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Friday, December 31, 2010

I actually had a swim at the beach today!!

This is port Macquarie town beach. I find it hard to fit in visits to the beach and even harder to make the effort to go for a swim in the ocean. But was so perfect jumping up and down in the waves today. I need to do more sketches like this (and get my people the right scale!)

Happy new year to everyone. n

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A shed

Having a great time with friends but struggling to find time or motivation to sketch anything other than food. And the food sketches that I have done are pretty average as more interested in being social than sketching... But i still feel the need to record every event. If I was more confident drawing people I would have some more meaningful sketches.

This morning I just got out after breakfast for a quick one.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guess who is going away again

This is a quick sketch as we had lunch on the road north. Hope everyone had a nice Xmas.

Monday, December 27, 2010

101225 Sketchy Xmas Day

Not having family in town or not having family commitments till evening was the perfect opportunity for Wendy and I to have a little sketching adventure.
101225 SketchyXmas01_Waiting for Ferry
It was the MOST GLORIOUS weather and we appreciated it all the more as the forecast hadn't been looking great for the past week or so!
101225 Xmas Sketching
101225 SketchyXmas02_Drawing Office
This is the "drawing Office' and one of my favourite buildings in Sydney I think!!! It was really nice that of the handful of people on the island on Saturday, one of them was a man that worked in it. Would have loved to hear some more of his stories from the days when this island was a happening place!
101225 SketchyXmas03_Morning Tea
101225 SketchyXmas04_CraneView
101225 SketchyXmas05_Crane
101225 SketchyXmas06_Sheds
Later that day....
101225 SketchyXmas07_Dinner!
I did try to sketch my Xmas dinner...but it is was a bit hard.....

Quick outline and then paint from memory later when there was a pause in the conversation.

BTW. I have discovered that I struggle to sketch Xmas dinner every year
Xmas 2008
081225 XmasDinner
Xmas 2009
091225 Sewing Xmas Day

101224 Sketchy Xmas Eve

A fun day of sketching on Xmas Eve...the only drama was that I forgot to take my paint tin with me!
101224 I forgot my paints today!
As it was a big sketching day... I bought 6 tubes of standard paints and a small pencil set to use as a temporary palette. Thanks to Kate Johnson's brillant idea I edned up using the pencil tray for mixing - it worked very well today!

101224 Sketchy Xmas Eve03 Lion
A few hours with Wendy in the Botanic Gardens
101224 Sketchy Xmas Eve04 Garden

101224 Sketchy Xmas Eve06 Emperor Warriors
Then I went to the Art Gallery to see a wonderful exhibition without any crowds!
101224 Sketchy Xmas Eve08 Botanic Gardens Gates
Then back to the entrance of the gardens for another sketch..
101224 Sketchy Xmas Eve09 Colonial Mutual
And back to Martin Place for some more architecture sketching - I was quite in the groove until I was interrupted by a freindly passer-by. Somehow that made me lose concentration and I too overdid the colour.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas from BB on a stunning Sydney morning

Going to sketch this morning to Cockatoo Island with Wendy. Harbour is so bizarrely deserted. Not a boat visible. Hopefully the ferry will come!
Have a great day.
Btw Borromini is not convinced about the red ribbon

Thursday, December 23, 2010

101223 Holidays!!(again!)

101223 Holidays (again!)
I feel almost embarrassed that I am on holidays again (I only feel like I just got back from the big one!) I have never felt less like it was Xmas and summer holidays...but I started my holidays in the usual way by a visit to the place that makes me chill the most(the fact that I get a sensational cup of tea there has got NOTHING to do with it!?!)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!-Have a Cool Summer

Happy Holidays!-Have a Cool Summer

Before I started playing with watercolours I used to have fun in photoshop. This is a card I made for Christmas 2007....I am been so busy scanning that I haven't had the time to do anything this year!! Slack slack... I know!

I am not really into Christmas (see note below)so I often give holiday cards rather than Christmas Cards. For a few years I used the "Have a Cool Summer" theme ...naturally I ended up sending them to my northern hemisphere friends as well for a bit of a laugh.

