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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trip Prep 04_Lisbon Red Roof Red

Trip Prep 04_Lisbon Red Roof Red
If you haven't already realized I hope to attend the 2nd International Urban Sketchers symposium in Lisbon in July. As such I am testing out the colours in my palette over the next few weeks to see if there are any adjustments. Thanks to Robyn, I have an unexpected colour begging to be included (Cobalt Deep Blue) but I think that I can accommodate it.See previous tests here

The other important factor is to do a bit of research as to the colours expected at my destinations and preempt how I might mix them - I know many of you do this too. So the Red roofs of Lisbon are a major consideration. Although the light and colour on location will be different from a photo that I have printed out, it is good to know that there are a range of colours that I can mix from what I plan to have in my palette. I rarely use Daniel Smith Quin Burnt Scarlet...but I think it wise to retain it for this trip.

For those of you who are not following the Symposium blog... this is what I recently wrote concerning my general trip preparation....

Right at the moment I am in the middle of some serious research as I know nothing about Portugal and Lisbon and it is important for me to have a foundation before I go. This includes:

- reading a history of the city,
- listening to some Portuguese music to get in the mood... enjoying some Portuguese guitar at the moment
- sampling the best Portuguese tarts that Sydney can make so that I can compare with the real thing
- possibly looking at a phrase book - I have absolutely no language skills so the fact that I have a book at all is an achievement!
- trying to find an architectural history of Portugal (doesn’t seem to be a book in existence written in English)
- searching the net for the all important reviews of good tearooms - apparently the English custom of afternoon tea is supposedly linked back to Catherine of Braganza from Lisbon who became Queen of England!!


  1. Love your idea of testing out the colours. Great sketch. I feel very envious of your trip to Lisbon, we went there years ago, fantastic City. regards to you, ann.

  2. These reds are going to be such an inspiration for you Liz.I know your sketches are going to be inspirational too.

  3. I'm trying to resist Quin. Burnt Scarlet. Still changing my palette for Provence.

    Love your roof colour tests.

  4. Hi Liz, I had a holiday in Lisbon two years ago,staying in the Barrio Alto (AKA party town), and I loved the street art, so crazy and vivid, esp in this area, and I downloaded a portugese language podcast - very helpful for basic phrases. With all this preparation I am sure you will come back with great things.
    cheers Carol

  5. Great to see your color tests--sky & roof colors! Thanks! I look forward to seeing your amazing artistic skill applied to Portugal. See you in Lisbon!