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Saturday, January 30, 2010

100130 Zoo and Balmoral

Not only do I need to draw people - but I want to be able to draw animals better - so I became a member of the Zoo (Taronga Zoo, Sydney,) and went for 1.5 hours this afternoon. Not really there long enough to get into the swing of sketching fast moving animals.
100130 Zoo Animals

So... I decided to draw some architecture...

100130 Zoo Elephant House

but wasn't meant to be completed
100130 Zoo Monkeys then Balmoral
Next I went to the spider monkeys and scribbled for a bit. It was then closing time so I went down to Balmoral beach, for a wander and a sketch and a....
100130 Balmoral Cuppa
cup of tea. Was intending to just draw the view...but I couldn't resist - could I? It is a week since I last posted a tea sketch.

Almost forgot...
100130 Zoo Main Building
On the way out of the zoo, I did another architecture sketch.

Friday, January 29, 2010

100129 A nice gum tree and a plastic plant

100129 Lunchtime Sketch
A quick 15min sketch at the park closest to work. A lovely warm day was so nice to get a short does of sun!
100129 EDM 257
Finally an EDM challenge - I only have done one since November last year!!!! I think I will try to do some more this year... couldn't bear to start with this weeks challenge first up "Draw inside your closet"...but maybe on the weekend.

BTW... trying to tie 2 pages together - I normally work across a whole spread so a nice challenge.

Past midnight - late night sketching yet again....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

100128 A Big Teddy Bear

100128 A big teddy bear
A quick wee sketch of my sister's teddy bear who is about 10 x bigger than Borromini.When she was given this ted, it was bigger than her. Clothed in a hand knitted vest that we both wore. Haven't quite got a perfect likeness...

Correction- Adelaide Teddy is only 5 x bigger in height than wee Borromini

Exploring Corsica - thanks to google

Finally getting around to doing a sketch for the Virtual Paintout - Corsica. It is really fun to explore an unknown part of the world using street view.
Virtual paintouts using Google Street View as a resource for traveling the world to find interesting locations and subjects to paint.
100127 Virtual Paintout January

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

100126 Australia Day Part 2

The rest of Australia Day... shock horror we didn't have a BBQ and I didn''t sketch any food.
100126 Australia Day Part 2
All that I had time for was a quick sketch of the latest Star Wars model. My dad is continually making simple abstracted models of Star Wars ships for my 5 year old nephew- this is the latest one.

I was hoping to add more to this page...but I don't think it is going to happen

100127 A Classical Distraction...

100127 A classical distraction
A photo and discussion by flickr friend Ed here got me thinking and looking up a book on the classical orders to see what the difference if any exists at the base of hte different orders of columns...I then had to draw the result of my research...but not in an accurate way - after all I never manage to do neat work in my sketchbook do I?
BTW, I love architectural distractions....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

100126 Happy Australia Day

Had a fun hour sketching hot air balloons this morning at 6am (earliest I have ever been out sketching) at Parramatta Park. I think this is the earliest Australia Day activity on offer... back home by 8.30 so can still enjoy a family day with the kids and cricket in the background!
Nice to sketch such colourful subjects!
100126 Hot Air Balloons 01
100126 Hot Air Balloons 02
100126 Hot Air Balloons 03

100126 Hot Air Balloons 04

100126 Hot Air Balloons 05

100126 Hot Air Balloons 06

100126 Australia Day sketching

Saturday, January 23, 2010

100123 Weekly T2 cuppa

Just in case you were worried that I went to T2 this morning without drawing my cup and pot... Here is the sketch.
100123 Weekly T2 visit
100123 Blank Text Page for tomorrow

I also sketched the gold floral design on the cup ...and tonight I have added some colour and a bit of collage - this will be my ‘text page’ for tomorrow. I have discovered that I had a collection of digital pattern images – so I do a quick scan- play with the colour and print out. I am trying gain confidence of pushing the boundaries with patterns and colour... The remains of the Day course was great for getting me in that mode. The idea of mixed media and acrylic paint in my sketchbook for some reasons has never really grabbed me... but I am liking the patterned paper idea. It is also heading the right direction for adding all that stuff that is collected when on hoidays but which I haven't known how to incorporate.

