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Thursday, September 22, 2011

110922 A computer Free Weekend coming up!!!

110922 A computer free weekend coming up!

I know that some (many) of you think that I have limitless amounts of energy to sketch non-stop, and then scan and post everything I sketch...and do all other crazy things... well I don't!

It has been a huge push to finish uploading all my sketches from my recent trip (which was unbelievably full-on), plus try to get a number of other associated chores completed... coupled with post Symposium hyper-active online and LOTS of ideas and projects swimming in my head at the moment some of which I have started on...well, I have finally hit the wall!!!

So the thought of having a bit of a black out has been on my mind a bit during the week ... and tonight I confirmed the resolution by sketching my desktop machine and scanner (which I will cover up tonight with a cloth so I can't even see it!!!!) Funny that I found yet another use for sketching in my life- to confirm resolutions.

I was asking myself why I am bothering to tell everyone about it... but in essence I am a just one big show-off... I have to tell people I am going to do something or else I will never do it! I was also a little concerned that some of you will start to worry if I miss a few days and don't post anything... (hmmm, that is a thought when is the last time I didn't post for 3 days in a row????)

Anyway... I am looking forward to the challenge... my brain desperately needs some free space (not that it ever really slows down!) and it will be nice to do something different... like knitting a tea cosy...or sitting in bed reading a book.

BTW 1 please take note that there is no mention of visiting a tearoom in my to-do list (just thought I should mention this)
BTW 2... just for the record, I have not been posting most of the daily sketches I have been doing in the last few weeks... it is quite liberating not to feel like I have to post them.

SO... have a good Friday and weekend everyone!!!!


  1. You have a wonderful restful weekend too. I just love looking at your Watercolor sketches. I have been so inspired by them that I have started sketching on a regular basis. Hope I can keep it up.

  2. Good for you, Liz. Sometimes stepping away from something that I do every day gives me new insights to do it in a fresh way.