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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip Prep 13 - The {almost} perfect bag!!

Ok... I know I am a hopeless case...not only because I am up late sketching after my mega 3 day adventure to Melbourne (very loose sketch this one!) but also because after making the decision as to which bag I was going to take...I happen to randomly stumble on another bag..and buy it. In the rating system of last week it does very well... But it is not perfect. Should I have bought it...or should I just wait.

After 3 days testing it...I thought it important to record my initial thoughts.

In general it works fairly well and I think that it will be a great work and sketching bag but I do need to test it on a all day sketching outing to properly access.
Biggest issues are the thin strap (amazing how much better a wide strap is), the fact that I have to open the main flap to access sketchbook and any pen and the fact that it is a satchel-type. I want a dressier handbag look (which can be smart casual or dressy enough for evening)

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  1. My goodness Liz! I thought it was only me who had trouble finding the perfect bag. I'm still searching...ann