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Friday, April 30, 2010

100430 Getting Ready for May

A new book for May....
100430 A new book for May
BTW that fav colour of mine French Ultramarine ran out shortly after doing this my palette has already changed!!!
BTW2- 29 refers to the number of sketchbooks - wow it doesn't seem that long ago since I started no. 20!
May is going to be such a challenging month (bad pun here) that I decided not be try to be inventive on this title page
100430 EveryDay in May - The Plan
Getting ready for my Every Day in May adventure - doing EDM challenges 1-31 and trying to map out what they are, what I MIGHT do and how. I am probably going to swap around a little just for fun and these are only my initial ideas....

This is part of the Everyday in May challenge - drawing something every day
in May. A group of us thought it would be fun to do a Everyday Matters (EDM)
challenge each day using EDM 1-31. The list is here

The Group that is going to give this a go (so far... let me know if you want to join in and be added to the list)
Me (obviously) flickr or blog
Alissa flickr
Wendy (QuirkyArtist) flickr or blog
Jennifer Blog
Sandy blog or flickr
TravellingSueP blog
Deborah blog
Margaret blog
Anna blog

100429 Socialising and sketching

Two sketches from a visit from a friend... on both occasions I persuaded my friend to draw too and I will put these in my Remains of the Day journal which I use from time to time to record special occasions.
100429 Dinner sketching
Dinner at a thai restaurant in the area - we had fun drawing on the paper table cloth and the waiter and waitress had fun watching us walk out of the restaurant with the it rolled up under our arms. I might get a photo of myself in action in the next few days - so stay tuned
100430 That place again
THAT place again - need I say more....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

100427 HELP! Where have the lines gone!

Having fun by pushing myself outside the boundary of comfort- in fact the boundary has disappeared all together!!!
100427 HELP! Where have the lines gone!

I have discovered that while I am drawing the outlines with ink I am thinking about the tones – so when I start using paint I know what I am doing. Just using the paint means I have to think about everything at once – hence I see the absolute need of doing a value sketch first.
I love my lines (being an architect, lines are my livelihood) but doing these kind of sketches will certainly improve my watercolour skills and my brushwork – something that I do need to be working on!
BTW the building is a English baroque masterpiece- Blenheim Palace by Vanbrugh and Hawksmoor.

Monday, April 26, 2010

100426 Cockatoo Island on Anzac Day

Visiting Cockatoo Island again on an absolutely beautiful autumn day
A very productive morning for a Anzac Day Holiday

Saturday, April 24, 2010

100424 Conference Day 2

Second day of a great conference (National Architecutre Conference):
100424 Conference Day 2_03
I almost filled the moleskine (80pages?) that I got for the conference in the two days - lots a loose people sketches and scribble notes - I might scan a few images. It is great that I am now able to attempt sketching people ink only and in the presence of strangers looing over my shoulders.
100424 Conference Day 2_01
100424 Conference Day 2_02
Today I escaped for lunch and the first sesson after lunch to get some fresh air, some 'decent' sketching and a decent cup of tea- in fact a wonderful cup of tea. Ran into one of the waiters from T2 today (he is an architecture student and spotted me in the bookshop) - at least he understood!

Chinese Gardens, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Friday, April 23, 2010

100423 Architecture Conference

100423 Conference and CuppaAlthough extremely tired after a long day at the National Architecture Conference, I caught up with my sketching friend Alissa for a cuppa before going home - nice to catch up on art things after a day of architecture. I was too tired to sketch my cuppa (or so I thought) but I felt so weird watching her sketch that in the end I did a quick one. And then once home, even though more tired I felt the urge to do a sketch of one of the buildings from today's talks - so sketchable!
100423 Conference notes

I bought a moleskine cahier (80pages?) to use as a notebook during the conference so I can scribble notes and quick sketches during the sessions - having to move faster than I had hoped and the lighting was sometimes minimal. I filled about 14 spreads today - no wonder I am tired - this one is probably the most interesting.

