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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Our symposium goodies

Ok. I couldn't resist a picture. What extra weight for my bags!!!

Symposium day 1

What a blast!!! Meeting so many people talking all the time and
sketching a LOT!
amazing goodies in our conference bag - I am sure someone else will
have documented it. I wanted to try to use the moleskine but
struggling with it!
Urban people with Veronica this morning. Was having a great cup of
pureh tea after drawing in powells books for 2 hours and the mayor
came in! Got photo with the bear too!
Urban composition with Gabi. Steel bridge on the moleskine! Fun but
prefer my normal sketchbook.
Dinner with Suzanne - see other sketch.

Dinner with Suzanne

Fron an open sketchbook!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Portland

Amazing dinner with the other urban sketchers correspondents!!!! The
fun begins tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My dinner sketch

Amazing evening in Seattle with gabi Tia(&hubby) lapin Isabel and Gerard

It was a little daunting sketching my dinner - no one else did and
them when everobe started sketching each other I drew the ketchup
bottles instead!

Lapins sketch of me and Borromini

Amazing evening in Seattle with gabi Tia(&hubby) lapin Isabel and Gerard

Being drawn by lapin

Amazing evening in Seattle with gabi Tia(&hubby) lapin Isabel and Gerard

Me and the bear sketching at Mt St helens

The slope felt steeper than it appears on this photo. Can you see the bear?

My Mt St Helens sketch

Sorry about the poor quality!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BB at Mt St Helens

At Mount St Helens

Had a most amazing day at Mt St Helens today. Did a 4 mile walk on a
warm summer to get to this spot. Not the most stunning sketch but
definately one of the most stunning locations to sketch. I hope to be
able to post a picture of me sitting on a wee rock on a steep slope In
front of the majestic volcano. Unfortunately the bear didn't quite fit
in this picture

Haven't done a good sketch yet but having an amazing time - despite
my usual beginning of trip headaches!

A great tearoom

So what is the place you all expect me to go on my first day in the
Yes. A tearoom!
Well I managed to find a GREAT tearoom in Seattle called queen Mary's
tearoom - I went there for breakfast the first morning with the
friends I am staying with and another friend from Sydney who moved to
Seattle. So a bit hard to sketch eat and catch up but I did try!!!
Borromini was impressed and so was I!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The journey

Hi everyone. Trying my first post from my trip. Here is a plane
sketch. Hopefully something more exciting tomorrow but I want to start
the habit of posting!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Packed!!!!

Ok...tomorrow is the day and the dreaded packing and sorting is done.
All Packed!!
I leave home at 9am to fly to the States to begin my 11 week adventure... if you missed the summary earlier ....

3 weeks in the US
5 weeks in the UK
3 weeks in Italy

Will try to post as much as I can via my iphone!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

100717 Time for a break from T2?

The heading says it all?
100717 Time for a break from T2?
This is my last weekend before I leave.

My full art kit

My full art kit
Click on photo to go to flickr with notes

Thursday, July 15, 2010

100715 Tearoom Suggestions?

Things are getting a bit much for me with my trip prep and work etc that I haven't had a chance to sketch! But tonight I just HAD to do something. This is a cup from my Royal Albert set that I got earlier in the year and haven't actually sketched the 5 designs yet!
100715 Tearoom Suggestions?

Anyway this is a call for any good tearoom suggestions to the following destinations...I am not revealing ALL the places I am going to! (I don't expect to find them at every destination!)
Seattle - Queen Mary Tearoom?
New York
The wonky map of the UK shows approximately the areas I might be in (though John O'grouts is probably not going to be part of my itinerary!) I have been known to go on a BIT of a detour for an award winning tearoom.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

100710 T2 all day!!!

100710 T2 all day 01
100710 T2 all day 02
Didn't actually plan to spend all day (6 hours!!!) in T2 teahouse today but it worked out that way and was a special catch up with 2 lots of friends!

