tara tearoom with friends
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_03 Opera House in the rain take 1
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_04 Opera House in the rain take 2
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_05 Sketchers at lunch
Second half of my sketchcrawl sketches - the final sketchabout in the Botanic Gardens.(done in my Garden sketchbook)
11 spreads in total today - most of which were sketch in damp or rushed conditions. I am sure tired now!!! But what a great day!
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_06 Sketchabout6_01
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_07 Sketchabout6_02
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_08 Sketchabout6_03
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_09 Sketchabout6_04
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_10 Sketchabout6_05
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_11 Sketchabout6_06

Thursday, April 14, 2011

110414 A few more moleskine pages

More pages from my moleskine... although not my preferred orientation I AM starting to enjoy the change.
110413 Card and Basketball Court again
110414 Lunch out
110414 T2 special treatment
All these three sketches were rushed - wish I had had a little more time for them.
Enjoying using watercolour paper rather than just cartridge...but missing that tooth of my usual sketchbook.

BTW I am NOT liking the fact that I am doing twice the amount of scanning for each spread BUT am thankful that I discovered that photoshop photomerge does a BRILLIANT job of merging the two scans together!

Calling all Sydney Sketchers

Calling all Sydney Sketchers!
this Saturday is the last sketchabout in the Botanic Gardens AND it is also an international sketchcrawl day... Our plans are:

Official meet up time will be 11am at the Opera House (in the middle of the steps at the front). We can work our way, either individually or in small groups, from there around the water's edge up to have a quick lunch from say 12.15 at the café in the centre of the Botanic Gardens near the Lotus Pond. As sketchcrawl coincides with the last of the 6 weekends of the Autumn of the Arts Garden Sketchabout we will join the public sketchers at the Garden Shop at 1pm for another 2 hours with the group show n tell at 3pm.

More details about the Botanic Gardens Sketchabout -

I will be starting my day with morning refreshments at 10am at Tara Tearoom located at 33 George Street in The Rocks - just behind the Irish Design Shop where the weekend markets are held - and anyone interested in seeing the wonderful tea cosies that I am addicted to drawing is welcome to join me for tea and scones...they also do coffee as well! More information is available at

If you can’t make it all day, do try to make it for the afternoon skechabout in the gardens. This has been a really wonderful sketching event over the past month...and we want to finish off in style!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

110409 Starting a WC Moleskine again

Here is the first page...

110409 Starting a WC Moleskine again

it is VERY strange to be using a different book and to be using a moleskine - over 2 years since I last used one. So much has happened in that time - generally and with my sketching and composition.
The explosion of the cerulean blue is the result of my new resolution to water my palette before a big day sketching. Maybe not such a good idea for pan paint - the extra moisutre made it expand. It is working to keep the tube paint filled pans nice and moist!

the first few pages of my moleskine....

110411 Text pages

here are the first two of my text pages.
One thing that I certainly didn't like in former days of using moleskines were my pages of text. But I now have a better feel for composing these pages.
I also don't really like writing on such 'good' paper. I also knew that my guidelines would not be visible through the thicker paper.
What I didn't expect was the fact that the page size and paper type constrained me to write smaller and use the tighter line spacing.
I am rather enjoying using the bottom spread this week

110411 Art supplies(again!) and experimentation

hmmm horizontal composition feels like a challenge! After doing this page I thought that I will have to start thinking more about composing the page before I start sketching until I get used to it.
I also realised that my grand intentions of loosening up (further to Lauras post- see two weeks ago) doesn't quite fit with trying moleskine again. Goes to prove that so much is going on my brain that each week is a different story! So here is a 'loose' page attempt!

110412 Random Page

Ok - I find this page interesting because I started thinking about composition and ended up approaching it like a accordion fold ie. open ended compositions so I could flow on to the next sketch to continue the story of my life. (Just for the record I have never tried an accordion fold but I have studied other peoples approaches to it- esp at the USk symposium in Portland where I could see them taking shape in real life!)

The heading is an interesting point for me as the cartridge paper of my normal sketchbook is SOOO beautiful to sketch on fluidly that I do believe it helped wean me off sketchy lines. This paper although nice isn't as fun to sketch on and so I am interested to see if it will allow my looseness as much

BTW the semi cryptic comments can indeed become totally cryptic a few years down the track - Who or what was PM and why was I anxious, also who is G and why was the email from G so significant?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sketchabout more!

Another HUGE day - I didn't get home till 8.45pm today.... thankfully I had actually finished all my sketches today on location so all I had to do was add a few notes while having my post dinner cuppa and here they all are...

Here are non sketchabout sketches first:
110409 Bookcase Mess
110409 Tara Rear courtyard

Another WONDERFUL sketchabout...and the most perfect day weather wise as well! Was a little exhausted in the morning but somehow picked up once the event started!

110409 Sketchabout 5_01 Another tree trunk
110409 Sketchabout 5_02 Another building!
110409 Sketchabout 5_03 Herb Garden
110409 Sketchabout 5_04 Herb Garden
110409 Sketchabout 5_05 Banana Leaves

Friday, April 8, 2011

110408 Friday sketches

too busy to ramble away(do I mean ramble along?) with my usual nonsense about these... so read my scribbles for explanation.

Have a good weekend everyone!

110408 Contemplating a big but temporary change

110408 Sketchercise Firday night

110408 Friday night people