100123 Moleskine Sketches

100123 Castle Howard
100123 Ionic Column
Trying out ‘typical Liz sketches’ in a moleskine sketchbook – these were surprisingly fun to do – watercolour does have the weirdest relationship with the paper. It seems that it just sits on top the first brush stroke – but the second soaks in... I think that is what is happening but I will have to experiment some more to see if this is really the case.
By the way – Castle Howard. (yet again!)
BTW2 – I have stuck an extra page on either side to get more of a sense of the scale of the building – maybe I needed a third or a fourth.
BTW3 – I did this while sitting at T2 tearoom today drinking Monk Pear tea.(tea with bergamot, sweet pear and jasmine – can’t have it everyday...but felt like something florally)

My Remains of the Day Journal

Over the Xmas break I joined a very cool online class called Remains of the Day by Mary Ann Moss - see here. It is something completely different - making journals out of scrap paper and sewing them together - and I signed up because I have been wanting to include more collage in my sketchbooks.
The class turned out to be the most fun I have had in ages - can't tell you how much of a buzz I got out of the sewing the scraps together and now I am filling it up, it is just as much fun.
So finally... here are some images of it....
Remains of the Day Journal_Closed

Remains of the Day Journal_Cover Outside
My Remains of the Day Journal Cover - the first bit of sewing I have done in probably a decade. There are lots of things that I would do differently next time.
100104 Finished Journal
My finished journal - I was in a rush to finish it before going away to the beach for a week so took a few photos before I left.

100104 Pages01
100104 Pages02
100104 Pages03
100104 Pages05
100104 Pages04
Some of my pages from the journal. I put them all together in one afternoon so didn't have time to think too much - just went for it! Every second spread uses blank watercolour paper as its base but generally there is not much left - so I will have to sketch small!
I put the journal together without any thought as to how the spreads would go together - this could have been better - but oh well....
BTW my do-dads are mainly tickets from my overseas trips which I have not known what to do with.

My first attempts at actually using the journal when I was on holidays....

My first spread in my rotd journal
Wow. It is a real adventure to fill in my remains of the day journal.
It is nice to have some blank spaces - if not I have lots of postcard
wc paper to sketch on.
I wish I had had time to print off some labels before I left for holidays. I was still using my normal sketchbook so shuffling between two journals was a challenge - my ROTD was just a selection of small random events/ objects.

100107 RotD Teapots and Cosies
This journal is so much fun to work in... I either have to sketch small and constrained to fit within the white space left on the watercolour pages... or I sketch on postcard size WC paper and stick in.
My first attempt of free motion stitching on paper wasn't quite as successful as I had hoped - but did I think of doing a practice, not me!

100107 RotD One Page sequence
I know this is long and skinny - click on image and then on flickr hit the all sizes to see full size..but I am trying to explain the sequence of one page - so much fun to work with. BTW I was on holiday and watching the cricket (I hardly ever sit down and watch it so it was a treat and my journal is full of score updates as a result!)
So much fun... and I haven't even finished this page yet!

... All this was done in the first week in Jan and on Thursday night I decided to have a look at it again...

100121 More ROTD Pages 01
100121 More ROTD Pages 02
100121 More ROTD Pages 03
I got the orange thread back in my sewing machine and did a few bits and pieces in my Remains of the Day journal. This is just a total random way to work - but I love it!
I have decided to use it on a part time basis and not chronologically either - so it will be a collage of the trivia in my life!

And then last night I took it out with me instead of my usual sketchbook.
100122 Circular Quay
A quick sketch of a cruise ship departing Circular Quay, Sydney this evening – stuck into my Remains of the Day journal. I have turned the page around so you can see the sketch the right way. Ticket from a visit to Norway in Sept 09 has been folded out.
100122 The Rocks by Moonlight 01
100122 The Rocks by Moonlight 02

Had a fun evening with two friends tonight and did a few quick sketches to fill up a spread in my Remains of the Day is hard to explain in scans what an adventure it is to fill this up!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

100120 This week so far

it is all a bit architectural...but then again, I am back at work!
100118 This weeks spread
Just using a Monday night sketchas the basis for the trivia this week.
If you bother to read my scribbles I am using my journal to keep me honest - this week I AM going to get tot he gym three times and I AM going to catch up on some of those emails.... aren't I?

Mixing the colours up in this book. I am not one for pink in general since I had to wear it (quite similar to the strong pink in the sky) for 6 years as a school uniform - never really wore it since!
100119 A new roundabout
I just can’t seem to remember that the new roundabout(a few months old!) means I can now go a better way on my daily route... Maybe by drawing it I will remember from now on.
Sketching has SO many uses - doesn't it?
Finding it hard to find the time to draw – but I still do it when I am way too tired.... Oh! For holidays to come back!

I think my scanner was on the wrong setting....
TODAY- Wednesday... as a result of discussion on flickr
tinto do verano wrote:
Akroter? there you have me - I thought that was called a palmette. You live and learn.
To which I did some early morning research (in Australia it is nice to wake up to comments and I try to respond before I leave the can you see me getting out my architectural dictionary at 6.30am while still in my pjs!?)
I replied:
Tinto - you are right the form of the ornament is palmette but the actual object is a acroter (the book I sketched from has weird spelling - maybe german spelling- not that German is wierd,,,,,) or acroterium if placed on a pediment....
otherwise it could also be a antefix if it lived on the side of the roof hiding the end of the tiles.
Both the acroter and the antefix don't have to use palmette - they could have other decorative motifs - statutes, griffns etc
Now, I have something to draw tonight if I am bored......
I am certainly not up on my classical architecture terminology - but not sure if I really need to be!

