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Monday, February 14, 2011

110212 The rest of my sketches from Saturday

Here they all are....
110212_01 Sydney Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge sketch was a fill in... from the map you can see that I had a busy day!
110212_02 Queen Victoria Building
Re-posting the QVB sketch so you can see my output in total (actually I did another 2 sketches on postcards for the Sketchercise postcard exchange- didn't like the first one that I did!)
110212_03 Tara Tearoom
Wonderful tearoom!!! Since seeing Alissa's wonderful sketch from this place when I was overseas I have been wanting an opportunity to visit. A visit from an online friend who was SO kind to me when in Portland was a good reason!
Have to go back many times so that I can try every scone/ jam combo!!!!
110214 With Cynthia Mooney
BB was so excited to see Cynthia (from Portland) again!
(From L to R) Cynthia, Annie, Wendy
110214 Sketching comes first!
Sketching comes first!
Four dedicated sketchers sketch before touching the food or the tea. I was the one that started eating first!!

110212_04 Tara Tearoom and SOH etc
Random Page - more from the tearoom and shop next door, that famous building that I have been obsessed with lately and a random meeting of an old uni friend.
110212_05 RBGSYD Bottle Tree
A quick visit to the gardens and an even quicker 10 min sketch....
110212_06 Evening 'coffee'
Final Sketch of the day... oh! I am eating too many bad things these days!!!


  1. Lovely - you inspire me to sketch more!

  2. wow these are amazing :D very inspirational :)

  3. I'm always cramming my sketchbook pages with as much as I possibly can! Doesn't detract from the drawings at all - in fact adds to them!