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Friday, August 26, 2011

Borromini Bear - The most stylish bear around (thanks to Ea!!!)

Borromini Bear  and Ea's Red Hat 01(stylish)
I cannot get over how special it was to get a parcel from my dear Urban sketching friend Ea who has made Borromini these amazing hats. If I wasn't laughing so hard at how cute he looks I would be crying from being totally overwhelmed! Thank you Ea!!! It was so lovely to meet her and hang out together in Lisbon - sadly we didn't get to drink tea together - but she did record BB's head measurements in her sketchbook!
Borromini Bear  and Ea's Red Hat 02(stylish)
Red hat - stylish
Borromini Bear  and Ea's red hat 03(hot day)
Red hat- hot day
Borromini Bear  and Ea's scarf
Borromini Bear  and Ea's winter outfit 01
Borromini Bear and Ea's winter outfit 02
Winter outfit


  1. AWWWWWWWW....adorable gifts...

  2. Oh he looks fantastic - a scarf too! Amazing, Ea!

  3. Ha! The second to last photo of BB is saccharine sweet & to die for!

  4. Borromini is 'quite the bear'!