100423 Darling Harbour

100423 Darling Harbour
At a conference all day today and tomorrow - but I got this quick sketch done this morning.

Darling Harbour looking towards the city- Sydney

Thursday, April 22, 2010

IFJM 22 unbelievably hardworking

I am having fun now and think I am FINALLY in the groove - and hey not missing my ink lines today.
IFJM 22 unbelievably hardworking
This is part of International Fake Journal Month - Borromini’s friend Ynyr a little red Welsh dragon is sharing his thoughts and reliving a trip to Wales for the rest of April.
Coal Mine Cuppa
But just to prove that Ynyr was REALLY at the Big Pit coal mine this is a photo of him and his best buddy Borromini sharing a cup of earl grey tea in the car with me (yes, I take a flask with me on overseas trip and a mutlipurpose jar come cup...but you would all expect that!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100421 IFJM Up to Date

I have been struggling with whether to persevere with the Fake Journal or not – the Borromini idea wasn’t working and I just then didn’t have an idea with Ynyr. But finally at Day 20 of the month I get an idea... And as I hate giving up on things I am back at it to see how I go. I always find it benefical to push myself beyond my comfort zone and to try something different – so I will keep plugging away...and see how I go.
IFJM 14 Big Questions
IFJM 15 Rescued
IFJM 16 Adventure
For any Welsh viewers – I really don’t know that much about the place – just a whirlwind week through through your beautiful land- so this will be a somewhat personal interpretation from what we saw.
IFJM 21a Attention Seeking
IFJM 21b Down to Earth

This is part of International Fake Journal Month - Borromini’s friend Ynyr a little red Welsh dragon is sharing his thoughts and reliving a trip to Wales for the rest of April

100421 Lots of Cosies

100417 Lots of cosies
Left: I made a card for Loani Proir (The Grand Purl Baa) based on all the sketches that I have done SO FAR of cosies – this was the first attempt that went through the printer I had a spare copy to stick in my book.
On the right is a cosy that I just finished – kinda inspired by Rosy Posy in Loani’s first book (Wild Tea Cosy) and using the rose pattern from the second book (Really Wild Tea Cosies). Of course as I don’t ever seem to follow a pattern things come out quite differently than expected (ie. Cosy was too tight for the lining and rose too big)

BTW What is the collective noun for tea cosies?

Back to my Fake Journal - IFJM 13

I am somewhat behind with my Fake Journal... Ynyr the small red dragon is keen but I have some catching up on posting.
IFJM 13 Green Hills
It is quite fun to do very simple spreads like this one extremely quickly...

Monday, April 19, 2010

EDM 164 Revisited

100419 EDM 164 Revisited

Realised on the weekend that I joined Every Day Matters a few weeks after Easter a few years ago... In fact it was only TWO years ago – can you believe it! And Easter must have been early that year... So I am a few weeks late...but still... It is worth a pause.... as joining EDM has made such a HUGE impact on my sketching!

So to celebrate joining EDM and starting to share my sketches with the world I have re-visited the first EDM challenge that I did. The original is here.
080408 EDM164 Camera

I felt a little bit of pressure that this sketch had to be be so much better than the first – whether it is or not there are differences – one is that I no longer care so much if the sketch comes out perfectly (because I know that my circles will never be perfect) and the other is that I feel the need all the time to design the page (often over design the page... But still the compositional part of my brain is always ticking!) and back then I wasn’t so obsessed with boxes around everything. But most importantly, because now I don’t worry about perfection so much and I develop the whole page not just the single sketch, I have heaps MORE fun!!

Anyway – a big thanks to everyone who has done so much to inspire and encourage me for the last two years – for all your comments (which I never have time to reply to or often to visit your sites) and for all those that come to visit and never comment – thanks for looking – I often wonder who you are but I know that each view number is a real person who is interested enough to look at my ‘scribbles” So thanks....

Oh dear... I AM rambling tonight!


I am SO excited to be included as a part of this wonderful article on Urban Sketchers in RED Report- the in flight magazine for Brazilian Airlines TAM.

If the issue link doesn't work here is a link to it and...

here is the page I am on "A Australia de Liz" - love it!

So if anyone is flying TAM please look out for it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

100417 Saturday evening - Banister Fletcher

Ok- this is it for me today...really!
100417 Saturday evening - Banister Fletcher
Looks like I am now hooked on sketching from Banister Fletcher - so it is not just Baroque architecture that gives me the urge to sketch!

100417 Saturday afternoon

Went out this afternoon to explore a suburb I haven't been to for ages. Stopped for a peppermint tea... continuing the theme from this morning.
100417 Somewhere new
I think I should start my review of Sydney coffee shops from a tea drinkers perspective - this one was not bad - I think there were some good cakes on offer- but I didn'tallow myself to look at them!
100417 Sketch from the car
On the way home I stopped to draw this great house.

100417 T2 Blue Mountains Tea

having fun with rambling text...
100417 T2 Blue Mountains Tea
when I was almost finished I suddenly thought that perhaps I should have used my lexington gray pen for the text.