This is probably not a very helpful sentiment for a lot of people at the moment with the weather the way it is. So more appropriately - I wish everyone a safe Christmas/ holiday period...hope you get to the places you want to be safely...and if that is not possible, I hope that you have a good time despite the disappointments!

Thanks for all the comments during the year...and especially those during my big trip - I can't express how

For all those in Australia - I hope you have a warm and sunny summer!

Re; Christmas. For those interested.... I really dislike the commercialism of it but I also do not observe it "religiously." Although a Christian, I do not find a command in the bible to observe the day that Christ was born- instead I celebrate Christ's resurrection on the first day of every week as a rest day - what I refer to as the Lords Day (the Christian Sabbath)...personally I prefer 1 day in 7 rather than only once a year!! Having said that my family still has a low key get together... but I might just end up doing something else on the day as well- stay tuned... (last year I sewed a dress!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

101218 A morning Sketching

Had a sketching morning today...

101218_01 Waiting_St James
101218_02 Morning Catchup
101218_03 Hyde Park Barracks
Started with breakfast with Alissa, Wendy and Annie this, sketching and non stop chatting!

101218_04a Martin Place Christmas Tree
Sketching in Martin Place with the Sydney Sketch Club, Felt exhausted and in a very 'ratty' mood although very keen to sketch such wonderful Victorian architecture...will have to go back soon!
101218_04 Martin Place GPO
101218_05 Martin Place

101218_06 TeaCentre Lunch
I was feeling too exhausted to have lunch with the sketching group so headed home... but on the way I happened to pass the Sydney Tea Centre (honestly, it was an coincidence that I walked past it!)

And here are a few photos
Breakfast & 4 sketchbooks
Breakfast & 4 sketchbooks...
& a bear.He was in my sketch too if anyone noticed him!
Liz sketching a Christmas Tree
Liz sketching a Christmas Tree - really got to do something about my sketching posture - I trimmed this photo as I couldn't bear to see how much I was bending over my sketchbook.

Sydney Sketch Club
It is great that there is a real group forming via Meetup - always new people to meet and such a wonderful variety of styles.

Friday, December 17, 2010

101217 One that I missed?

101217 One that I missed?
no... I just did this one tonight!!!

Yes, I know, I am finally free of my trip sketches and I go and do another one. Oh Liz!!!

Actually I have been a little lost the last few nights - the first time in 6 months I don't have to do anything related to my trip and this has helped.... I am not sure what my normal life was...or what it should become.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Earl Greys of Crows Nest 06-Sparrow

Earl Greys of Crows Nest 06-Sparrow
Well, I have been surprised generally at the quality of earl grey tea that I have sampled to date in Crows Nest but today I was amazed! A new place has opened which has a lot of very fancy cakes... when I ordered my toastie for my lunch and an earl grey tea I was staggered by the waiter going to the back shelf in order to bring me two varieties of earl grey to choose from. I will have to go back to try the Earl Grey Blue Flower - but the standard earl grey was sensational! This place takes their tea seriously!

This is part of my review of the earl grey tea that is on offer in cafes in Crows Nest Sydney. The rest of the series is here

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Volume 8- Rome(part 2) Tuscany...Home!

Can you believe it... this is the final volume!

Volume 8- Rome(part 2) Tuscany...Home!

It certainly was harder to scan and post than it was to sketch non stop. In fact it is not so much the scanning but the finishing off pages, the editing in photoshop, file naming and issuu file generation that all added up to a BIG task!!

I can get back to sketching now......

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Volume 7- Bologna and Rome(part 1)

Volume 7 - Bologna and Rome(part1)
Huge push this week to get all my scanning finished... so here is the next volume.
Bologna - we only had 1.5 days there... and I CANNOT believe how much sketching I did... and it was really very relaxing. We didn't know anything about what to see or do so we just wandered the streets and sat down in piazzas and just sketched this direction- then the next. Beautiful beautiful town.

Rome - what can I say... my favourite city - I just got so excited when we arrived. But it is a bit challenging to sketch in - so noisy and busy and often I really missed not having a sketching stool.
The last day in this book I was on my own and managed to get a LOT done - the additional text when I am on my own is mainly quotes from my companion guide- Not built in a Day by George H Sullivan.

