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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sketchcrawl 26 - Macquarie St

A really great sketchcrawl today – 14 people and we explored the most important and historic street in Sydney on a gloriously warm (but not hot) summers day!!
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_01 Early Morning
started earlier than normal but just had to do a few quick sketches to start my day
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_02 St Marys
I decided that I wanted to get into the city early and to take 45mins to do a building sketch – a slow down (rather than a warm up)
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_03 Meeting Cafe
We met up at a cafĂ© which was a great way to start a sketchcrawl – food and drink, chatting and most people got sketching straight away!!


BTW this was a good earl grey tea (not that you care- I know...)
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_04 Barracks
The Hyde Park Barracks is the first refined building to be built in Australia. I have been reading some architectural history in preparation for today – so added some notes down the side.
I had the strangest shaky hand at this time – look at my linework. At work I nromally draw the wobbly architectural lines but this was me trying to draw straight. Don’t know what caused it as I felt calm – just my hand was shaking! Weird!

100227 Sketchcrawl 20_05 St James
Next, another important building by Francis Greenway – my hand was back to normal now – I would love to go back and sketch some more...
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_06 Lunch
Lunch and another earl grey – sketching is tiring work!

Group photo - 2 missing from this - Rayni and James - I took the first one hence the insert
Sketchbook group photo!
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_07 Hospital Courtyard
A few more looser sketches (starting to get tired) from the hospital courtyard – there is so much to sketch in this part of town.
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_08 Afternoon Tea
Back at T2 Tearoom Macquarie Centre on my way home
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_09 Map
Map summarising the day... Wow this is my most productive sketchcrawl – and in fact I am still buzzing from it!

100226 Friday night

100226 Pre Dinner sketch
Arrived for dinner so couldn't resist a quick sketch - beautiful afternoon.
More about the sketchcrawl shakes soon...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

100225 Yet another book

100225 Yet another book
I book I order months ago (due to a comment by someone when I was in Wales that my work was similar) arrived today - I couldn't help sketching from it. I was not trying to copy it but do my own version - very quickly as usual. Great book - but not that similar....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

100224 QVB

100224 QVB

Another one of my quick crazy sketches - can you tell I had fun... love a challenge of drawing one of the most complicated buildings in Sydney in a extremely short period of time. Excited to have found a nice seat to sketch from - great view of this building and Town Hall... I think that I will be back there sometime...

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

How many sketchbooks?

How many different sketchbooks?
In the last few weeks I have been trying to integrate a work/architecture sketchbook into my daily one as I had a dedicated sketchbook for inspiration architecture sitting on my desk at work and never used it.

But, after nearly three weeks of getting to work early to do some architecture sketching I am not sure that putting these type of sketches into my daily sketchbook/journal is quite working... I am using it up too quickly and filling up too many pages with buildings... Whilst I don’t think that buildings are dull... I prefer this sketchbook to be fun and a record of my life (outside of work!)

So my latest idea is to sketch in my work notebook (moleskine notebook) which I use for meetings, phone memos, notes, action lists. Apart from the fact that this paper really doesn’t take watercolour... I think that this might work better and will certainly brighten up what is quite an utilitarian book. It will also mean that I don’t have the pressure to make it a finished drawing- and can be quite rough like this page...

So how many different sketchbooks/ notebooks do you have?

Since doing the artist journal class with Kate Johnson last year I have been trying to integrate my life into the one book... But it is all about finding the right balance that works for you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

100220 Text Page

Here is another of my flower sketches - used to decorate a 'text page' in my sketchbook - which I will fill up tomorrow at church or general reading in the afternoon.
100222 Text Page
These are all Australian wildflowers loosely copied from a wonderful wonderful book.... By Leonard Cronin
It would be nice to have more flowers in the garden to sketch from each week - but this book is just so rich a source of inspiration - all beautifully illustrated in watercolour drawings.
I normally do these late Saturday night before I go to bed- so are done very quickly.

