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Monday, March 21, 2011

Calling all travel sketchers

Calling all travel sketchers
Ok... I have quite a collection of travel sketchbooks (17 to date in 4 years) as you can see above. But in talking to some sketchers on Saturday I realised that I do not have a collection of other peoples travel sketchbooks to inspire me and others.

So, please let me know if you have a flickr set - link to your own travel sketchbooks/journals ....or any other inspirational work, as I would love to have a look.

Also, I am particularly interested in sketchbooks/journals that incorporate collage (tickets, brochures, maps etc) with their sketches.


  1. No one is brave enough to leave their sketches for an expert to look at! Well, I am no expert, but have a few. This link is for my travel sketches and there are bits and bobs attached to pages.

    And here is a page of Misc. Sketches

    I wish I could trade my sets for yours! You are an inspiration all the time.

  2. Thanks Melissa!!!! – I LOVE seeing other peoples journals – we can all learn from each other. This list is for everyone to share.

  3. Sorry! I don't think those links are working right, so here is one to my Flickr page. From there you can see my Travel Sketch set and Misc. Sketch set.


  4. These are absolutely gorgeous

    my sketchbooks are here

    - scruffy and mixed media, all sorts of stuff in them.

  5. H Liz, [quite scary to bring this to your attention] but have posted a few of my travel sketches up on my Show Met The Treaure Blog - for my trip to Japan last year - where I only post things that I wrote poems for (not always sketches) and a trip recently to New York and New Jersey - still sorting out things I've written to transcribe & edit from this last trip. The are indexed, so they can be sorted to these Topic headings.

  6. Liz, I have been a follower of your blog and art for some time now and gain much inspiration from it. I also am subbed to your flickr photostream. Here is mine:
    My travel/location sketches are intermingled with in my art journals.
    And fyi for those who may not has a way to see who lists you as a contact there and to reciprocate. When you click on CONTACTS and it opens there is the option to see "Who Lists You As A Contact?" Makes is super easy to click on folks who are following you.

  7. Here´s mines

  8. Thanks so much for the links melissa, carole, trish , vivien and enrique(glad you included your links as I had you in mind when I did this post!) I hope my friend will get a chance to look at them and I certainly will as soon as I get a chance!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  9. Hi Liz,
    I have quite a few travel sketches books, most of them in watercolors, but wiyh sticked tickets, flowers, butterflies, mail stamps, sand...
    You can have a look at:
    Those of Greece, China & Australia re published in Spain.


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