Ok - time to get back to the last 'few' (50 odd) scans!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Volume 6 - Venice!!!!

Volume 6 Combo
Well, I am flying now - the end is in sight... only 2 more sketchbooks to scan before Xmas!

While I can't really say that the first 5 volumes were 'warm-ups'... the next 2.5 sketchbooks are when the SERIOUS sketching happened - ie. dedicated sketching holiday instead of sketching while holidaying.

As per last years wonderful week in Paris, I had my special friend Eza with me for a totally unbelievable fortnight of sketching in Italy. Eza either makes me slow down or do more ambitious sketches - so you will see a lot more difficult sketches. One of the things I learnt from Frank Ching at the Urban Sketchers symposium was to draw the space between you and the buidling. Previously I have drawn a lot of front on views (elevations) that I have added people to the foreground to give it a sense of space...but I avoided perspectives (too hard for lazy Liz...)but this trip was all about pushing myself....

Also Eza doesn't drink tea or coffee (the occasional herbal tea) so no 'easy' pages of tea and cakes - in fact not a single cup of tea was drawn in this whole book!! When in Italy I drink coffee!

Our first week together was totally in Venice... what more can I say...sigh...pretty special place to have a week sketching!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Earl Greys of Crows Nest 05- Wrapido

Earl Greys of Crows Nest 05-Wrapido
Been so busy with my big trip scanning that I didn't scan this on Wednesday.
Another great lunch and very pleasant earl grey!
I can't wait till next Wednesday when I can try another place....

This is part of my review of the earl grey tea that is on offer in cafes in Crows Nest Sydney. The rest of the series is here

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Volume 5!

Volume 5 of my big trip!!!
Just when I was despairing about how long this scanning was taking I manage to get the next volume up quicker than expected (and this one required the most work before I started scanning!)

This is my most ambitious and draining part of the trip - quite a lot of driving, over stimulation in going to numerous magnificent great houses one after the other- visiting friends (and family) and staying with some as well. Not to mention trying to find chill time in award winning tearooms!!!!! And to add to all that I had a motorway closure and serious car problems! There were NUMEROUS pages in this book that were not completed at the time - either needing text or colour or maps etc...but it is all done now! Yay!

Enjoy!!! And if you are getting sick to death of cups of tea... don't worry there isn't a single cup of tea sketch in the next volume!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

101204 Woolich Dock

Went to Woolich Dock this afternoon for a few sketches.
101204 Woolich1
101204 Woolich2
It is a few years since I last went there are there is now a new very nice cafe where we could have a nice afternoon. There are a lot of interesting historical places along the harbour foreshore - I love the fact that sketching is making me get out and explore them!
101204 Woolich4_Cockatoo Island
Woolich Dock/Clarke Point also has a great view of Cockatoo ISland- the place where I had hoped to go today but a questionable weather forecast and a morning headache prevented me getting there today. So nice that I was still able to sketch it this afternoon!
Liz @ Woolich 01Liz @ Woolich 02
Liz @ Woolich 03
Liz @ Woolich 04
A few photos of me as well!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Volume 4!

Here is the next installation.... lots of Scottish castles, hills and the occasional(!?!) tearoom or cup of tea and scone!
Volume 4 combo

This is book represents 2 weeks worth of sketching (as opposed to my usual 1-1.5 weeks)... so really 'slow going' for me! Click on image to go to flickr and hit all sizes to see bigger.

Please check the Issuu link below for a closer view!

More Scottish sketches

A few more pages from Volume 4 which I am currently scanning... have I said before that I did a lot of sketching... and now have a lot of scanning.
0830 MO_01 Eileen Donan Cream Tea
The best presented cream tea of the trip and with the best view too.
0830 MO_02 Eileen Donan Castle
Eileen Donan castle - such a classic tourist stop...but I do it every time! (notice I do not classify myself as a tourist!!! Surely I am half local after my 8th trip to Scotland!)
0830 MO_06 Portree Friends
While I was sketching in Portree the bear made some friends - first one girl came to talk to me and then the whole gang. They were setting up for a highland ball in a nearby hall (not related to the church that I sketched on the right side)
BBs friends in Portree
I don't know if any of them will ever see this...but it was SO nice to meet you all!