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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

110511 Catching up on EDiM 09-12

done over the last three busy days....

EDiM 09 A clock

MONDAY: EDiM 09 A Clock
extremely tired tonight- so very quick sketch. Planning ahead for tomorrow night (if I make it home from work at a reasonable hour)
BTW - I am extremely excited that this sketch (which I was unhappy with somewhere in the middle of it...) made it onto the flickr EXPLORE on Monday - wow!

EDiM11 A bowl (of gelato)
TUESDAY: EDiM 11 a bowl
At work till late but sneaked out at 4.45 to have a break - some gelato and a rushed sketch which was yummy but I made a total a mess with my watercolour.(I dont think that sentence makes sense- oh well!)
I had intended to do my EDiM 10 on the right hand page but as I didn't get home till after 10.30pm, this page ended up quite differently from what I intended.
Just for the record - the gelato at Sparrow, Crows Nest is amazing and esp. the tiramisu!! I am hanging out to try their pistachio which only appears on special occasions!
EDiM10-12 Two more bowls, a flame, something fresh
lunchtime... EDiM 11 (again) a bowl EDiM 12 something fresh
I thought I could do two in one!
this evening... I still wanted to sketch the bowl I originally thought of I did... and then finally caught up on EDiM 10 something with a flame - both of these wee 21st presents.... WAY BAACK then!
Splashing the paint around big time - so tired again!!!

And how exciting I am ahead... and even more so because I drew a fence on Saturday- so 2 days off for me! I think that I sketch a scene - I am getting sick of sketching objects but nearly half way through the month.

Not sure why so many .....'s tonight!?

This is part of a daily drawing challenge for the month of May. The idea is to draw something everyday. Last year,a group of us decided to draw a specific thing each day – it was so much fun that we decided to do it again...,
We are going to be working through the everyday matters list No. 101-131. More information here (thanks to Wendy Shortland)

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