100220 Zoo visit 2 and things

My second visit to the zoo - I have now got my moneys worth of my yearly membership!
100222 ZOO2_01
I am still in the 'have to see everything' mood and am therefore enjoying looking at the animals rather than being seriously committed to sketching. I only arrived after lunch (another great feature of a yearly membership - don't need to make a big day of it)
100222 ZOO2_02
Hard to sketch when animals move so much and/or crowds block my view - maybe next time I will sit in the one place for a hour or so and if no action sketch the enclosure.
100222 ZOO2_03
So, I sketched some architecture as it doesn't move... even the croc changed facial expression while I was sketching.
100222 Crazy sketch of The Manor
While in Mosman, I went for a random drive and had to sketch this place from the safety and comfort of my own car.Didn't have much time so I went into crazy scribble mode. Totally out of control

I knew it wasn't a private home so did some research since getting home - its known as The Manor and is it home to a Theosophist community - I guessed it was something along those lines.
Amazing the unexpected places you find when you just go exploring....
100222 Morning at home
BTW, I had a morning at home. I have been doing some research for next Saturday's sketchcrawl. We are going to sketch along Macquarie St so I have been reading up on early Australian Architecture - been lovin' it and getting a real buzz from understanding the hardships in those early days and relating it to places and things I know (was never that interested in local history as a kid...)
This is just a doodle I did of Elizabeth Farm while reading my book - this is the oldest building in Australia.

Friday, February 19, 2010

100219 Friday night randomness

100219 Friday night randomness
A page in response to Suzanne’s challenge I put together this page during 8-9pm tonight – on the left hand side of the page was a strip of traffic trauma therapy sketching from my journey home – I did a photoshop invert to make the terrible sketches look a little more interesting.
Rather too ‘cute’ collection of colours... Just the way it came out... And I haven’t actually finished my tea cosy yet – just the green bits.

100219 This week - mornings and lunchtimes

Combos of my sketches this week.
100219 Lunchtime Sketches Combo1

My morning architectural sketches are a mixed bag and I have been overlaying butter paper doodles that I have done during the day.
100219 Morning Sketches Combo1
- a fairly productive week - sketching at lunch takes the pressure(or desire) I feel at night to sketch.

To see this image larger - click on image. Once in flickr hit the 'All Sizes' bottom to see in a lot bigger...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

100217 Rest Park at Lunch

100217 Rest Park at Lunch
I am SUCH a creature of many times have I ducked out of the office at lunch to sketch in this park - doing a quick 10 min sketch before getting back to work. Am I becoming monotonous?

St Thomas Rest Park, Crows Nest, North Sydney

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

100216 Palazzo Corner Spinelli

100216 Palazzo Corner Spinelli
Why do I have an urge to do a nicely complex architectural facade sketch when I am tired and headachey?- don't know why... but it seems to often be the case! Strange I know.... maybe it is a sign of escapism... dreaming of a holiday sketching in Venice!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

100213 Another wet Saturday

100213 I love veggies
It is nice to now have a few years worth of sketchbooks to revisit! This morning before breakfast I looked through what I was doing in Feb the last 3 years and realised it was an anniversary of sorts!
100213 Just another visit!
I had an exciting day planned today but a LOT of rain last night and showers this morning made me change my mind and I ended up at T2 tearoom again...
Those Baroque style chairs are certainly not at the best height for eating cake – this boy was really having fun eating his lemon meringue tart!
100213 Quiet afternoon
A page summarising my afternoon. To explain the paper on the right edge is a print out of a photo I took this afternoon of an old model which emerged out of the back corners of the shed due to a little flood last night. It is a site in the Engedi wilderness near the Dead Sea in Israel where I designed a resort hotel for my final year project at university... Meaning that this a piece of junk that has been kept 15 years longer than it should have!

Friday, February 12, 2010

How did I make my issuu books?

Basically all you need is a pdf file! Create an account in issue and then hit upload document on the top right hand corner. Issuu does the rest!

But the trick is to get the pages to turn the way you want.

If you have scanned your sketches as individual pages (including a cover) then all you need to do is to go to Acrobat (you need a full version not just a copy of Acrobat Reader) Go File/ Create PDF/ from multiple files. Choose all your files and then it will create a pdf.

But I had scanned double page spreads so I used Indesign (I assume Publisher would work the same) I set my document to be the dimensions of my sketchbook (A5) with facing pages. I then simply placed each scan over a spread (I do this in one step – choose all 40 images to place at the one time!)

I then go through each spread and align the scanned gutter shadow with the page gutter. Scanned the front and back cover and left blank pages as needed.

Then I exported a pdf (smallest size possible)

If your pdf contains different size or orientation pages – then Issuu converts it so that as you are flipping pages they change size and orientation – here is a test.

I hope that this makes sense – writing computer how-do’s on Friday afternoon is a challenge!
Thanks to Gabi Campanario for introducing me to the world of issuu.... And now that I know it is so quick to procduce one I will be doing it more often!

How to make a pdf for upload to issuu
Without using expensive programs... I can also make it using the free preview appication on mac.
The alternative is to make sure that each page is a separate jpg file (ie. Crop each spread into 2 files - one for each page) and then open the cover page in Preview (on mac...or another FREE pdf creator) and add each individual page into this file (I drag the jpgs into the sidebar) and save as pdf.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

100211 EDM 259 Pets Point of View

Last weeks challenge. Draw Something from a pet's point of view.

