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Saturday, October 8, 2011

111008 Please humour me a little

this is not just another cuppa sketch...notice the colour of the tea... enjoying Earl Grey green tea!?! (something I never liked before)


  1. Hope it tastes as beautiful as it looks. I didn't know one could get EG green tea. You are doing very well sticking to your resolution.

  2. Hi LIz,

    Love your work you have given me a new lease of life as regards sketching, which I love. As a died in the wool tea lover {currently M&S Gold)I never knew green tea had such depth of colour, I do have it now and again, and know the popular health benefits, but I always come back to black tea.
    Best wishes , Margaret

  3. thanks maggie,
    I went to wilcox and cowling in soho
    but also check out Katherine Tyrrells great site