Friday, April 16, 2010

100416 Old tool - new toy!!

100416 Old tool - new toy!!

Everytime I get a free voucher at my local art store I spend it on something different.
Two years ago I picked up my old technical pens and tried to sketch with them - here. Very clogged after many years of non use... well I now have a brand new .25 nib and tried sketching with it... somewhat scratchy with my style of sketching!! Very very different to be trying to sketch with any old work tool from the past.
Interested in here if anyone else uses them - I am interested in the rapidoliner which sounds very interesting - I have never come across them in real life...since I only needed them for drafting - just in the Gary Simmons book " The Technical Pen".

BTW I have decided to turn every page in my new Banister Fletcher while I am having my evening cuppa. At 50- 100 pages flicked through a night it will only take me a month! At least I am getting to understand the scope of it - LOVE all the illustrations in it so much!

Ok - time to take it easy... it is Friday night after all!

100416 More Really wild tea cosies

100416 More really wild tea cosies
Following on from the book launch that i went to last week, I have been on the look out for the five tea cosies to be on display at my local bookstore - Loani told me they were visiting this week. They are touring 70 bookstores in the country.

I saw them on Wednesday but was rushing, didn't get out yesterday and so went today to check them out. I just thought of an idea - to try and draw every tea cosy I come across... so of course I had to draw these ones. Felt a bit self conscious standing outside the bookshop - but I did it! Took a few photos on my phone and added the colour seated on the first available seat.

100416 Muted Primary mixing

Muted Primary Testing
Some one asked me what colours I used in that Baroque sketch the other day... It is based on a muted primary triad of Kate Johnson This is my exploratory mixes to work out which combination of W&N or Daniel Smith paints and the most important mix that I am after is a good neutral brown, warm grey and neutral grey. I found it hard to get a perfect mix (like I get with W&N French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna)
In the end I am using all Daniel Smith Quin Gold, Quin Burnt Scarlet and Indanthrene Blue – so much more vibrant colours than Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna and French Ultramarine.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

100414 Baroque Therapy

100414 Baroque Therapy

I had a challenging day at work - trying to design a nice looking facade to a low cost house with a budget so small it is a joke... so tonight I just felt that I needed to draw something totally over the top and extravagant!!! And that is what I did.

BTW1:A summary on my food down the side too.... no separate food diary this time.
BTW2: I obviously forgot to remove the rubber band before scanning - too lazy to do it again!
BTW3: Just for the record I did this architecture sketch without touching the three faithfuls - French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

100413 What I ate today

Back in June 2007 I kept a visual food diary of everything I ate for a month as part of a maintenance programme - many of you followed my rather repetitious eating habits back then.
100413 What I ate today
Well, at the moment I want to lose a few kilos - so the best way is definitely to draw my food - not only does make me keep track of it, but if I draw everything I eat, I eat less since the drawing and painting slows me down. I know I sketch my food a lot but it is quite a different thing to have to document everything in a day.I am not going to do this every day... but even today's exercise has been helpful for me.
The weird numbering and notes are my calculations of Carb Servings (1 serve = 15 g and I am trying to restrict myself to 14 serves max a day!)
BTW, yes I got out to the rest park again today as well....

IFJM 13 Ynyr to the rescue

IFJM 10a Take Over by Ynyr
A little red dragon - rather simple, down to earth fellow who likes bright colours and scribbling with watercolour pencils is going to take over where Borromini left off...
Don't expect any stunning masterpieces... but he does want to have a bit of fun!
IFJM 10b Ynyr begins
IFJM 13 Skies and Skylines

Borromini and IFJM

So what is going on with the Fake Journal by Borromini?

Roz said that the process of keeping a fake journal would reveal the character of the author... well that is certainly the case with BB. It turns out that he is a fun-loving bear and anything that involves hard work is just not his cup of tea. He has not made a offical statement that he is giving up... but I just know that he just likes hanging out and posing in photos...and actually doing the artwork ain't gonna happen!

But never fear, his best buddy Ynyr a Welsh dragon from Cardiff Castle has stepped in to continue.

100413 Yesterday and two years ago

100412 Rest Park Scribble
A really quick scribble from yesterday - I wasn't feeling great but of course I couldn't sit in the park and soak in some sun without sketching - could I?
BTW I have obscured some text using a new technique...
From an old sketchbook
Inspired by one of Hannah Hinchman’s book, 2 years ago I dedicated the first page to my moleskine to recording the weather – ie. to get in the habit of opening my sketchbook regularly. I recorded the temperature when I left home in the morning, at lunch and then in the evening when I left work or around 6-7pm. Also whether is was sunny, overcast or rainy, morning , lunch and afternoon and also the weather.
As I was digging out my old food journal, I thought I would check up on what the weather was like this time 2 years ago. I kept doing this for a few months and then it became a bit tedious!
Why do you enjoy discussing the weather so much....