Wasn't really in the mood for sketching- after all I do sketch here from time to time!
Trip Prep 2010_14 More Tea Stuff
I also made another tea related trip purchase... I am set now!

Getting the important stuff ready first

Under two weeks now....

100709 Wedding Sketch

100709 Wedding Sketch
Not really happy with this sketch...but really happy that I got an opportunity (when the table was relatively empty) and got up the courage to sketch at all - often it is just too hard

Thursday, July 8, 2010

100708 Palladian Therapy

100708 Palladian Therapy
Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE sketching? Not sure what I will do with the rest of the spread...stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here they are!!!

8 new sketchbooks waiting to be filled. Some if them will have to wait
a few months. One lucky one gets to be started in about two weeks.

Been a bit of a production line the last few nights. I actually hand
wrote my details, scanned it, duplicated 7 times and then printed out
on sticky labels.

All covered in black and white patterned paper. I went through the
copyright free pattern CDs I have and converted them to b&w.

Btw I think this was easier to post from the iPhone than via my

Trip Prep 2010_13 Sketchbook Test

Trip Prep 2010_13 Sketchbook Test
A test within one of the sketchbooks (and yes I talk to myself all the time in my sketchbook)
Mmm... the paper might buckle a bit but I am so happy with the way it has scanned. This is a real rough quick test sketch.

Thinking about leaving it in the middle of my sketchbook - a nice surprise when I am away?

Trip Prep 11-12 Sketchbooks

A few more pages from my Trip Prep Journal- not the most exciting pages but I am enjoying using a book for the planning - recording the journey beforehand.
Trip Prep 2010_11 Sketchbook Saga
I know you all think I am Little Miss Organised BUT somehow I didn't think to get my sketchbooks months in advance!!! Thankfully now I do have some but they are the second choice. Sadly Daler Rowney Ebony books have had a change in paper!!
Trip Prep 2010_11 Sketchbook Tests and Calcs
Here are tests that I did with 4 pages- original DR(the best but no longer available!) and new DR(the worst!) then the two alternatives, Jasart (which I have 8 of now!) and Millini - which I wish I had 8 of!
I think the my brain does strange things when I am exhausted (like the urge to sketch baroque buildings) this particular day (late Friday night) I decided to do a more mathematical estimate of the number of sketchbooks to take. I just can't imagine that I could fill all those sketchbooks - who knows I might just get TIRED of sketching half way through the trip.... mmmm do you think that is possible? I don't! I am seriously concerned at the lack of 'chill out' days!

BTW I think I will stick with 8 not 9 (3.2kg worth of paper is enough surely!)
BTW2 - For those that will point out to me that I can always buy a sketchbook on the way- it doesn't help my weight management as the tighter baggage limits are on the 2nd half of the trip. I prefer to know that I have 3.2kg the whole way!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

100703 Not THAT place again!!!

100703 Not THAT place again!!!
yes... sorry to bore you but I do have lots of pre-trip shopping to do and I seem to be only able to cope with doing it in stages...therefore each shopping visit to Macquarie Centre I get my special chill out time.
At least you will all have a break from this place real soon!

Test from iPhone.

My computer is done at the moment so good oppotunity to check things
are ok for posting from my iPhone.

This is just a really quick Friday night page to record trivia this

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trip Prep 2010_10_Out of Scale?

Trip Prep 2010_10 Out of Scale?
A very quick overlay I did - I am not sure how accurate google maps is- these are based on the visual scale... I am not sure that Sydney is THAT small, but I know NYC is huge!

BTW, I am progressively revealing some of the places where I am going... if you haven't noticed already.

Trip Prep 2010_09 Random Sketch Random Thoughts

Trip Prep 2010_09 Random Sketch Random Thoughts
I do actually really enjoy looking for accommodation and reading review s- it is just that when I am running out of time and have approx 10 weeks worth to sort I get a bit flustered when it gets late at night and I should go to bed and I feel I am getting what do I do... a quick sketch... why not! Feel so much better afterwards – whether it solves my problem or not is another matter!