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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can a Cuppa save 160 lives (or even 400)?????

110126 A Cuppa saving 160 lives!
Don Ritchie - Australian Local Hero 2011
Such an inspiring story that I had to do a page in my journal!

"Mr Ritchie, who lives opposite the infamous Sydney suicide spot The Gap, has talked more than 160 people out of taking their lives there.

His strategy: simply to offer a cup of tea and chat back at his place.

Mr Ritchie says it does not take much to make a difference for those in need and anyone can help."

Of course it is not the cup of tea that it is important... it is a man(and his wife) who cares and in his own quiet way is making a difference!


  1. O, what a story, Liz. Some people feel so alone and that their lives are hopeless. What an uplifting couple.


  2. An interesting page and lovely testament, Liz.