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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

100629 Some more Trip Prep

I am somewhat stressed at the moment with everything on my plate... but of course I still TRY to fit in a bit of ultra quick sketching in order to record the exciting but crazy period leading up to a big trip. These are really just for me as a record - not supposed to be pretty pages - perhaps good training for getting a sketch down in a ridiculous short period of time.
Trip Prep 2010_06 Travel Kettle
06- Travel Kettle
This is the second sketch that I did - the first spread I got carried away recording a conversation we had in the office and forgot about leaving space for the sketch. The conversation confirmed that the crazy thought I had about getting one of these wasn't so crazy- I discovered that someone I wokr with, actually takes a coffee machine with him on holidays. I said "why is it acceptable to be fanatical about coffee...but not tea?" To which someone else replied "People who drink tea are ODD!" Ok... I am happy to be odd.
As much as I love America - there is no way I can make a cup of tea by putting water through a coffee maker! Sorry- I shudder at the thought!
BTW the kettle is smaller than my sketchbook.
BTW2, I won't tell you about my sketchbook crisis tonight....
Trip Prep 2010_07 The folder
07- My folder
I think this will be the last journey for this folder- starting to get rather worn now. I just know that the last week(still a number of weeks away) will be crazy- so starting to get as organised as possible now! This sketch was down in an instant(looks it too!)
Trip Prep 2010_08 Refining wardrobe choices
08 - Refining wardrobe choices
I am used to overseas travelling in autumn and winter so it is a novel concept to think of cool outfits. I love wearing dresses on hot days- but they have to pass the hand wash in the basin test!!!
BTW My dresses don't look like this at all...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

100626 trip Prep 4 and 5 - Paint and Sketchbook Setout

Trip Prep 2010_04 Playing with Palette
Trying to work out the perfect palette (for me!)... for some reason I wanted to try paynes grey(I got it in a set but never used it)... I know some people can't live without it and others are dead set against it.
Not sure that I see the point of it- when you can mix more lively colour with burnt sienna and french ultramarine.
Interested in peoples thoughts?

Also any colour that I MUST have... I love playing with colours and love reading the handprint site
Trip Prep 2010_05 Sketchbook Setout
I have recently put together a photo album of last year trips full of photos and every spread from my travel sketchbooks. In doing this I realised a few things- this page summarizes them. Stick to these suggestions will make my options great for what I do with my pages when I return. The most important is to try to avoid writing across a gutter

100626 Blue Mountains Tea again

maybe only a few visits to T2 before I leave - so I decided for a distinctive T2 blend today.
100626 Blue Mountains Tea again
Wetting water soluble felt pen(orange!) made an interesting effect- dissolved all my writing - so the end result is not what I had in mind!

BTW I loved today's combination of cup, saucer, pot and table 'number' pot (thanks to the waiter for trying to find something different for me- what service!!! I think he was disappointed that I had it before! Interesting to compare the state of the pot today with the last time I sketched it)

Friday, June 25, 2010

100625 Blog Neglect

In fact my sketchbook is rather neglected... this is all that I have done in a week...
Saturday morning:Winter Sun
100619 Winter Sun
A quick sketch of one of our turpentine trees as I was enjoying an hour's does of our glorious winter sun!

Wednesday: Elizabethan Therapy
100623 Elizabethan Therapy
Trying to relax a bit(but without thinking to hard about my sketch) after a few difficult days... if there is no Baroque architecture book handy- Elizabethan will do ok!

Friday night Cuppa and English Baroque
100625 Friday night Cuppa and English Baroque
Just one of my random spreads... I am trying out a few new paints. This time Schminke French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna - although a lovely consistency and wonderful to mix and apply it seems to be drying a bit flat/ pasty.