100211 EDM 259 Pets Point of View

Now I don't have a pet but if Borromini happened to be sitting on the floor he would probably see this!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

100210 Starting Journal 26

Two things I love...
100210 Two things I love
A finished sketchbook and one that I have just started (notice the wavy single page!)
100210 Vanbrugh Castle 01
Over the next couple of days there will be a few versions of this image as I plan(there is that word again) to try different techniques within different time frames.

#1 This is a 5 minute sketch (ink AND watercolour in 5 min) using my pentel pocket brush pen - this is really the best approach for a super quick sketch ... I just can't use it slowly.

Just for the record the watercolour took another 5 minutes to dry! (
BTW I went somewhat crazy with my title page - palette with paper which still needs some more work - but you can see two bits on this spread folded over the edge.)

100210 Vanbrugh Castle 02
#2 This is another 5 minute sketch as per #1 but using my mega pencil instead. This is fun!

BTW an exciting post about me here

Monday, February 8, 2010

Europe 09 Sketchbooks

Here it is - all my sketches in the one posts from my 5 week trip to Europe in Sept/Oct 09 (there are a few pages in each volume missing due for privacy reasons)
Hopefully you will have fast enough internet connection to view them - let me know if better to be separate posts....

If you want to read all my individual posts on each day - go here for a summary page of links

100208 Sketching to Start my day at work

I have an idea (classic statement of mine!) to try to get into work early a few mornings a week and do a quick sketch as a good way to start my day. If I recall correctly Le Corbusier used to spend all morning painting and then turn up at the office afterwards.... Well I am not going to do that BUT there is something about using watercolour paints that gets my creative juices pumpin’!

100208 Sketch to start my week

After three days in a row: I am really enjoying getting in to work early in order to do a sketch before I start my day when the office is empty. The key to achieving this is not to switch my computer on at home and not look at it in the office before I have completed my sketch. Didn’t have quite as much time this morning so went for a super fast sketch with my fat pencil. I have been thinking lately that I should go back to using pencil sometimes – I hate smudging but there are other advantages.....
This is this mornings effort

And last week I also did these last week...

100204 Working on my perspective
Thursday: A quick (25 min) sketch this morning to start my day and to highlight my current short comings in drawing interior perspectives – I am too lazy to do them properly.

100205 70s interior
Friday - tried something a bit simpler this time - still a number of errors in this one (the size of the table and chair and the perspective in the stools) ...but it is a part of a process of constant improving

I am intrigued by the concept of a diagonal vanishing point used for defining squares. I discovered it looking at a book on perspective called Vanishing Point – I never came across this in my architecture training (that is not saving much) and cant seem to recall reading about it in other books on the subject. It really helped me define the depth of the perspective and fits in with my way of sketching buildings – which is to look for squares.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

010206 A rainy Saturday

A lovely morning with Alissa and Wendy on a really rainy saturday.

100206 Morning at Museum 02
I am 'out of my comfort zone' drawing animals and so this is training for my next visit to the zoo! BTW am reading a Jack Hamm book on drawing animals which is great!
100206 Morning at Museum 03

We spend our time in the Search and Discover room - where you can touch everything. We sit at a bench and go and choose an animal we like, bring it back to the table and sketch from what ever angle we want - perfect!

100206 Morning at Museum 04

Trying an ambitious interior - while chatting away....time to head home

Do you know this place?
100206 Do you know this place?
I am determined to push myself this year and attempt difficult subjects. This is best view of the T2 tearoom - it is very hard to sketch accurately because it is dark and moody and this doesn't normally come out in my sketches as I omit the black and dark shadows most of the time.

So is this completely different from my normal t2 sketches?

I love the 'rooms' that are created by the big black columns and the blinds. There are great abstract prints on the wall with chinese writing over the top. The mezzanine on the right side of the sketch unfortunately uses red light bulbs and I can't stand sitting up there - although it has a good view.
100206 T2 plus more!
Even though I am sitting for a while sketching the view (there are still so many things that I could sketch - and this is not including the people!?!) but sketching my cup and pot and cake is part of the experience and part of the chill out- slow down charm of the place for me.

All the tables in the place are black except the red one that I drew in the previous view so I thought I should add the black to give a more accurate impression of what it really looks like.

My remains of the day class has had a big impact on me - I love adding patterned paper (am thinking of carrying some strips in the back of my book for on site application) and am now in love with security envelopes and making pockets with them. Now if only it was easy to sew them in place in a bound book!?