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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip Prep 10 - In search of the perfect bag

Trip Prep 10 - In search of the perfect bag

ok... I am having fun and being a little over analytical ...but it was a very interesting exercise....

The big challenge for me is to find a bag that is LIGHTweight, practical(good pockets), neutral colour to go with everything, robust AND 'smart' - adjust the cross-body strap to over the shoulder and look nice in the evening or going to church etc. And ultimately when not travelling, I would use this bag during the week for work as well as weekend...ALL the time! And until I find the perfect bag I will continue to have fun sketching and analysing the imperfect ones that I have purchased.


  1. Oh I have been searching too for this perfect bag. Somebody should design such a thing, they'd make a fortune from sketchers! Love all your clothes and bags drawings!

  2. oh
    its so important
    im looking for the perfect bag too
    these are my preferences for my next bag