Friday, June 18, 2010

100618 Vivid Evening

100618 Vivid Evening
Tonight I explored the light show as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival. It was a lot of fun and although I wasn't planning necessarily to do a sketch I ended up doing a really quick (too quick) one while my friends were reading aloud the scrolling text on the facades. Sometimes I wonder whether it is worth attempting a 'too quick' sketch - I know when I am not doing it justice but my hand just sketches of its own accord at times. I think the secret is to not rush the rest of the spread- to make sure I don't scribble in messy hand writing and that I incorporate the 'too quick' sketch into a bigger composition. After all whether it is a good sketch or not- it was done on location (including the paint) in the dark, standing up etc and it captured a moment. These are some of the things that are floating around in my head as I prepare for my big sketching marathon around the world starting next month. BTW the torch is a special hand charger LED torch - my brother managed to pick one up for me a few weeks ago which was fortunate as they have totally run out now ...silly me left it at home so I sketched this when I came back tonight. And the wee bear is very upset with me that I left him at home as well- oops!
Vivid Combo
Vivid Girls with Lachlan
Vivid Street Performers
Vivid Waves
A few photos from our exploration of Vivid Sydney - Visions of Macquarie. (This is the part of Sydney that we sketched for a sketchcrawl - it is also the same area that I was at on Monday morning with Wendy and Alissa- seems like a LOOONNNG time ago!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trip Prep 2010_3 Art Supplies 1

Trip Prep 2010_03 Art Supplies 01
I have a lot of other important trip prep stuff to do but somehow drawing my art supplies jumped ahead a few hundred items on the list!!! I have a LOT of serious things of my mind tonight (to do with friends sufferings) and somehow sketching my art stuff was a good thing to do and the same time as my brain was ticking... somehow sketching can de-clutter your mind of the all the business of the day to think of something else.

and btw....yeah, this was one of those post 10pm sketches that I do when I really should be heading for bed!

BTW2 - I was so distracted with my thoughts that I forgot to colour all the crazy orange stitching - will add it and update the image tomorrow night! Too late now!

its Official, Its on, its started

its Official - I am going overseas again
its on - I am in big time trip preparation mode - or about to go into it
its started - a book dedicated to my 'trip preps'
its Official, Its on, its started
The cover page is a very loose world map - after doing this I realised that I should have drawn the world map with Australia at the left edge so that I could see the full trip in one view. I am not going to tell you everywhere I am going - this map might give a general idea but don't go by the locations!
Trip Prep 2010_01 Action!
First two pages are a bit plain - this is my countdown page- with lots of things to do and the days I have to do them. I am very busy putting together some blurb books of last years trip so next week I will get into more serious trip prep (how much of that is trip prep sketching I will leave to your imagination!)
Trip Prep 2010_02 What to Wear
I feel rather self conscious about making my 'what to wear' pages public - don't really know why - every one sees my boring outfits every day - why is it such a big deal if they see the entire wardrobe in one go?... so this is just the beginning- you can see that I don't bother to draw each item very carefully - I will draw things and then cross them out, draw connecting lines etc - sure you could do this by standing at your closet (wardrobe) and looking at what is in there...but drawing it is so much more fun!

Monday, June 14, 2010

100614 Ciy Sketching

A catch up with my sketching buddies Alissa and Wendy this morning for a few hours and trying to draw some Sydney skyscrapers... wasn't quite in the mood and really wished that I had down a value sketch first!!!
100614 City Sketching 01
Fresh winters day but SO glorious in our warm winter sun if you can get out of the breeze...we are spoilt!
100614 City Sketching 02
The second sketch I did ink only - no pencil setup... was lots of fun!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

100612 A new blurb book

A new blurb book just completed of my tearoom sketches...
A new blurb book

not sure if anyone else cares but I wanted to put together all my sketches for 2009. It makes me smile to flick through the pages and remember these great cups of tea, yummy cakes and wonderful chill out times during a hard and stressful year last year. Of course Borro loves it too and is hinting to me that he doesn't get taken there often enough!

