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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My art souvenirs

Art Souvenirs
Here is the final version of my art souvenirs from my trip - where I got them and why... a 'good' reason each time!? In fact if i was in an art store with one of my online friends I tried to buy something that they used / was particular to the location. Now I have to use them all! Click on all sizes if you want to read all the crazy details - some of the more utilitarian purchases I am a bit hazy about where I got them and am still waiting for a parcel of documents to arrive from the UK which might have some of my receipts in it.
Anyway- it was a fun but time consuming page to do!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Venice Sketches

I have done an enormous dump to flickr tonight but I will space the posts here out a little...
So time for a short break from Rome for some venice Sketches. Was a whole week in Venice with Eza - the best imaginable sketching companion!
0916TH_05 San Marco!
Our first sketch in Venice!! Wow! Pity I had a migraine coming on when I did this and couldn't do it justice.
0917FR_02 S Giacomo Dell' Orio
S Giacomo Dell' Orio - amazingly the only time when it was really wet when I was sketching the whole trip was two in Venice. But still we sketched...
0918SA_01 San Marco Ext Queue
San Marco - sketched while standing in the queue waiting for it to open.
0918SA_02 San Marco Int1
The interior of San Marco - I have to admit that I made it a little brigther than it was on the day- it was very grey and dark outside.
0920M_10 Grand Palace
Palace on the Grand Canal - of course it is hard to find spots to sketch from - I think you need your own boat to sketch many of the masterpieces along the canal.
0918SA_10 Concert3
Special moment was a free concert - not the standard tourist type. I will write more about this later.
0921TU_06 SG Maggiore Ext
SG Maggiore - a Palladian masterpiece.
0922WE_05 Canal View
On our last evening we walked for over half an hour trying to find a good spot to sit and sketch a typical local bridge - it is really hard to find them. Taking nice photos is easy in comparison.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just a FEW(?) more Rome sketches and stuff

I hope you realise that I am scanning only SOME of my Rome sketches at this stage... still lots of pages still to go. Trying to find some non-Baroque facade sketches....
0929W_03 Trevi
Do I need to say anything about this (of course it is the Trevi Fountain)- except for the fact that there was hardly any tourists that blocked my view the whole time I sketched. Early morning is the key - plus have a plastic bag to sit on as they give the bench seat a real drench and they were very wet.

1001FR_10 BestDinnerinRome
A great place to have dinner - I went back twice (free wifi was a bonus) great food and staff - who made friends with the bear!
1001FR_11 BestWaiterinRome
Ok- big moment... I drew a portrait on demand- and the guy was pulling faces and making silly comments the whole time (I don't think he was serious about the 'marry me' part). He was hassling me all night to sketch him so I thought that If I didn't give it a go when I was so in the groove generally when would I ever do it.

Didn't achieve a likeness but it was a breakthrough that I even attempted this... was under a LOT of pressure - two or three other people looking over my shoulder as well!

Borromini's Trastevere friends
Here are the bears friends from the place.
1002SA_01 Breakfast
While on food - Sketch of where we had breakfast every morning. You know, a sketch with selective details can describe a place better than photos - photos have a tendency to show too much detail - while a sketch is a memory of the nice parts.

My travelling sketching buddy
My great friend and traveling companion for 2 of my 3 weeks in Italy, Eza (her real name is Esther- Eza is a joke Australian nickname that I gave her) has just added some of her amazing sketches to her flickr photostream eza2008
Please check it out!!! She was working large in the A4 size moleskines.

This photo at St Peters, Rome was taken when a group of French students were looking over her shoulder without saying anything to her but talking about her in French. I surprised the life out of them by swinging around to face them suddenly with my camera and saying “Smile”. I am very happy at how well this photo turned out since I was looking into the sun and it was taken in an instant.

Normal Life Sketching

Catching up on sketches lately...(in between my scanning)

101022 Lunchtime sketch
Trying to get back to getting outside at lunchtime sketching and sitting in the streets - but in the meantime it is nice to come back to the rest park near my office
101022 Big Trip Art Supplies Souvenirs - WIP
Big Trip Art Supplies Souvenirs - WIP
I think this sketch has taken more time than any other I have EVER done and still a long way to go – I have been working on this for 1.5 hours – still remembering/finding more stuff I bought!I will post the final version later.... But you can see that I collected (either bought items or gifts or Urban Sketchers freebies) lots of art supplies – and this is not including the sketchbooks!It is pretty scary to put it all together much stuff...but I was away for 11 weeks!?!

I will have to get around to finishing this off (it is almost there) and posting.
101023 St Marys
Saturday - Went out today sketching with the Sydney Sketch Club - while I have been away a real core group has formed. I did this sketch before I meet up with anyone....
101023 HydePark Barracks Tools
Sketching (and a lot of talking as well) at The Hyde Park Barracks - so want to go back and actually read all the plaques and sketch more....a wonderful summary of Convict Sydney

101025 Time for a change
When I first got home I wanted to continue my trip so I started another identical volume to blur the edges of the trip. But I want to keep the second half of the book (yes, I filled half the book in 2 weeks- just haven't been posting my pages here) for additional trip pages AND I just feel like a change!!!
So I have finally started the very special sketchbook I bought in Rome in 2007. I figure now is as good a time as any to use it.
Also, today I started my reduced Urban Sketchers accordian fold moleskine- I used a few pages at the symposium but just found it too hard to use at the time. I cut them out and stuck in my Volume 1 - now I am going to fill this with sketches from lunchtime. It is a struggle but I am determined to stick at it!

