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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A new sketchbook started

After toying with some crazy and expensive options for my 2 week break over summer (Xmas-New year shutdown period here in Australia) I have decided to do something TOTALLY RADICAL...
I am going to stay at home!!!!

I feel that I haven’t done my best work here in Sydney - my best work, when I get in the groove, seems always to be when I am away on a big trip – so I am going to make staying home into a big trip!

I am a little afraid that I will just veg-out at home watching the cricket and not doing much so I have started a dedicated trip prep in order to plan lots of exciting adventures! So stay tuned...

(BTW the graphic on the title page is a map of Sydney Harbour)


  1. Looking forward to knowning about it, Liz ;-)

  2. Do you usually use ink and then watercolor or watercolor first and then draw with ink? Thank you

  3. yes ink then watercolour nearly 100% of the time

  4. Il tuo blog è bellissimo!!!Ciao da Audrie