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Monday, November 29, 2010

Current Sketching Tools

what I carry with me every day changes from time to time... but this is the current collection.
Current sketching Tools

Because I am left handed - from Right to left
- Watercolor kit. Schminke tin with a combination of winsor and Newton and Daniel Smith Watercolour. I always try to use the mixing areas for the colours as shown in this photo.
- Lamy Joy pen (this is a calligraphy pen - older model - the new model is a fraction heavier) with EF normal nib. I love the balance of the longer tail) Noodlers Bulletproof Black ink
-#6 Raphael sable travel brush
- 0.5mm clutch pencil with red lead (my latest craze and I am loving using this) I nearly always do a very quick pencil outline to get an idea of composition - however when I ink I often ignore it or correct it.
- Pentel pocket brush
- Pitt Colour pen Colour 188 Superfine
- White Gel pen
- Permanent 0.3mm felt pen (incase I run out of ink or to get other people to write in my sketchbook. Note. they sometimes ruin the nib!)
- 3H pencil - for ruling lines for my text... yes I don't naturally write that straight. I also have some guidelines which I can see through the pages.
- Retractable eraser. I rarely use this on location but occasionally I feel like starting again.
- Pentel waterbrush... try not to use this!
- Brand? #12 sable travel brush
- Art Basics #2 sable travel brush

ANd almost forgot
Small water container that I picked up in a hotel somewhere
And my black wristband for wiping/cleaning my brush


  1. I just love seeing your sketching kit. Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Me too, I love seeing what people carry around! So you carry a water pen AND water in a jar?

    What's in your kit

  3. @ papier - yes I carry both. the waterbrush is ONLY used in emergencies - limited time or inside a museum. I try ALWAYS to use a real brush and water - a lot better results and lively mixes.