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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Volume 7- Bologna and Rome(part 1)

Volume 7 - Bologna and Rome(part1)
Huge push this week to get all my scanning finished... so here is the next volume.
Bologna - we only had 1.5 days there... and I CANNOT believe how much sketching I did... and it was really very relaxing. We didn't know anything about what to see or do so we just wandered the streets and sat down in piazzas and just sketched this direction- then the next. Beautiful beautiful town.

Rome - what can I say... my favourite city - I just got so excited when we arrived. But it is a bit challenging to sketch in - so noisy and busy and often I really missed not having a sketching stool.
The last day in this book I was on my own and managed to get a LOT done - the additional text when I am on my own is mainly quotes from my companion guide- Not built in a Day by George H Sullivan.

Ok - time to get back to the last 'few' (50 odd) scans!


  1. Liz-I first became aware of your work on Urban Sketchers and have just joined this blog as a follower. I admire your drawing style, your wonderful palettes, and I am quite simply in awe of your prolific output. I too love to travel with sketchbook, but only recently began to share my efforts on the www. Thank you for sharing your work so generously. I am looking forward to culling through your archived posts as well as awaiting the product from your future destinations. Best wishes and regards.

  2. Thank you for posting such beautiful sketches of Italy.I am going there next week for one week and will be chaperoning students so time will be very limited, but I was checking the web to see how other artists handle sketching. After seeing your sketches, I think I prefer to look at yours and leave my pen behind! Denise