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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trip Prep 18 Compositional Fun

Trying out a few different layouts for my opening spread for each day. I want to include more collage this year... so I have an idea of adding a strip of patterned paper to mark the start of the day. (paper from a Portugal tile pattern book I got last week - want to play around with the colours and tones so I can draw over it)

My work is EXTREMELY scribbly at the moment as I am trying to do too much and yet still feel the obsession to record my daily adventures!

And if any is wondering... that is a map of Lisbon that I have superimposed my boring day over the top of. the Harris Tweed tag is from a tea cosy that I got on Lewis last year... why not?

I need a holiday to get over my trip prep!!!

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  1. I follow you on Flickr and forgotten how much I enjoy you blog!