100612 T2(for a change?)

100612 T2(for a change?)
haven't been to T2 much in the last few months - had a splitting headache today and in a comfy chair in the dark not really sure what I was doing - though of course enjoying myself tremendously!

Friday, June 11, 2010

100611 Two books and a tin of tea

100611 Two books and a tin of tea
Just a Friday night collage - tea, NYC and Italy... get used to those themes... (not that you need to be told about expecting to see a fair bit of tea themed sketches on this site!?! or Italy for that matter...but NYC that is something NEW!)

BTW my Frank Lloyd Wright pop up book has some cool pages..but some disappointing ones too- the Architecture Pack Pop up book is far more exciting

Thursday, June 10, 2010

100610 Experimental Page

100610 Experimental Page
Ok... I might be an architect, and love drawing buildings and have an understanding of how perspective works... but that doesn't mean that I know how to quickly and easy sketch perfect perspective. I am far too lazy to do proper set up lines and normally hide behind drawing straight elevations or heavily decorated buildings where my scribbles hide wonky perspective.

So a modern, simply fenestrated skyscraper in dramatic perspective is somewhat scary to me - hence I need practice. Also want to improve my water..but I got a bit distracted while doing this and it is a bit half hearted (BTW as I am a leftie I often work right page first). I can't use the excuse that this was done late at night this time!

Hmmm... can I spill the beans yet about why I am drawing a Venice palace and the Empire State building on the one spread?... not yet...but just a hint that these kind of sketches will soon start to appear

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

100608 Baroque to break the drought?

100608 Baroque to break the drought?
My first sketch (not including the title page) in my new sketchbook that I have had for a week and half now... what is going on... missing sketching but too much else happening at the moment.

Friday, June 4, 2010

100604 Friday night tangent - Rome trip 2004

As a result of putting together a blurb photo album of last years trip (photos and my sketches) I was thinking tonight about my other photo albums.
100604 Friday night tangent - Rome trip 2004
Also dreaming about going back to Rome again and what I would draw...and so is the wee bear!

In the “OLD DAYS” - before I was sketching on location and before I discovered blurb, I would spend a year after my holiday putting together a photo album of the places I visited in my brief holidays. I would research every building I went to and then draw the plan, elevation, details summarising my readings into notation on the drawings. A lot of these drawings were traced! I would put these books together in Indesign and then print on my Epson printer at home on double sided matt paper and get bound at a local thesis book binder. (Now Blurb does that last bit for me!)

This particular album from a week in Italy is my greatest achievement... This is only the first day of 5 (but by far the longest day!)
And took me a year to complete but I got SOOOOOO much out of it. Anyway, in one of my weird late Friday night tangents, I have re-opened the original file and deleted the people photos (there were not that many!) so I can now share this with the world... If any one is interested. There are lots of quotes from books and copies from architecture books I stress that this a a PRIVATE photo album / scrap book and not fit for publication.
So, if you think my sketching is somewhat over the top... It is a lot more relaxing than putting this together!?! I don’t know how I found the time...

One day I would like to do something with this..... as I think there is a real need for a more dynamic and contemporary approach to classical architecture appreciation (especially in Australia)... when I put this together I NEVER thought that I would be one day sketching on location - I thought that the best I could do was take lots and lots of photos and have fun with photoshop when I got home!

100604 A few days off... Journal #30 started

100604 A few days off... Journal #30 started
Hard to believe but I haven't sketched or used my paints since the last post - almost a FULL WEEK!!! Not sure if that has happened before (since I started 3.5 years ago) but I have been extremely busy blurb bookmaking - and will continue to be busy for the next few weeks. (Of course I draw every day at work... as much as I love my work it is not quite as fun as this type of sketch!)

But I have started a new book and here is the usual title page!! I have quite a few Guatemala Sink holes in my palette - not sure why they all develop like this. In the end of the pan I have to scrape the sides- a bit annoying. Poor Viridian - so neglected...hardly use it though there are times when I do need it.