And then today I did this page...
100120 Acroter Research and Reality
Following on from last nights sketch... a bit of research and then a quick lunchtime sketch with an unexpected ornament!
100120 Quick AR 012010 sketches

One of my goals for this year is to sketch more contemporary architecture. And in particular to sketch from the mags that come my way - I often doodle what I look at but this year I want to start adding these to my sketchbook.
From today while I was eating my lunch!

update on the effectiveness of the roundabout sketch - today I remembered about the new roundabout and went the quick way...but will I remember tomorrow as well?


Monday, January 18, 2010

100116 Just a cup of tea

I went to the T2 shop today to buy a tea set for an engagement present – while they were wrapping the gift I popped over to the tearoom for a cuppa – as you would expect me to do. If I had more time I would have started sketching some people... Honest!
One of my goals this year is to seriously try to sketch more people!

A totally random and unplanned page.
100116 Just a cup of tea

100115 First Week Back at Work

A new book for back to the work – continuing my palette title page tradition. This is going to be fun to come up with different ideas everytime I start a new book...going for a more minimal approach this time!
100112 Journal 25 titlepage
This is the front row of my Daniel Smith tin which I used exclusively over the holidays – don’t ask me for the names of the colours as I am not sure.....Looks like the perylene maroon is in the wrong spot. Don’t really like this purple colour – I am used to Winsor Violet which is a strong staining colour – whilst I am not a fan of staining colours this one is too weak. Also, not sure that I have the right yellow – the lemon yellow and mid yellow look too similar.
100113 This week Back to traffic
It is funny going back to work and the feeling of not being able to sketch all the time (actually as an architect I am sketching at work...but it is not quite as much fun!) so I haven’t really sketched anything for 2 days now... Apart from the car sitting in traffic. January is supposed to be the month of lighter traffic... But not this year.

This is one of my weekly pages where I jot down random things that happen during the week – I love coming back and re-reading these. Total trivia often – like seeing a girl who has a teapot and cosy at work (like me!..well, I have had the teapot for years and have been waiting to knit a spare cosy so I can bring one to work!)

I like the challenge of integrating large chunks of text with sketches in my sketchbooks so that it flows as a whole and so that I am using it for everything in my life – having quite got to the point of writing my shopping lists in it yet....
100112 Text Page
Another one of my text page which I am using this week, with extremely loose Australian wildflowers at the base – I am so lazy... I haven’t even erased my pencil lines yet!
100113 The full red spread
Another teapot...
...but this one is RED! (matches my shoes and handbag... not that that is of any consequence I am not going to be walking down the road carrying my pot!)

A creature of habit - using the raw sienna for a background - I have done this numerous times before!
There was a reason to sketch my red bag tonight.. this a a side view
100114 A new book!

Another one of my quick relaxing baroque sketches – and more Vanbrugh (English baroque)
This is such an unusual building! My watercolour is a bit heavy and murky – kind of like the building really!

BTW I am trying to do more perspective sketches rather than the soft option of elevations – which are a bit of a cop out for me.

100113 Work Doodles
These really are doodles while waiting for my computer to do things (ok... sometimes the doodles do take a little longer than the computer processing time...but not much longer)
Done on small postcard size wc paper
These will go into my "Remains of the Day" Journal - which I really need to post about here on my blog - a few pictures are here on flickr
100115 Collage Page

Not sure that I have finished with this page...

The watercolour sketch is from a rather silly "Lesson-a-day" Watercolor desktop calendar. I did it in seconds while waiting for my computer to save a file and then scribbled over the top. How someone starting watercolor could attempt to copy the orignal with this tiny outline, bad paper and shocking watercolour set that came with it I don't know! (I used my own paints and was just doodling!)

100115 Trying Moleskine Sketchbook Paper
After seeing amazing work done in watercolour on the moleskine sketchbook yellow paper (such as Wil Freeborn and Van Occupather/Sketchbuch) I thought I would give it a try.
Wow! what weird effects...but I am surprised how bright the colours are and there is something really nice about the texture created. I can understand that people would get hooked on these effects.
This the the book I have for the "Love This Journal"courses - I did two in 2008 - they were the beginning of my online experience. SO I think I ought to bring this book into line with current trends.
This is the wee sennelier set I bought in Paris with some extra colours in the middle. I am using this during the week in an effort to lighten my work bag.

PS. I have just updated the image to include some MORE tests... ok, now I have to do a real drawing (baroque architecture or teapot/cup perhaps?- or handbag or something different!?)

100115 Achieving Integration?
This week my posts have been more journal type than sketches...but what I want to achieve is using my sketchbook for everything. So here is a page at the back of my book for lists- shopping, action, emails to write, addresses anything that I don't feel comfortable putting int he more public part of my book.
Very loose Australian wildflowers yet again