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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trip Prep 16 & 17 Music and Exhaustion

ok... I am offically out of control trying to do way too much... or wanting to do everything. in the small gaps of time that I have between work during the day and evening sewing sessions I am trying to write emails, and sort some other things out that I like to do early.

I always listen to specific (new) music for each trip. This year I have some wonderful Portuguese guitar music. I also have associations from previous trips (eg. I have to listen to the Lark Ascending when I am in Edinburgh - I listened to it along with other English string music when I was reading Elizabeth Gaskells North and South a number of years ago... then in 2009 when in Edinburgh I recognised scenes and buildings from the movie so in the evenings I listened to the lark... now every visit I have to listen to it when in Edinburgh) I also listen to audio books in the plane- a Jane Austen that I can happily miss bit as I dose off is good- but which one...
Anyway, a sort of my iphone is essential and I normally leave it too late.

Trip Prep 17 - despair that I am not going to even touch the pile of 20 odd books on English architecture that I wanted to brush up on.

YES.... I know I am MAD!!!!


  1. You missed out probably the one thing you could safely miss out liz, the books on architecture. Most British buildings are such a massive mishmash of styles that it can be hard to separate them, and, if you look at any building long enough, someone will always wander up and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about it and more. Hope you have a great visit and look forward to seeing sketches and paintings from your trip.

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