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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I hope my sister sees this

....a pencil sketch of one of her very special bears (she had a few growing up - not like me who didn't get my own bear till 3.5 years ago!)
I hope my sister sees this!
This is Cola Partesian Bear - CPB for short. His name is a kind of a spoonerism on Polar Cartesian (my sister named him Cola and our mathematical brother had a hand in the second name). A cheap polar bear soft toy from the Royal Easter Show who lost most of his stuffing many years ago.

I did this sketch over 20 years ago and I am very impressed that I managed a perfect likness!

BTW, my big tidy up continues....amazing the things you find!


  1. Your sister loves the picture- such a likeness. He was a pathetic puny bear but so loved!