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Thursday, April 21, 2011

110421 New friends at T2

110421 New friends at T2

Another special visit to T2 - the waiter who kindly got some Grand Yunnan just for me last week suggested a new tea and gave me some new cups. Then I met a new waiter (who mistakenly thought I would want my table cleared!?!) and then because of this conversation two girls came up when they left to ask to look - little did they know that I had been sketching them!!! So exciting to get to know some serious regulars... we have not quite reached Le Select status yet...but working on it!

For my new 'friends' - the full set of T2 Teahouse sketches are here
And if you go to the Blurb book tab you can see the T2 book I made to give as gifts to my friends and family.

By the way - today was a case where I didn't plan the composition at all - I like these random pages. Also you will notice the reference to Portuguese Tarts - sadly T2 don't have them. I want to do a survey of the best that Sydney can offer ... now I wonder why? (is this an example of a Quirky Trip Prep? or is it just that I need a break from scones....)

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  1. Lovely drawings. I love your blog, and am following it, as well as adding it to my blogroll.