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Saturday, May 28, 2011

110528 A new colour- Cobalt Blue Deep W&N

A new colour 'thanks' to Robyn!!!

110527 More Cobalt Blue Deep
Handprint site says about this
"PB 74 Winsor & Newton cobalt blue deep is the most saturated of the paints listed here; it keeps its deep warm hue even when applied full strength; it also has a lovely gentle flocculation that appears in all mixed greens, blues and violets made with it. I sometimes prefer PB73/74 to ultramarine: it is just as lightfast but is less transparent, shows very little color shift as it dries, and creates a wonderful downy granulation in mixtures. It mixes perfectly with other cobalt pigments, providing a complete range of blue and green shades with the same textural and handling attributes. The only drawback: like ultramarine, cobalt blue deep will fade if exposed to mild acids (fresh lemon juice or vinegar may be strong enough)."
W&N Cobalt Blue Deep
Early days of testing...but I AM liking what I am seeing with this new colour. A few mixes on the left and then trying to use it in normal Liz sketching style.

I have successfully weaned myself off my addiction to W&N Burnt Sienna. I have found a number of more saturated paints in Daniel Smith (some too strong!) and am currently enjoying MaimeriBlu's Transparent Mars Brown (PR101 - the same pigment as W&N. Most other 'burnt siennas' are PBr7 are opaque) I also perhaps should try MMB Transparent Mars Red (also PR101) as well. Don't worry I plan to do a page of my Burnt Sienna explorations soon as I am not sure which paint i am going to take with me on my trip


  1. I still adore it, Liz. Using it daily. I also have the MB Transparent Mars Red which I really like but can't justify in my small palettes. If it's not in the palette unfortunately is doesn't get used. Brown Sil de Grain and Dragon's Blood have suffered a similar fate.

  2. luscious!

    you can make a burnt sienna equivalent - but transparent - with rose madder genuine and aureolin yellow.

    Both horribly expensive but such useful colours in mixes.

  3. I love the colours of earth and have many different versions. Have you seen Transparent Red Oxide, Daniel Smith, also PR101?

    I wouldn't suggest buying it if you have other good choices, but I do like this one very much.