101025 Tea and Baroque
here is my first spread in my rome sketchbook. Bought from here
Such predictable subjects - I know, I know...

BTW 1 Not only is the sketchbook new- but paints are too- using my MaimeriBlu set from Venice and a different brush.
BTW2 You know I never got around to sketching the full tea set Royal Albert 100 years- 10 cups each from a different decade - I got the first half of the set(19502-902) Jan 2009 and drew them all as art of thing-a-day challenge but when I completed the set this Jan never sketched them properly.Looks like I am making a commitment to do them now!
BTW3 Ruskin is SOOOO great to quote! Especially about non gothic buildings
BTW4 I would have loved to have sketched this when in Venice but I think Eza was relieved that we ran out of time! It really is a crazy building - just for the record much I prefer Rome baroque!

More New York Sketches

I have gotten into the habit of not posting here at the time I upload to flickr and so have neglected - so here are some more sketches from my week in New York - I loved that city.. but there is way too much to see and sketch in only 6 days!

0806F_03 Bryant Park views
The Empire State building from Bryant Park - my first good view of it
0807S_06 Central Park Terrace 2
Central Park - The Terrace. From my wonderful afternoon with Veronica Lawlor and Margaret Hurst (Urban sketchers correspondents)
0809M_07 Tea and Sympathy Tearoom 2
Have to include my sketch from Tea and Sympathy - this was a VERY GOOD tearoom! And this is also the start of a craze with rose petal tea.
0809M_08 Flatiron Building
The wonderful Flatiron Building - done directly after my tea overdose!
0810TH_01 Met
Waiting for the Met to open!
0810TH_03 American Woman at Met2
Something different - from a great exhibition in the Met - American Woman. (Colour added from memory later)

0810TH_06 Brooklyn View
View from Brooklyn
0811W_02 Guggenheim01
Early morning sketch of the famous Guggenheim museum - of course I went in there mainly to visit the building!
0811W_04 Park Avenue
My last sketches in New York before I headed to the airport to fly to Scotland

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Rome sketches - and there are still HEAPS more to post

Getting a bit carried away with my 'favourites' from Rome - most of these are from the one day - I did 11 spreads- crazy. Did I mention that I love Rome?

0930TH_06 SM della Pace
S. Maria della Pace- this was an expensive coffee - the price for a comfortable position in Rome - trust me I didn't find many!
0930TH_08 S Ivo Dome
A Borromini building - ie. the famous architect not the famous bear. It was great in Rome - all the locals I met knew who the bear was named after!
0930TH_09 Roman Tea
This is a none architectural sketch - and funny that it is tea related!?! Just for the record this was a sensational tea shop. I didn't really like the earl grey with the orange and lime black tea and the rose petal black tea are amazing!!! Bought a tea cosy there as well- I never expected to buy a tea cosy in Rome!!!
1001FR_08 ColosseumExt
Colosseum - do I have to tell you that? ... there is something about that place. I couldn't stop sketching when I was there and now I can't stop scanning my rome sketches!!!
1001FR_09 ArchConstantine
Arch of Constantine - sitting on the ground. Thankfully there was a large bollard I could lean against and kinda hide. I don't care about people seeing me but a few times a number of tourists got annoyed that I was in the way of their photo!
1001FR_03 A Bernini Fountain
trying to find something which isn't a baroque building... how about a baroque fountain - at the base of the Spanish steps

A Rome Sketch - S Celso e Giuliano

0930TH_04 S Celso e Giuliano
I am supposed by be scanning my first Volume but I am impatient to post some of my Rome sketches.
I can't express how much I LOVED sketching in Rome - despite the difficulties (such as this one)Pre Symposium I would never have attempted this, standing up in a narrow street in a doorway, watching my possessions(ie. all across my shoulders- a real 'bag lady') hurting my neck somewhat... but oh! having so much fun!!!

BTW this is a very nice Baroque facade that I had never heard of before!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Even more favourites- Venice and Bologna

This is just a bit of a dump - don't have time to post properly as I have to start my systematic scanning from the beginning!
0920M_02 Rialto
0917F_04 SM del Miracoli
0921T_02 Salute
0922W_01 SlowStart
We totally LOVED Bologna and did a LOT of sketches in our brief 1.5 days there... here are three sketches...
0923T_03 PalazzodelPodesta
0924F_04 Colonnade
0923T_08 Medieval Bologna

A few more favourites- from the UK

0813F_06 Eteaket2
Eteaket Tearoom Edinburgh - A bit out of order - this one should have been included with the other Edinburgh sketch yesterday - my favourite tearoom from last years visit. The china is very special but found the selection of tea not so great this time.

0818T_03 Harris Hills
Harris Hills - Stopped to fill up with petrol (gas) and then realised the wonderful view so pulled over and did this 5 minute quickie
0821S_02 Dun Carloway Broch
Dun Carloway Broch- Lewis. A very impressive old building!
0908W_03 Hardwick Front
Hardwick Hall - more glass than wall. I think this is my greatest achievement of the trip (and longest sketch) as doing all those window panes (neatly) is so not what I normally like doing. I did get a bit bored by the end but enjoyed it far more than I expected.
0909T_02 Blenheim Front
Blenheim Palace. My favourite building in the UK? Spent 'all day' here and certainly didn't run out of things to draw!
0909T_06 Blenheim Front Detail1
Blenheim Detail - loved doing this 'exploratory' drawing.