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Saturday, March 26, 2011

110326 Tara Again!

I know this is rather repetitive... but I can't tell you howspecial it is to have Tara Tearoom to go to every week of the Sketchabout... I think this is my 5th week in a row! This time with Alissa in the afternoon.
110326 Tara again!!!
I must admit that I find multi colour wool knitted into tea cosies VERY challenging to draw with watercolour. It did not help that I was talking non stop! Poor Alissa!
Well, only one solution to my problem... I think that I have to practice sketching more tea cosies- don't you agree?

BTW1 Don't you love the random sizes of my objects...does it say something about the importance of scones in my life at the moment?

BTW2 I am MISSING T2 - feel like it is ages since I have been there (but it has only been a few weeks!)

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  1. Those scones with cream & jam look good enough to eat. Fabulous sketches!